Cars, The - My Best Friend's Girl Lyrics

You're always dancing
Down the street
With your suede blue eyes
And every new boy that you meet
He doesn't know the real surprise

(Here she comes again)
When she's dancing
'Neath the starry sky
Ooh, she'll make you flip
(Here she comes again)
When she's dancing
'Neath the starry sky
I kinda like the way she dips

She's my best friend's girl
She's my best friend's girl
But she used to be mine

You've got your nuclear boots
And your drip dry glove
Ooh, when you bite your lip
It's some reaction to
Love, oh..ove, oh..ove

(Here she comes again)
When she's dancing
'Neath the starry sky
Yeah, I think you'll flip
(Here she comes again)
When she's dancing
'Neath the starry sky
(Here she comes again)
I kinda like the way
I like the way she dips

'Cause she's my best friend's girl
Well, she's my best friend's girl
And she used to be mine
She's so fine

You're always dancing
Down the street
With your suede blue eye.. eyes
And every new boy that you meet
Doesn't know the real surprise

(Here she comes again)
When she's dancing
'Neath the starry sky
(Here she comes again)
Oh, she'll make you flip
(Here she comes again)
When she's dancing
'Neath the starry sky
(Here she comes again)
I kinda like the way
I like the way she dips

'Cause she's my best friend's girl, uh
She's my best friend's girl
She used to be mine
She so fine

(My best friend's girlfriend)
(My best friend's girlfriend)
She used to be mine
(My best friend's girlfriend)
Yeah, yeah
(My best friend's girlfriend)
Said she used to be mine
(My best friend's girlfriend)
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah
(My best friend's girlfriend)
She used to be mine
(My best friend's girlfriend)
(My best friend's girlfriend)

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Cars, The My Best Friend's Girl Comments
  1. Duncan Mcpherson

    Shane McCormick Macdadfu

  2. John Powers

    Lead guitar breaks into 'Words of Love' at the end with a little help from 'Come Go with Me' Stratocasters vs. Telecasters I think.

  3. William Olson

    Actual live performance. No lip syncing, no tape enhancement....

  4. Ker Plunk

    All these years later and I still love their music

  5. Lisa Cunningham

    Rest in peace, Ric. They don't make music like this anymore and that's a damn shame.

  6. Trish Muega

    I can't believe Benjamin Orr and Ric are my favorites and now they are in heaven RIP 😔

  7. Brian Melvin

    How can ELLIOTT Easton cram so many great riffs and one song. Incredible!

  8. Bob billings

    Does anyone know when and where this was?

  9. Cab Terrot

    Hopefully Ric and Ben have made peace on the other side. It didn't happen here.

  10. Arcade85

    What a great sound. Elliot Easton.

  11. Bill Hamm

    Reminds me of early Beatles

  12. PoppaFunkBand NYC Funk Rock Band

    Awesome Rockabilly vibe!

  13. Robert Storey

    How can a nation produce something so brilliant as the cars and so awful as Donald Trump?

    james conkling

    One has nothing to do with the other, idiot.

  14. Viking 44

    The most recognized Adams apple in Rock n Roll, these guys were the best!!!

  15. Baron Kimball

    Not many people know that black folks in Tallahassee Florida loved this song. It was played with some regularity on WFAM in 1979.

  16. MrParisienWalkways

    an’ they don’t make ‘em like that anymore folks!

  17. Matthew Burke

    Ric Ocasek 1944-2019

  18. kevin cheatim

    David Robinson tearing the drums up he's simply Killin it

  19. Jose Meda

    One of my favorites!

  20. Phil

    I love how, Ric is chewing gum during this performance. So laid back.

  21. Gary Skadra

    I think this is the first Cars song I ever heard.
    R.I.P. Ric and Ben

  22. Michael P

    Joe Rogan/Rob Zombie brought me here, not a huge fan but this played on the radio everyday when I was in the car with Dad and I remember liking the rhythmb and riff at the end.

    RIP Ric

  23. Rodney Heinrich

    Thanking the cars for such great music..from the'll be missed Ric. ...RIP

  24. Carol Mahoney

    Some of the best music ever made. Unbelievable loss that Ben & Ric are gone. You live forever in this beautiful music. RIP.

  25. Peyton Blewett

    This is the song that made me want to start a band. A little bit of New Wave, Power Pop, Rockabilly, & pure Rock n Roll. Thanks and RIP, Ric Ocasek.

  26. Crispin Atacador

    First, we lost Benjamin Orr to cancer. And now, it's Ric Ocasek due to a heart disease. We'll miss you both. RIP, Ric and Ben.

    Ben ________

    Ben is the true GOAT of the cars.

  27. Mark Flanigan

    One of the most creative and technically-sound bands of the era. RIP, Ben and Ric!

  28. medusacries

    RIP Ric Ocasek - you made the 80's that much more fabulous and I miss you already!

  29. Kamp Kat

    I was 15 in 1985. These guys were the soundtrack to my youth, good and bad times. I love them forever.

  30. Frankish Sid

    Seaside Heights
    Great memories
    RIP Ric.

  31. stephen beardwood

    great song great memories r.i.p Ric

  32. Meg Law

    Even better live!

  33. Stella Waldvogel

    That was one tight, stunningly awesome band. And these songs defined an era.

    Pierre Griffin

    Rest in peace ric

    Robert Storey

    The very definition of tight. I like the way the guitar licks are slightly different to the record too.

  34. Brian Ellinger

    Yeah man.
    that's at scumfuck evil lying greedy Thief not only steal my girl.
    but he went to my family and stole my money and laughed at me while I was homeless aswell

  35. Eduardo bracamonte alvarez

    new wave - glam look

  36. Eduardo bracamonte alvarez

    jewel live

  37. Phil T

    Just yes....Awesome band. Awesome people.

