Cartel - Let's Go Lyrics

Let me reintroduce myself
As a man with a cause
I’ve had a lot of time to think
And look at who we are
And I’ve got nothing left to say
But we’ve got to carry on
And I’ve got so much left to do
But I’ll start with this song

Why do they lie?
Why can’t you see?
Get up everybody
Stand up with me

Let’s Go! Everybody!
Let’s Go! Tell ‘em we’re coming
Let’s Go! Everybody!
Let’s Go! Stand up with me!
Let’s Go!
Take the world with me

You’ve got something on your mind
But you get in your way
Don’t tell us tomorrow
You better buy change today
All we have is who we are
And all we know is pretending
You gotta think of something real
Save a life worth spending

Why do they lie?
Why can’t you see?
Get up everybody
Stand up with me

Let’s Go! Everybody!
Let’s Go! Tell ‘em we’re coming
Let’s Go! Everybody!
Let’s Go! Stand up with me!
Let’s Go!
Take the world with me

So if you’ve got a torch to carry
Hold it high!
Take the world with me
Let it burn, let it burn, let it light up the sky!

Stand up! Yeah, let’s go
Stand up! You’ve gotta let them know
Stand up! You’ve gotta make them see
Get up people! Stand up with me!

Let’s Go! Everybody!
Let’s Go! Tell ‘em we’re coming!
Let’s Go! Everybody!
Let’s Go! So I’ll sing…
Let’s Go! Everybody!
Let’s Go! Tell ‘em we’re coming!
Let’s Go! Everybody!
C’mon everybody, stand up with me!
So let’s go! Take the world with me!
Let’s go! Let’s go!

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Cartel Let's Go Comments
  1. Grimreaper420ful

    Who’s still listening in 2052

  2. ak yu

    heyy heyy2019

  3. shemma W

    My fav ♥ 2018

  4. Phil Gil

    when audio didnt die to video quality. also 9+ years lmao

  5. Al Rossi

    2018 Nov

  6. I - I Qallarix

    2018 :')
    pls back guys

  7. David McGroarty


  8. Kels Ruff

    They were so different and talented, and gosh I love his voice. I wish they would make new music.


    Kels Ruff Will works on collabs with different artists but it's still never as good as Cartel.

  9. Jazmine Rose

    Listening to Mayday Parade playlist yesterday with a friend and Cartel came on and I was so excited to be reminded of this band! #2017 ♡

  10. Mxryamf

    0:12 can someone pls tell me his name?

    Your average guitarist

    Nic Hudson, if you are talking about the guitarist

    Your average guitarist

    The singer is Will Pugh

  11. sludvig

    2017! Still doin!

    Kimoa Ragazzi

    2019 here

  12. Kyle

    Blake from Workaholics on drums

  13. Tommy Schrader

    Thumbs up if your still listening to Cartel in 2016!

    Cowboi Steen

    Nah, i am listening to this in 1994.

  14. Glowskulls Media

    perfect tunes of 2009! are they still around?

    Someday._. Maybe

    pop crawler Technically yes but they haven’t released stuff in a while

  15. My Friends Call Me Lou

    The perfect song to walk through college campus with friends lol

  16. Brandon Leang

    January 9, 2016 who's still listening to this!!!


    +Brandon Leang Febuary 26, 2016 who's still listening to this!!! (Oops you forgot question marks I cant make this sense now :C )


    July 1st 2016


    Brandon Leang September 1, 2017

  17. Castella

    omg this song<3<3

  18. Carlos Ivan


  19. * Madelificent *

    Just listened to all their songs! I love them!

  20. funnystat andratack

    first song on a new band to listen to and i love it.

  21. Emily Iannielli

    love this band!

  22. Le H

    First song by them I ever heard! And I agree lol he looks like Lucas Grabreel in this video

  23. Sean Vankirk

    Let's go. .. And start the morning off right!

  24. sean jones

    This song gets me excited about life!

  25. Caleb Varga

    Saw these guys live at Rocketown. It was epic!

  26. kanerfan88

    march on washington song? lol

  27. Lignimvite

    I REALLY hope they open with this song when they tour with Mayday Parade next month, that would be SO epic...

  28. itaketoberlin

    awesome song. awesome video.

  29. jhhamm3

    How does an official video of a legit band not have at least 1 mil views?

  30. yermom1699

    Well, um, I know who this band is. And I'm special.

  31. Vizion870

    Nope. Ive never heard of these all..

  32. Ethan Demint

    So true LOL

  33. GirlWithASilverLining

    in the video for Honestly I think he looks like Lucas Grabeel :p

  34. TrixR4kids876

    Is this their only vevo song?

  35. seahawksfannick

    Probably my favorite band. I just like ALL of their songs. I don't even mind that they kinda fly under the radar. It just means I can introduce everyone I meet to this awesome band they've never heard of. I can't wait for their 4th album!

  36. donatello001

    good i thought they broke up

  37. Alex Hopf

    11 people didn't go anywhere

  38. cubblue13

    Just saw them last night in STL. Great show, they still got it.

  39. SausageSlapper

    How does this only have 200k views..

