Carpenters, The - I Kept On Loving You Lyrics

I ran away from you
and left you crying,
And though I'm here to stay
you think I'm lying
But I've changed my ways
and my wandering days are through;
and through it all,
I've kept on loving you.

Don't worry baby please don't cry,
I'm home for good and I will never leave you
Don't worry baby please don't cry,
You must believe me and I will never leave you.

You've heard this all before
I don't deny it
The road was long and wide
I had to try it
Though I hurt you girl
These were things I had to do
But through it all
I kept on loving you.


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Carpenters, The I Kept On Loving You Comments
  1. Dan Gibson

    Because Karen was such a great singer, Richard takes "Hits" here and there when he leads -- I got no problem with his singing .... in this song, for example !

  2. Mark Jolley

    Randy Edelman wrote this!!!!

    mark kershner

    Actually Roger Nichols wrote the music, and Paul Williams the lyric. I believe Randy did record the song however.

  3. Randall Sundeen

    The genius of Richard Carpenter made Karen when Richard was detoxing at Betty Ford in 79-80 Karen attempted a solo album produced by Phill Ramone Richard's advice don't cut a Disco Album she did it flopped Richard knew intrinsically what Karen could do and we have the GEMS we have today because of him

  4. Thomas Talbot

    I enjoy hearing Richard sing the lead for once. It's a fun song.

  5. GoTeam

    Karen could have had a career without Richard, not the other way around.

    Thomas Talbot

    RIchard WROTE many of the songs. They were a true team.


    I partially agree on that Karen's Solo Album "Disco" attempt was a Fail.

  6. GoTeam

    My God when Karen's voice comes in it's like hearing liquid gold. Richard had a mediocre voice at best. I can hear him singing in a Holiday Inn bar somewhere...


    ...but he was so much MORE than a backup singer! 😌😎


    I only hear Richard sing rarely. Bare with him and adore his voice for he will appear in songs sometimes. Loved the way he sang. He only does'nt have talents for piano, but also for singing. What we call the classics

    Anthony Seopardi

    His voice is as flat as a pancake no passion no tempo it's not clear his voice is all over the place its not a great singing voicev

  8. Mayank Yadav


  9. Kaempfer M

    I wish Karen had sung this song instead. Melodically, it’s a nice song, but Richard just doesn’t cut it as a singer. He sounds like anybody off the street. When Karen joins in, in the chorus, you can hear how different she sounds compared to Richard. Now that’s a real singing voice!

    Bru Schmidt

    Remember this was 1969. They were unknown kids to the public. I'd bet the thought crossed his mind, as the mother promoted his "sensational" talent to no end. Only HIS talent.


    @Daemon Dif Yes that was the original intention that Richard was going to be the star.

    angel cutie

    Even though Richard was the one singing it, i still appreciated it. Either Karen was the singer or Richard, Carpenters is still on the way. He's lucky to get the chance to sing 'cause he sings seldom only


    Get real. Most people can't sing at all. While Richard's voice is not distinctive, he can hold a tune...unlike anybody off the street.

    Chris Mulwee

    If I didn't know this was The Carpenters, I'd SWEAR it was The Partridge Family! Not so much Richard's lead vocals, but the backup vocals(also Richard and Karen) have a very Partridge type sound here.

  10. Maria Makiling

    I like the song rhythm except the lyrics! Just like the saying, if you love someone set them free and if he or she comes back set them free again, because nobody wants them. Don't be an option!!!

    Dastardly XK120

    Good one 💥

  11. Kim Anderson

    It's kind of unique to hear a Carpenters song with Richard doing the lead vocals instead of Karen. I remember listening to this song on my cassette tape when I was in middle school. This song is VERY upbeat and has a GREAT melody. The original version was done by Paul Williams.

    Bru Schmidt

    They used Karen for backup vocals & drums. If U just think about that a moment, it's astonishing!

  12. Dianne Daraitis

    Song sux

  13. BuddyKrol

    This was the first song I ever heard from the Carpenter, and I was not impressed.  Then the local station began to play the flip side, which launched them.  I missed the boat and did not appreciate the Carpenters until after Karen's death.  Meanwhile, my mother bugged me to buy "Close to You" that July of 1970, but I did not because of the bad taste from this song on the other side of the record.  

    Dastardly XK120