Carpenters, The - Love Me For What I Am Lyrics

We fell in love
On the first night that we met
We've been happy
I have very few regrets
The ordinary problems
Have not been hard to face
But lately little changes
Have been slowly taking place
You're always finding something
Is wrong in what I do
But you can't rearrange my life
Because it pleases you

You've got to love me
For what I am
For simply being me
Don't love me
For what you intend
Or hope that I will be
And if you're only using me
To feed your fantasy

You're really not in love
So let me go
I must be free

If what you want
Isn't natural for me
I won't pretend to keep you
What I am I have to be
The picture of perfection
Is only in your mind
For all your expectations
Love can never be designed
We either take each other
For ev'rything we are
Or leave the life
We've made behind
And make another start

You've got to love me
For what I am
For simply being me
Don't love me
For what you intend
Or hope that I will be

And if you're only using me
To feed your fantasy
You're really not in love
So let me go
I must be free

And if you're only using me
To feed your fantasy
You're really not in love
So let me go
I must be free

You're really not in love
So let me go
I must be free

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Carpenters, The Love Me For What I Am Comments
  1. Mary Leoan Dominguez

    Masakit talaga pag katapos ng lahat ibinigay mo na akala mo mahal ka nya din yun pala isang napaka laking KASINUNGALINGAN lang pala mga lalaki mga PA ASA 💔💔💔

  2. Bl0ckies

    3:20 Reeeeeeeeee

  3. Ash Loyd

    Saddest song i ever heard😣

  4. merly obeso

    Gustong gusto ko tlga ang kantang ito.madalas kong kantahin kpg mag vivideoke kami ng ng frens ko.

  5. Stephen MC Geough Bolton Mulligan

    Beautiful song ❤️

  6. Clarl Molina

    Jeepney driver brought me here

  7. Yell Sayson

    My sister used to sing this song during our karaoke, later they got divorced with her husband, I just now realized the meaning of this song.

  8. Alltime Low

    i love this music

  9. Blink

    2020 ☹️☹️☹️

  10. Nor's Vlog

    Sometimes we neglect all the efforts and love given by our someone, because of searching for something that they dont have. I though material things such as gifts and flowers do not matter in relationships but i was wrong.

  11. Rexel Abuan

    January 2020

  12. Francis Dave Galdo


  13. sophia. castro

    I just heard "close to you" and this song from a convenience store and an Instagram story...I'm crying...this singer I know is gone from a terrible reason..but I'm really happy that she made the future generation happy with her beautiful music..including my generation..and karen Carpenter❤️

  14. kimjoy meimban

    2020 anyone?

  15. Tam se

    2020 still here and listening

  16. DesertRose122

    Karen Carpenter and Enya, the best female voices.

  17. Tella Dyosa

    Im only 19 but i love this old song❤️
    And its already 2020

  18. benjie solera

    2020 love this song

  19. Vitam Beatam

    It's 2020... ❤️

  20. Emely Bacod

    January 2020❤

  21. Cristene Amolo


  22. Jechelle Nantes

    Still in 2020

  23. ykcor sasadap

    dec 29 2019.
    ganda talaga ng kanta

  24. John De la cruz

    Who's listening tonignt dec 27,2019 lamig sa ears😘💕

  25. Ruth Pineda

    I like the song all carpenter lamig ng boses sarap pakinggan

  26. Hiem zemra ime

    listen to this music
    feel the lyric
    zemra ime...😗

  27. Michiocarlkeiichi cantaros

    December 25 2019 😍 anyone?

  28. Edwin Ilao

    Ilove you for what you are ....miss 🌹 M.and that my promise to you....till the end,.... trust me......

  29. Jaime Robosa

    Kung dika seryuso so let go

  30. Felix

    i sang this at my school’s talent show & the crowd went wild . . . thank you Karen for your beautiful talent, beautiful soul, & beautiful voice

  31. Nicole Sarion

    Dec.21 and i am here.I love this songs and old songs,though im 25 years old.

  32. Reydel Tabz

    I miss my mom 😭😭😭

  33. Kristine Mojica

    December 2019

  34. Allen Deato

    listening now.(dec 17,2019)😊😍

  35. Porsha Chase

    A song of an ISFJ to an INFP 😆

  36. Jefferson Monjardin

    Love this song so much. If you're going to love someone you need to accept his/her flaws.

  37. I Am Jovs

    December 11, 2050 .... from the future, anyone?

  38. Pilar Quiroz

    This song... Could also be applied to a mother-children love. Unconditional love. Doesn't just come with "the title". There is no manual. I have to work hard on it.
    The difference between romantic love and the love within a family, is that you can not give
    up. You can get mad at each other, but you'll always come back. We need each other! You've never heard (and you'll never hear ) anybody saying :" hey, there goes my ex-daughter or my ex-son or my ex- mother". No .. you have to pull through and take everything and anything until you learn to love unconditionally. It might take a lifetime.
    Sometimes I think that is why the Good Lord put me on this earth. To master my temper and to pray harder for His seven gifts.
    Pray for me, loves.

