Carpenters, The - There's A Kind Of Hush Lyrics

There's a kind of hush
All over the world tonight
All over the world
You can hear the sounds of lovers in love
You know what I mean

Just the two of us
And nobody else in sight
There's nobody else and I'm feeling good
Just holding you tight

So listen very carefully
Get closer now and you will see what I mean
It isn't a dream

The only sound that you will hear
Is when I whisper in your ear I love you
For ever and ever

There's a kind of hush
All over the world tonight
All over the world
People just like us are falling in love

So listen very carefully
Get closer now and you will see what I mean
It isn't a dream

The only sound that you will hear
Is when I whisper in your ear I love you
For ever and ever

There's a kind of hush
All over the world tonight
All over the world
You can hear the sounds of lovers in love

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Carpenters, The There's A Kind Of Hush Comments
  1. Adrià Torres

    Wow... Yo vengo por el spot publicitario de Caixabank: ¿alguien más? Me ha gustado la canción y por eso he tratado de buscar la canción original jaja

  2. Marie Belle

    RIP KAREN CARPENTER ❤❤❤🎥1985....❤❤❤

  3. Fine-Business Operator

    Merry Christmas

  4. Ronan Connolly

    voice of an eternal Angel Karen Carpenter

  5. 雨下的聲音

    Beautiful voice.
    Merry Christmas, Karen.

    Who is listening with me in Dec 2019 ??? : )


    Listen to her christmas songs Merry christmas darling is my favorite I have been a fan of the Carpenters for 50 years merry christmas from New York


    @ART FRANK Really a super fans of Carpenters : )
    Merry christmas : )

  6. BoyzInTheHoo

    I saw the title and thought 'oh I dont know this one...' hit play...
    'Oh yes I do...😂'
    Timeless class

  7. paulo pereira

    Oh yes I do. I m trying to sing it too in karaoke. It s a lovely music
    Paul p

  8. TV파워코리아

    Karen was a sweet lover. When I was in middle and high school in the 1970s, I heard and loved Carpenter the most. I used to dream while listening to Karen's songs. Even in middle age, I still remember her songs for a long time.

  9. Jairo Canchari

    Esta es la mejor versión de "Hay una clase de milagro", interpretada por The Carpenters.

  10. JÖRG wackenroder

    the song is so good for Feeling  in december  2019  in  berlin..  sing with  me..


    I like , because .. a cute girl introduced to me. ( 18/12/2019 ) ------> The world almost stopped spinning.

  12. Fer Lezcano

    Hermosa Karen su voz 😘💜🌐

  13. Antifax 8

    My Sweet Karen...!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  14. Jon Smit

    Angel voice. Thank you so much Karen. You've made this world a much better place, even though for a brief moment.

  15. John Simon Ritchie

    Who is listening in 1978?

  16. Mariegrace Jadap

    Who's still listening this song in 2019 in december

    Pink Panther

    @Debbie Gum Same here. The best times ever. We were so lucky.

    Gladys E Groff


  17. verilyheld

    Onion-cutting ninjas, all around, as I listen to pure, true magic!

  18. Rozy Kurniadi

    Nice song

  19. Eugene Malush

    12/4/19 and still listening

  20. Khari

    My New York song! Listening all the way from Japan!

  21. mrcfmly

    There's been a 'Hush' around the World after you left

  22. Psalm Tolentino

    There's no one in the world who can replace them❤️

  23. Isabella Lopez

    What a hush all over the world ♥️

  24. E Z

    I think she is an angel in heaven and her voice connect me with God. Anyone else ?

  25. Locazo 100%

    Algún hispano disfrutando de buena música a fines del 2019????...

  26. JohnC 67

    What more can you say about this beautiful lady,she was total class,unfortunately taken too soon but her voice will live on forever

  27. Jen Solloso

    Nov 2019 💋

  28. Rodrigo soeiro Soeiro

    Só bealtifu song.

  29. LM H

    Still listening to this in November 2019, will always love Karen`s perfect voice, miss her so much.

  30. Irapuã Correia

    Ouvindo essa música do passado a impressão que dá é que a sociedade esta eticamente doente.

  31. European

    "You can hear the sound of lovers in love
    You know what I mean" Nice

  32. Navin Navin

    Why did this golden nightingale karen died at a very early age of 32.
    She would have done another whole lot of popular songs wt her brother.what a sad affair.may she RIP.
    Navin (srilanka)

  33. Cat Stevens

    Yes there is a kind of hush. And it’s from YOU. And yes!!!! I noticed the writing n the fogged window!! Hmmmm too much time on your hands.

  34. lee hyun

    솔직히 원곡보다 카펜터스 버젼이 제일 좋더라

  35. Ana Cecilia Fajardo


  36. Jayson Abaigar


  37. Phil W

    I’ve listened from disco to heavy metal to grunge to trip hop to EDM, but this never ever gets old

  38. Paul Blanchard

    I’ll be listening to this incredible voice and sound until I go listen to her in person - again.

  39. tiger le

    me, thank Mai!

  40. iZa !

    💗 ][̲̅L][̲̅i̲̅][̲̅k̲̅][̲̅e̲̅] 💗

  41. lgy yc


  42. Salam Wati

    Hey everyone stop asking who is listening already..if a song is good it does not matter when it was recorded...or how frequent it was viewed and when in this case😏

  43. Sue Catherine

    I’m listening and it’s 2019😉👍

  44. Erica Santos

    It sings in my mind... Very relaxing

  45. Ruel Caba-ong

    Karen Carpenter is my idol and good singer

  46. Denis Mc Auliffe

    Amazing an Angel x

  47. omgbygollywow

    Anyone listening to this in 2020?

