Cars, The - Let's Go Lyrics

She's driving away
With the dim lights on
And she's making a play
She can't go wrong

She never waits too long

She's winding them down
On her clock machine
And she won't give up
'Cause she's seventeen

She's a frozen fire
She's my one desire
And I don't want to hold her down
Don't want to break her crown
When she says

"Let's go"
I like the nightlife baby
She says
I like the nightlife baby
She says
"Let's go"

She's laughing inside
'Cause they can't refuse
She's so beautiful now
She doesn't wear her shoes

She never likes to choose

She's got wonderful eyes
And a risque mouth
And when I ask her before
She said she's holding out

She's a frozen fire
She's my one desire
And I don't want to hold her down
Don't want to break her crown
When she says

"Let's go"
I like the nightlife baby
She says
I like the nightlife baby
She says
"Let's go"

I like the nightlife baby
She says
I like the nightlife baby
She says
"Let's go"

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Cars, The Let's Go Comments
  1. Tanya Scott

    Love this song it rocks

  2. Jeck Jeckson

    God please take me back to this great music and time. Today's music is garbage.

  3. jeannie wight

    The music on this song just blows my mind.

  4. Mayra Gonzales

    Who has a car like if you do

    Lowell Larsen

    Mayra Gonzales was a great band

  5. ricmarc

    Benjamin Orr sings this song you ignorant tw*ts.

  6. Wood Skier

    the Carlisles

  7. Norm Appleton

    Elliot Easton...oh my

  8. Tim Patrick

    If you grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, you grew up in the best time in the history of the world.

  9. DetroitLove4U

    "Let's go" back to the 80's!!!

  10. GamingerX2000

    G-Man Squad Anthem

  11. Norman Baratelli

    I feel extremely fortunate to see them in Boston in '76 at a small club. WOW!

  12. Peter May

    Benjamin Orr had such a brilliant voice!! One of my fave Cars songs!!!

  13. shimmerine1

    This is Benjamin Orr singing!!!! For God's Sake people!! He was awesome too!!!!!

  14. Alan Smithback

    Check out this cool, new song by GLITTER DOGS. Great guitar rock sound!
    3 solid albums on Spotify, YouTube Amazon!

  15. Tony Piccoli

    Rick does not sing lead vocals, Ben does.

  16. Max Wolf

    "she never waits too long" that right Ric! Hit it or forget it! #MeToo is fucking hilarious! I was innocent until the high school girls called my bluff!

  17. Jeff Baker

    One of their best. Brilliant.

  18. Rick Jangle

    The Quintessential Cars song.

    Jeff Baker

    One of their best. Brilliant. Total package.

  19. Rick Jangle

    261 idiots that have no clue.

  20. Martha Lewis

    Eddie Money died too? damn. Rip

  21. Martha Lewis

    wow Rip. this was the group back in high school! Lets go!

  22. Stephanie Mathusa

    Get up, let's go ♥️!

  23. Chris Bradshaw

    The description has Ben as back up vocals and Ric as lead vocals. Wasn't Ben lead on this one?


    Ben sang this.

  24. NVRAMboi

    RIP Ben and Ric.

  25. Isaac Bobonis

    Anybody here for ABC's Mixed-ish?

  26. mark1138

    it was homegrown and a mountain life

  27. Carla Moore

    When I walk into the room this plays....

    Carla Moore

    💋 risque mouth

  28. George Pupparo

    ☆♡☆, Rest in peace ☆☆☆♡♡♡

  29. X X

    "Let's Go" by the Cars (1979) peaked at #14 on the Hot 100.

  30. SlyRy

    In 1998 I turned 13. For my birthday I asked for one gift and it was The Cars Greatest Hits CD. My parents came through.

  31. Jonathan Rose

    R.I.P. to Ric Ocasek. Although it's worth noting that it's Benjamin Orr singing lead on this track. R.I.P. to him too.

  32. Tracy Cowan

    Let's go I work the night shift baby 😁😁😃😃

  33. Kirk

    awesome keyboards.

    Sy Goldman

    Awesome everything.

  34. Andy D Kid

    it’s hard to describe why the passing of eddie and ric hurts so much . it’s just not the great music they gave us but the era in which they gave us their music. it was a time when it was ok to leave the front window open on a hot summer night, a time when it just took one salary to make ends meet. dad would go to work and mom wound tend to the family . a time when you can make an innocent first move on a girl without feeling threaten of harm.

    Andy D Kid

    those times are gone for ever and so are they two great musicians. thank you both for the great music and memories . may you both rear in in peace . prayers for comfort for your families .

