Carrack, Paul - Keep On Lovin' You Lyrics

If I'm in trouble
I know I can turn to you
You understand me
Like no one I know can do

We'll get along
If I'm right or wrong
I'm on a mission
Oh yeah
To keep our lovin' strong

When I was hungry
So far away from friends
You said you'd stand by me
Stay with me to the end

We're something special
That much is true
And that is why
I'm gonna keep on lovin' you

Your guiding light
Keeps on burning bright
You're a shining star
In the darkest night

Wherever I go
And whatever they say
I know that love will pull us through
In everything we try to do
I'm gonna keep on lovin' you

You said you loved me
That's good enough for me
I put my trust in you
That's for the world to see

We still believe in
Love long and true
And that is why
I'm gonna keep on lovin' you

Heaven knows why
Love passes others by
That makes me wonder
Do they even try

One thing's for sure
You know it's true
I know that love will pull us through
In everything we try to do
I'm gonna keep on lovin' you...

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Carrack, Paul Keep On Lovin' You Comments
  1. Helmut Knocke

    Super Sänger und Komponist...!!!

  2. Márcio Oppido

    I thought it was the genius Rick Astley, but it was you who had never heard it sounds like plagiarism, you remember Captain Picard too.

  3. James Abbott

    I hear a little Marvin Gaye in this song.

  4. 迪布倫

    Hong Kong People l love you!
    Good luck everyday

  5. 迪布倫

    Thanks you song

  6. susan horrobin

    Love this album , can't wait to get new one have seen some great reviews for it.. It will be great seeing Paul again next Feb; in Edinburgh

  7. J W L

    As Always, GREAT!!!!!

  8. Susan LaDuke

    Brilliant! We need more Paul Carrack music!

  9. Stephanie Civic

    Paul I hope you don't ever stop making music..... covers or originals, doesnt matter. You are a phenomenal musician.

  10. diane leroux

    come to Canada in Montreal to give a concert Paul.. we would be so honored...pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

  11. Eveline 58 The Netherlands

    I will see him... hear him... listen to him ... next May :) I'm looking forward :)))

  12. Sol Calvares

    Good !!!

  13. Lilian Vtour

    You have a wonderful voice. I love their old songs. I'm loving the new. Fantastic! Come to show in São Paulo - Brazil. Kisses

  14. nyrichiek

    I would love to see him and Phil Collins do something together

    Norman Morgan

    nyrichiek i

  15. Kim Harwood

    Just an awesome album. Went to a local (smallish) live concert recently and it is so nice that big stars still choose to do small venues, very intimate and a great atmosphere! Keep it coming!

  16. Beryl Urquhart

    Hear this on Radio 2 this week and was transfixed. Have sent for the album. Should be No 1 in the charts

  17. Carol Spoel

    Like all of Paul's music this is great. Love it 👍👍🏼🤗

  18. Mick Ronson

    How Long - has this been going on???

  19. topeka cate

    Agree with Beermoth - saw him and the band last night in Swansea - more intimate venue than Cardiff (tonight). Probably the best performance I have seen from him - and I have seen him 5 times in the past few years - better production from the current band and more contributions from band members who are also excellent musicians - and of course Paul's voice - NEVER disappoints.! Enjoy on Sunday Linda!

  20. Linda Smith

    Gonna be a Happy Valentines ❤️on Sunday seeing you at Theatre Royal in Norwich ❤️


    Your in for an amazing evening Linda. Saw Paul last week at Bournemouth. The music is still playing within me. One amazing night, one amazing guy. Not forgetting, Great band + support.

  21. Pamela Polland

    Truly one of the greatest contemporary singers of the last five generations. So great to hear you still groovinʻ it, Paul!!! Iʻll definitely be buying your new album. Aloha from your big fan on Maui. Come gig here someday!!!!

  22. ronald cuiper

    great album.
    Come back to belgium.

    Eileen Wood

    ronald cuiper great

  23. Terry Gilgallon

    Another fantastic melodic ballad from Paul, looking forward to seeing him at York shortly :)

  24. Mr Bear Lee There - BearRon

    Sounding good.

  25. Lynne Brisco

    Sounds like a great album yet again Paul ,looking forward to your next gig very soon....

  26. Dorothy Davis

    Bought the album @ his gig at The Sage, Gateshead on Saturday. Absolutely fantastic album and gig. Thank you Paul