  48. christopher mcdavit

    Karen carpenter and my mom are both in heaven now I love my mom and karen


    Lindíssima voz!


    Linda música!

  51. Rawl Ramasir

    Listing to this in the early (70) seventy

  52. Debbie Cannon

    love this...x

  53. George M

    ..she's a dream.

  54. Primas. Tube

    Karen Carpenter, a voz.

  55. Josel Perla

    Amo los Carpenters me facina esta canciòn .

  56. Phantom shenanigans

    this was released on the day i was born 1976 my fav album cover too

  57. Nicole Waldele

    He molested her and this Siong was about him

  58. Букля


  59. Chandreyee Basu

    They both have the same smile. How beautiful 💜

  60. Luis Silva

    Bonltá cancion

  61. Light Diano

    Kaway2x naman sa mga tulad kong napapaindak din . Still listening sept. 2019

  62. אינויאשה היגוראשי

    Aww what a beautiful song! love it.

  63. Talcum

    I really prefer the original version

  64. Patrick McKenna

    the instruments are obviously dated, but her voice is timeless.

  65. miguel angel gamero huamani

    la mejor voz angelical my favorita forever..
    september 2019..

  66. Vilma Rosario Bonifacio

    Que recuerdos aquellos .con este tema there's akind of hush, de 'the Carpenters'.en la radio pasaba un programa .en los 80's,que se llamaba Universidad en el Aire. ConTemas de la academia .para la preparatoria.con Luis Espinoza Castro.Esto fue en Jauja.alguien que es Jaujino recuerda, the Carpenters todas sus canciones fueron buenas.gracias al que lo subio.

  67. Da Name

    Who is listening in 2008? Work with me folks...

  68. Aladdin


  69. mickeydiver17

    She had a better voice than Peter Noonan did that's for sure

  70. lechatbotte

    I love this as much as when Herman’s hermits did it. Her voice is one of a kind. I still love it all these years later.

  71. VAM SGT

    Милый, приятный голос Карен, красивая музыка... Что ещё нужно для счастья...!

  72. Aron Ray

    Karen Carpenter and Elvis Aron Presley, the GREATEST TWO VOICES OF ALL-TIME, I HAVEN'T SEEN IN MY LIFETIME, AND I'M SURE I'LL NEVER SEE ANYONE THAT CAN SING A SONG LIKE THOSE TWO, AMAZING!!!! It Would have been soooo cool to have heard Elvis and Karen do a duet together!!!💯💯😮😮🤘👍 ⚡TCB⚡

  73. Kurt Dexter N. Rodriguez

    I really love her voice

  74. The OED Loves Me Not

    If you can take one thing to a desert island, where you will have to live all alone for evermore, you need only one thing: Carpenters music. If you can take one book there, you only need a copy of Randy L Schmidt's "Little Girl Blue: The Life of Karen Carpenter." If you need one photo album, then you only need a copy of Randy L. Schmidt's "Carpenters Discography." If you can't take anything at all, then you can take your memory of Karen and her music. You must have memorized all her songs, with all the nuances in her voice etched deeply in your mind. It won't ever go away.

  75. The OED Loves Me Not

    You just can't hear Karen's perfect vocals without tears in your eyes.

  76. Ian Moncatar

    2019 anyone that still listening to this lovely Voice?

    Ian Brandon

    still listening on 2019

    John Wijatyk

    Yes... Karen is still alive in our hearts 💝💖💗💓💞

    Francois Jathan

    Me (from Jamaica) What a beautiful voice.

  77. Richard Young

    I think I can speak for everyone here when I say - I sure do miss Karen Carpenter.

  78. Ken Dibble

    So easy to remember even now ALL the words she sang as they were so clear, angelic

  79. hervin franco


  80. The OED Loves Me Not

    Yet another masterpiece from Carpenters. Is that sound made by castanets? If so, the castanets agree marvelously with Karen's voice.

  81. Ray Donney


  82. M Fort

    I'm always in love with her and her voice.

  83. Orson Corvalan

    miss you didn't have to leave us...

  84. Cesae Hermosilla

    Qe belleza de voz irrepetible su encanto ,, cuanta pena qe nos aya dejado en la forma qe se fue qe triste ,, asta siempre carpenters !!!!

  85. joleen wilson

    Oh what a wonderful song.puts you innthe mood.

  86. Oscar Sanglay


  87. RMaidla

    Listening to this wonderful music in 2019 as I listened to it in the 1970s. This kind of music will never disappear.

  88. Miguel Resendiz

    No es de mi época pero como me encanta esta música

  89. Sergio Rivera

    The Carpenters
    "There's A Kind Of Hush"

  90. Um filho de Deus, totalmente amado.

    Composed by Les Reed and Geoff Stephens

  91. Yossi Molcho

    What a great song:)

  92. Sulma Pineda

    Simplemente precioso!

  93. Captain Zephyrus

    She's never getting old💖❤️💖❤️

  94. Jimmy Romero

    May i download it plss...😭😍😢

  95. Rowena Duran

    Loved to play it again😍😍

  96. 김연수김연수

    Her   voice   never  die,   even  though  she  left  us.

  97. Linda Fiaschi

    Awesome song thanks for wonderful music carpenters still listening 2019. Karen missing U and wonderful harmony thanks for being in my life time U were amazing singer rest in peace your still singing in heaven 👍👍❤️👍