  38. ImagineJohnLennon

    I have enjoyed your music with the rest of your band,got me through many hard times in my teen years,my records and radio were my best friends. You will be missed Ric. Much Love ❤️😢🎸💗🎶 class of 82.

  39. Chewy Ltd

    Rest in peace Ric Ocasek.

  40. Frank Lopez

    The Cars forever Immortal!

  41. chilbury.

    Driving around in a HQ holden 1983 Australia! Smoking dope lol

  42. Robert Storey

    There are many awful things that happen in life but this song always makes me feel better.

  43. Al Navarro

    Easton is amazing here!! So underrated! Great band, The Cars never really got the respect they deserved.

  44. Terry Matson

    R.I.P. Ric Ocasek! You were such an amazinly talented singer and musician. The world will dearly miss you!

  45. Japz1967

    Rest in peace my genius Rik!!!! you will be always in our hearts !!! classical Cars Ever!!! Bigger at last!

  46. George Harris

    So sad 2 lose another legendary R/R star RIP

  47. J M

    Was Ric chewing gum or tobacco?

  48. Shawn Hartley


  49. diana l.

    Sad day, hearing of your passing, RIP Ric

  50. mpemusic

    Ric may be gone but the music will live forever, never dating, never forgotten

  51. Anthony Christensen

    RIP thanks for the 80's music

  52. krakatoa1200

    Thanks Ric.. RIP

  53. Under the Surface

    Ric gave us so much beautiful music , fun music. Remember how fun The Cars were ? Ric was a lucky man who lived a long life in the best of times

  54. dave griego

    Let Ric and Eddie's passing reminds us all to live our life's as full and joyful as possible, each and every day. You are in control of how you feel. Tomorrow chose happiness. Thanks.. For Benji, please support The Pancreatic Cancer Society.

  55. Shintaro Yamazaki

    Rock on

  56. Hog Fan


  57. cameron rickford


  58. khawaja Mazhar

    RIP Ric been listening to you since 1976

  59. rcjr68

    so sad to hear of his passing, rip

  60. Blogger Rach

    RIP Ric

  61. sabrina gonzalez

    Love this band ❤️ forever . To the stars my friend . You sure did leave us times .

  62. S. Tapia

    Rocked out to The Cars all through High school. Good music for a difficult time, thank you.

  63. Denise Howard

    Good memories listening to The Cars' music. On the way to a college activity, our driver listened & SANG the entire time, to Cars music. Good times. RIP, Ric😢

  64. Rita Johannessen

    So unexpected. He is missed much. This is my favorite song. Condolences to family and friends 😘😪😢💔💝

  65. J peterman33

    these guys really were the Beatles of New Wave, so many quality, timeless songs.

  66. MirroringTruth

    I didn't mind you coming here, and wasting all my time. Been listening decades. RIP

  67. Gil D'Aquin

    Thank you for the music Ric. You helped a shy kid in the eighties to come out of his shell, and learn to enjoy pure, sincerely written rock and roll. You’ll be missed.

  68. workingmans dead44

    rip,Rick.Thanks for sharing your art,man.

  69. Ana Dorta

    Wow! Love this song! Your music will live on! R.I.P. Rick!

  70. david carroll

    WOW! When did he get to be 75? I had no idea!

  71. Maura Hubbell

    RIP Ric. The Cars were some of the best of their era, and this video shows why.

  72. Alvin D.

    So many memories of my teenage years are connected to the music of the Cars. May you Rip Ric. Thanks for the memories.

  73. Linda Oliver

    I am so sorry to hear of your passing. RIP

  74. wakeupcall49

    RIP Ric and thank you for all of the wonderful lived during one of the best musical times ever!!!!........

  75. Jeffrey Lear

    Rest in Peace Ric: Hope you made it to Rock 'n Roll Heaven! Kyd, The Centurions, Bullwinkle II

  76. FozzieatDetour BillNye

    RIP Ric

  77. Steve Fair

    RIP Ric Ocasek. The Cars were a badass band. This was one of my favorites.

  78. jack frost

    say hi to burns for me rip brother

  79. Mark 66

    Have a safe journey Ric. RIP 🎸🎸

  80. Acacia Moondy

    rip ric <3

  81. David L

    Just heard of Ric's passing on the radio. An interview from 2013 with Ric reading from his book "Lyrics and Prose". He was a great songwriter and his music with The Cars lives on. RIP Ric.

  82. lla788

    RIP Ric

  83. soundspartan

    RIP Ric...thanks for all those great songs!


    Just ONE of my Favs.❤ from the Amazing 70s-80s. We Lost yet Another Greattt Legend. Sadly. Rest Easy Ric Isiak 💔 Sept.16 2019. He will Live On thru His Music... Prayers to his Family from Western .Kentucky.

  85. the dyslexic

    RIP Ric and thanks for the years of great music.

  86. paperboxcutter

    Good lifts. Wild Weekend, by the Rebels, and I Will, by the Beatles.

  87. Patricia M

    God Bless You Ric 🙏. And Thank You!

  88. Diana Jorden


  89. Marilyn Vires

    RIP You will be remembered through your great music forever

  90. golfdude2007

    an Awesome song for any time......RIP Ric....say hi to John Lennon for us

  91. Walter Mameli

    The City of Boston is a city that will always rock.....The Cars made sure of that along with Aerosmith of course.....

  92. Wally G

    R.I.P. did your thing my dude!

  93. steven t

    This dude landed Paulina. 😍