  40. Nate Hitpas

    Remember how they got hella advertised by Dr. Pepper?! That "Band in a Bubble" shit? Even after that, they managed to still soar under the radar.

  41. Bluecomet489

    None of this @ shit. This isn't twitter. Reply to his goddamn comment.

  42. Jessica Polk

    one of my top 4 bands..and will is amazinggg!

  43. Jessica Polk

    I love them.

  44. Bluecomet489

    Wow Will looks like a kid and sings like a kid but he's 27 or 28.

  45. bob rob

    i forgot how good this band was

  46. februarychild101

    I love this sing but I wonder wat music video they can come up wit for their song wasted if they do one.

  47. Ken Eaton

    Lol, sorry...

  48. Ken Eaton

    Am I the only one who thinks the singer looks like Justin Bieber? Still a great song!

  49. Bomb$hellQueen

    00:04 - 00:08 Best part.

  50. Annie Griffiths

    I still do! haha.

  51. G12

    The cartel of Mexico is gonna kill all of u pussys

  52. Daniel Bayley

    Let's the mall! Today!

  53. Tara Voigt

    Why haven't they made more music? I love every one of their songs, another album or two wouldn't hurt.

  54. Rachel S

    The singer looks just like my ex boyfriend in this video. Lol weird.

  55. xosammijane

    This video needs another comment. I love Cartel. <3

  56. Collin Neaton

    I can't believe it's already been two and a half years since this song came out!

  57. Arvin Olson

    2012 and still listening to this (: hell YEAH!

  58. tofupuff

    ahh the good ol' days

  59. Daniela Martinez

    the singer is so cute and the song is so awesome

  60. NiftyTan

    what happened to them !!! i just rediscovered them again the fell off the face of the earth

  61. Onelove07100

    Cartel, I love you guys and I miss youu<33333

  62. theRosieRiot

    Will Pugh<3

  63. theRosieRiot

    Will Pugh is my hot version of Lucas Grabeel <3

  64. Jake Wolfe

    @haley11704 Why can't we like comments more than once? =D

  65. Emily Orth

    How come this isn't there most viewed song? I heard about them with this song and I have liked them ever since.

  66. Ashley Rupe

    hot DAMN will is one good-looking MAN.......

  67. Jessie Giberson

    im still ubsesed wid dis song

  68. Victor viramontes-pattison

    lol i dont see why plays guitar for ANY of their songs.... they only need 2 at the most, he should just freehand the mic.....

  69. beautifulbirdy97

    So many flashlights O.o was there a sale at the 99c store no one told me about??

  70. Morgan Buchholz

    I've been raping this song for 2 whole fucking days and I love it!

  71. Emily Glass

    @TheEanreid no

  72. beautifulbirdy97

    I think Will looks like Tony Oller from As the Bell Rings. he's 2 hot 2 look like JB

  73. Rachel Bertram

    @TheEanreid he looks just like JB

  74. GODpulse

    Better than all the autotune crap called music nowadays.....

  75. Abigail Desiderato

    His voice is perfect <3

  76. Charley Rox

    wow why haven't heard of them before today they are so amazing!!!

  77. zephah

    What amazes me is that this song has been on the NCAA tournament, NBA playoffs, NFL playoffs, all-star games, but still no one knows who this band is?

  78. Christian Rogers

    @nicholasxframpton <----- Was that a joke? 'cause it was terrible. Ever use google? His name is Will Pugh. You're just mad he gets more tail than you.

  79. Asia Butler

    @MrnevershoutNOAH bahahahhaahha XD

  80. beccaelle16


  81. Shasha2k

    I love this song!

  82. stulikespie

    Only 138,000 views?! and like those "songs" that are nothing but a guy talking fast (a.k.a. rap) get like a billion....I pray for this society...

  83. Scott Joseph

    sooo, i'm definetly gonna go see them at chain reaction

  84. Karleen Delorme

    :D i listen to this song like everyday on the bus comming home ;D
    it makes my day a whole lot better <3

  85. Moses Moore-Sebrell

    heard this on the radio. had to search them. now a Cartel fan:D

  86. Josh Last

    If you guys ever see Cartel in concert keep an eye out for the bald guy he's a riot!

  87. morninglory99

    ugh so underrated!

  88. namesiWiseman

    7 people didn't want to go

  89. yoyayoya101

    Why can't I click dislike for the dislike button? Oh well, I suppose the like button is the dislike's button dislike button.

  90. Brianna Lurcock

    The 7 people who voted no, dont get the meanings of songs. And they probably don't like this music. Its fine, just don't bash because you dont like this kind of music. Listen to the music you like insted of whats "cool". I love cartel and i love all music. :P

  91. LovesPunkRock27

    This is my "Dance around in my pjs on da weekend" song. ;D

  92. TJ Binx

    @Ryannravage No, selling out would be releasing main stream pop cookie cutter crap, not just gaining a hundred thousand more faithful fans.

  93. Ryan Setters

    @tera1234tj It's because they refuse to sell out.

  94. Santiago Corredor

    i cant believe this is considered punk...just cause they wear skinny jeans and checkered shirts doenst make them punk

  95. iacredrom

    @tera1234tj NO! I'm glad they're like this. If more people go towards them then they would probably become over rated D: and no one wants that.