    Richard Avery

    I hear ya. Those days ain't coming back. Middle America in late 70's and 80's...a shame the younger generation will never know a world like it was back then. Then when we are in our retirement senior living homes nearing being sent out to pasture our children and grand children will have to figure out eroding coast lines, radical climate changes, hyper inflation, world socialism and the threat of a terrorist anthrax chem warfare attack at any given moment. I feel for them.


    late summer of 1979... oh the memories!

  36. Akbar Mateen

    We lose Eddie Money on 9/13/2019 and then Ric Ocasek on 9/15/2019 The 🎸 industry is losing its rock gods damn it sucks


    Get used to it. In the next 10 years or so we'll probably lose most of the people we hold in this regard. Nobody gets out alive.

    Richard Avery

    @M1Anut True dat and then we have the guys from the 90s Grunge Rock who have died young. Kurt, Scott, Layne and Chris...Over the years so many, Prince, MJ, Michael Hutchence, etc. etc. And no there is no one really to replace them. Not from the two youngest generations coming up....Sad...The gene pool for good rock music dried up.

  37. Bizbabo

    She's laughing inside 'cause they can't refuse
    She's so beautiful now, she doesn't wear her shoes
    She doesn't like to choose

  38. I'm right you're wrong

    They had to go some-time, I'm just grateful for the time and Recordings they shared.

  39. Anthony Jones

    Thank you Rick Ocasek , for your music you made , Rest in Peace

  40. Suzanne Anderson

    Rest high on that mountain Ric Ocasek. 😢🤘😢

  41. thepassionofthegoose

    RIC Ric. Thank you.

  42. What I Left

    The Cars have a whole bunch of great songs, but this one is their best imho. R.I.P. Ric

  43. Kevin Gamble

    The most insane thing ever. I was in the Dallas airport watching live shows of Eddie Money. Then on the right side where you can watch other related videos, there was a live The Cars concert. I watched it, and thought I would research Ric to see what he is doing now, because you never really see him in the media. The very next day, he is dead! Crazy....

  44. Juan Lopez

    Met him in the 90s in a Duane Reade drug store..near 14 st. I thought he was Dracula... Like the songs.....some of them.....too pop for me. RIP

  45. james lachs

    It's Tues. and the losses already seriously hurt. Ric, Eddie and I list a family member of mine. Shit!!!!! RIP, Ric!

  46. Francine Grace

    RILOVE Ric 💙

  47. Miklo Goodfella

    RIP Ric

  48. Zane DeGonia

    Benjamin Orr first and now Ric Ocasek. Both are gone but never forgotten! Hope you guys are jamming out

  49. Nibiru Planet X


  50. Grant Burke

    I came of age to this music. Thank You, Ric. Thank You, Cars.

  51. Jr Isaguirre

    My high school jams!!! RIP Ric O! U were the totally the best!!!

  52. Spinelli Fame 1997

    R.I.P. Ric Ocasek!

  53. boobtuber06

    Chipmunks covered this, so my first exposure to the cars was when I was actually 3, and even back then I knew this stuff was special. Thanks ric; we'll miss u

  54. Kenny Michael Alanya

    Listened to The Cars album.
    What a 🎖 mine . RIP Legend

  55. Ripley7t

    Nothing like this on the radio when it hit. Absolute monster of a song.

    Sy Goldman

    Still is!

    Norm Appleton

    I'd say that about the first album. I ran to the record store to buy it. Candy-o hit the people that needed yo be reassured. Then it took off

  56. Marc P

    I was this year's old when I found out this song was NOT titled, "I Like the Nightlife, Baby."

  57. RestlessRick

    From Rick to Ric...I listened to a lot of this music when I was a kid...the soundtrack of my youth really. My musical tastes are quite diverse, from R&B to this genre. "Let's Go" was one of my all-time favorite songs from The Cars, still listen to it often in this 21st century. Anyway, RIP Ric Ocasek.

  58. Theresa Serpa


  59. marlberg2963

    Requiescat In Pace Rick Ocasek donec obviam iterum

  60. angusyjr

    RIP ric ocasek...😞

  61. NCoft

    Rip Rip Ocasek ❤

  62. Night Shift Sister

    I am so happy that I was 13 years old when this single was released 😎


    I was 14!

  63. No Name


  64. St. O'Ned

    Money ,Ric....whatta miserable week of heroes dropping out.

  65. Rodney Pickens

    R I P Ric Ocasek.

  66. Scott Bailey

    May the Lord Jesus Christ take Rick Ocasek to Heaven. Rick is now with our Lord and Savior. Please Pray for his wife and family. Let's all remember his talents as a singer. The Cars, in my opinion was just Rock-'n'-Roll, but Disco was big at the time and you could dance to their music. Peace and Love to the band, "The Cars"!