  39. Aries Velasco

    This song speak for me 😢

  40. roy cañete

    Wasssup 12/05/2019 anyone

  41. Reyaa Barosa

    Hit like if you are listening this December❤

  42. Agatha Quin Morris

    2019 ANYONEEE??

  43. Hermess Hermess

    Loved this

  44. Ann


  45. ohedikahitano nalang

    I grew up with this song, it was gretchen barreto whom i heard this song from

  46. Raven Kyla Labrador

    Youre not really in love, so let me go . I must be free

  47. Gracias Maria

    I heard this song once, it was when Im inside the car then it was played. I loved the message each line of the song😍

    Who's here November 2019?

    Nor Marino

    Gracias Maria same listening nov, 2019

    Pilar Quiroz


    Or it is the first time I heard this song is the first time I really listened to it. But it touched my heart today.

  48. Dance Craze

    NOVEMBER anyone? ❤

  49. konbanwa kun

    I really love this song im 20 and i feel im broken with this even im single hahaa

  50. Rose Baroca

    Yes I'm here!

  51. Mai Lê Thị

    Em buồn ngủ quá rồi anh phát một mình nhe

  52. Mark Aguire

    My favorite...

  53. Mary Mary

    November 2019????anyone here?🎧🎶🎧

  54. Alona Langcawon Cortez

    Really love this song, am a fan of Karen, in fact all my videos contains Carpenters songs😘

  55. Virapz 77

    My wife sounds like karen ... on our first night she sang this . We’re still together til now... love her!

    Cyrus Cutler

    sana all po.

    Mirasol Miclat

    God Bless your marriage!❤️

    Mirasol Miclat

    God bless your marriage...❤️

    Malungkot Ako

    That's sweet

    Pilar Quiroz

    You were both blessed:
    You with a girl who was willing to love that way, too, and her with you, who came to love her as she needed to be loved and that beautiful voice.
    I am very happy for you, guys who found each other and have made each other happy.

  56. Fred Borral

    Favorite ko talaga toh😍😍😍 wlang magbabagu😍😊

  57. Dreb Tobias

    Amazing song

  58. Zack Vhiel

    millenials? BURN😂

  59. B Gii

    Love can never be “designed” not decide

  60. Rodneyson Ballatan

    October 2019 :)

  61. Alexandrite

    2019 still...

  62. Maricel Canales

    2019..still lovin it..this song

  63. Catherine Apacible


  64. Richard Wernsing

    Omg, never heard this before!

  65. Renz Moto

    hit like if anyone still listening 2019?

  66. Leriza Bandin

    October 2019?

  67. Rocell Mae Romazanov

    You’re really not inlove or you really not inlove?

  68. Arlene Aguilar

    Still love music to everyone hi,2019. I love you

  69. Irene Tabiano

    Ang ganda sobra 😍

  70. Michelle Dela Cruz

    Maaari nyo po bang sabihin sa akin kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng kantang ito. PLS!!!

  71. jenelyn navarra

    And if you're only using me to feed your fantasy, you're really not inlove so let me go I must be FREE

    This lyrics hits me awwww😭💔

    BTW 2019💖

  72. Eubs Chan

    It makes me cry evertime in listening this song

  73. Dennis Ebio

    Oct. 2019

  74. Kas Mir

    2020 anyone???

  75. Diana Rose Gamaya

    Love this song 😥

  76. Mayeng Code

    Favorite song

  77. joyce mallari

    2020 anytwo?

  78. Shaine Miranda

    October 3 2019 😍

    Mary ann Bedana

    October 5 2019☺

  79. florence monzon

    love this song

  80. Chandria Atas

    sept.30,2019 anyone?

  81. Bhelle Gonzales

    Me: Remember me, though i have to say goodbye, remember me. Don't let it make you cry...

    Bro: And if you're only using me to feed your fantasy, you're really not inlove so let me go, i must be free..

    Wtf is dis a musical sizst

  82. Rogelio Lim


  83. Sunnieboy Valdvso


  84. Rochelle De Verai

    september 2019

  85. Janerlyn Soner

    I like oldies song 😍

  86. NAJ belmonte

    One of of my fav song ❤️

  87. Jj august

    Hit like kng RGO baby ka. Mam yeng baby! ✋✋😁😁

  88. Christian Zeta

    Don't hit like or else i will hit you

  89. Athena Naesha Manalili

    I love this song

  90. shan adaron


  91. gelee samonte

    07/31/19 let me go😔

  92. Daniel Deveron Baker

    Great video.. But how hard is it to change typos in lyrics? ("You're" instead of "Your", for instance). I'm just curious! Something this good ought to be perfect!