Carpenters, The - Saturday Lyrics

Saturday began just the same as other days
But ended up different in many ways
Love is in my world since Saturday

Mornin' came but somehow it didn't seem the same
The sadness of Friday had somehow changed
To the happy sounds of Saturday
Saturday, ever-loving Saturday

I whistle to bluebirds
I tried to tell them how you brought me sunshine
My head's filled with new words
That sing to the sounds of happy day after Friday

[*] Come and see the flowers of love she gave to me
The touches of laughter and harmony
To the happy sounds of Saturday
Saturday, ever-loving Saturday

My head's full of new words
Sing to the sounds of the day after Friday
Day after Friday

[Repeat *]

Saturday, Saturday, ever-loving Saturday

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Carpenters, The Saturday Comments
  1. パンツにウんコついちゃっ汰


  2. David Farrer

    One of the most creative and diverse acts of the 70’s. They were both brilliant. Her natural talent to interpret a song and bring it to life and his musical genius for composing, producing and arranging. This is a rare one where Richard sings lead. Check out Drucilla Penny, a sad song about a groupie.

  3. Danny/ Abbey-road1965 Evans

    Is the Richard singing on this track?

    David Farrer

    He is indeed.

    Danny/ Abbey-road1965 Evans

    I figured it was him thanks

  4. sf asasadd

    The only good song the Carpenters ever did


    I liked them better when they were plumbers.

  5. Ginger Haydon

    Love this one... thanks!

  6. 木村隆

    Saturday, Saturday, everybody loves Saturday! from Japan...