  67. 1989bccclasmate

    RIP Ric...this song i played over and over when i got the album

  68. G M

    So sad to hear about Ric Ocasek passing away. Now he and Benjamin Orr can finally jam again. God bless both of them and THANK YOU for the GREAT music.
    R.I.P Ric Ocasek

  69. Diane Goodwin

    to the 255 who thump's down this song go listen to some slim whitman maybe your heads will blow up

  70. DucksDeLucks

    This is a great song but it's also a "pedo" song about a hot teenager. Not as coarse as the Stones Stray Cat Blues.

  71. Marshall Lancaster

    Coming of age in 1979–the best. Give me these guys and The Knack. RIP, Ric.

  72. Tornado Twister

    My favorite song by The Cars. Thank you Ric for all the amazing songs. RIP

    Russ Henderson

    This was sung by Benjamin Orr I most of their biggest hits! RIP Ric....

  73. Andrea Marcia Jones

    RIP darling

  74. Mike McLaughlin

    First time i heard them was in 79 and like wow was hooked

    Amie Lynn

    Me too :) brings back such good memories.

  75. Ignacio Reyo

    Rest in peace legend. From Spain to the universe. A great musician, an iconic will not forget.

  76. Jerry Thornton

    RIP Ric Ocasek. This is my fave Cars song.

    Amie Lynn

    Me too. 2nd is Bye Bye Love. Her was a great singer.

    Nate p

    @Amie Lynn This is a Ben Orr song (along with Bye Bye Love), but I agree. Both were great singers/songwriters.


    @Amie Lynn "Her" ??

  77. Cweisman27

    RIP Ben and Ric

  78. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Too soon ❤️

  79. Doug Brown

    What a crappy week. We lose Eddie Money and now Ric Ocasek. Rest in peace gentlemen...


    Rob Ruitenberg Eddie passed a few days before Ric. He passed away last Friday

    AC/DC.4.LIFE !

    Doug Brown 🤘🏾

    Nacht Schreck

    Meh Eddie Money's music was pretty much vapid commercial radio filler. The Cars, on the other hand, were one of the greatest Rock bands of all time.


    Musicians from our generation are fading away. I grew up with both Eddie and Ric. 😢💜


    Doug Brown Eddie and Ric took their 2 tickets to paradise :( this week has been sad

  80. Ruel Sanjongco

    RIP Ric Ocasek and RIP Ben Orr

  81. Mark Randall

    My 80's rock legends falling hard this week. Tough week for me. RIP Ric and Eddie.

    AC/DC.4.LIFE !

    Mark Randall 🤘🏾

    Old Music

    Don't forget Ben.

  82. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #14 on the pop charts in 1979!!!

    Jom James

    that would be like going to #1 today....lots of great songs in 79'

    Richard Avery

    @Jom James Would have charted higher if it was not for Disco. It probably hit top 2 or 3 on the album rock charts summer'79. A rock song had to be really catch and good to crack the top 20 pop charts back in they hey day of Disco.

  83. Jolene McAtee

    One of the greatest bands. Heard all their songs growing up. Brings back alot of memories in a great era! R.I.P. Ric 💔

  84. Justin Time

    I was gobsmacked when Ben Orr passed away and now it's another punch in the gut.
    RIP Ric Ocasek

    Kenny Michael Alanya

    Dont forget Eddie Money

    Justin Time

    @Kenny Michael Alanya Yup,back to comes in 3's for Celebs,I hope Bieber is next. ;-)

  85. Landi Smith

    RIP Ric💯

  86. Jim Barr Official

    Growing up in Boston, these guys were legendary. I met David Robinson in Rockport 20 years ago, and he's a great guy too. RIP Ric, you and Eddie Money are headlining in the great gig in the sky tonight. All the best!

    Ha Ha

    Yuu assume they are going to heaven?

  87. Gibson Rickenbacker

    just read about Ric well were an original

    Debra Willard

    ric said lets go and eddie money said 2 tickets 2 paradise

  88. VideoFanatic02

    RIP Ric Ocasek

  89. Hereismytwocents2011

    RIP 😢

  90. Max Hall

    RIP Rick Ocasek.

  91. Lyle Swann

    Ric Ocasek, an iconic voice I grew up listening to and will never forget. Rest peacefully, Ric.


    Definitely Ben Orr.

    Sergio Usera

    It's Ben Orr voice

    Beatrice Bennett

    @Soul Sista #1 p

    James Thomas

    @Soul Sista #1 r be no


    that stupid bitch killed his window reelin ass

  92. drmjr78

    Now the Cars have lost both lead singers.

    Hoogla Boogla

    drmjr78 yes but they haven't really been the Cars since late 80s when they first broke up

  93. Tim Ulmen

    RIP Rick!

  94. Marc Brunengraber

    RIP Ric

  95. Rich Rome

    RIP Ric

  96. Mike Blair

    R.I.P. Rick

  97. Hank Bevers

    RIP, Rick Ocasek

  98. Tommy Myers

    RIP Ric Ocasek.