Carpenters, The - For All We Know Lyrics

Love, look at the two of us
Strangers in many ways
We've got a lifetime to share
So much to say
And as we go
From day to day
I'll feel you close to me
But time alone will tell
Let's take a lifetime to say
"I knew you well"
For only time will tell us so
And love may grow
For all we know.

Love, look at the two of us
Strangers in many ways
Let's take a lifetime to say
"I knew you well"
For only time will tell us so
And love may grow

For all we know.

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Carpenters, The For All We Know Comments
  1. C B

    The lyrics of this song are unsurpassed in beauty, meaning and poetry. And her voice has the clear ring that you hear from pure crystal glass.

  2. Andrew Francisco

    I was born in 1975.I was too young to be into The Carpenters. As a kid in the 80's I had heard of Karen Carpenter's death. Her death always stayed with me. I discovered the music in 2015. The Carpenters were and are great.

  3. Gerhard Olm

    Still beautiful !

  4. Shadow's Russ

    If only she knew how beautiful she sang and how much she touched each of us, would she have hurt herself so much?

  5. Yoswin Freeman

    Her voice is of a goddess.

  6. Tom Jefferson

    236 People must not have a Soul!



  8. scott ellsworth

    My mothers favorite. May they both rest in piece. Miss you mom.

  9. Phil Phillips

    I ´d listen to this at 6 years all. I know Think this is Great very Great music !

  10. general morose

    I was totally in love with her when I was 12. They had just released "Close to You", "Only Just Begun", "Rainy Days" and "For All We Know". I wanted to marry a girl just like her. "For All We Know" is my favorite.

  11. John Urbanski

    I went to downy high with her

  12. charles becker

    Sitting here listening to Carpenters songs and the hair is standing up on my arms, what a voice.

  13. Angela Vomero

    My 1st husband didn’t want this song at our wedding, thought it wasn’t cool (1992), but my 2nd & forever husband did and it means so much to us (2018)!!! 🤗

  14. Chad Nations


  15. Cleidomar Gomes da Silva

    Karen Carpenter cara e alma de anjo , uma pena não ter sido mais feliz o quanto ela merecia ter sido

  16. Jo Willard

    And love will grow for all we know. ......perfection in so many ways

  17. Antifax 8

    My Sweet Karen....!!!❤️❤️❤️

  18. eugene brodeur

    You could tune a piano with her voice.

  19. Maria Acuario

    Una inconfundible voz angelical me gustan todas sus canciones

  20. Daniel Young

    a beautiful song

  21. Duck Twacy

    I hope Karen sings in heaven now. Making angels cry

  22. Dave Berlanga

    Can you imagine what Richard felt losing his sister and the greatest voice in history. That voice.


    It was the first Carpenters song I heard when I was fifteen years old. I love these brothers who gave us thousands of gift songs. I love Carpenters!

  24. paul nelson

    A perfect pitch voice. Beautiful.

  25. Jen Peterson

    Richard rarely showed affection towards his beautiful sister

  26. Joe Smith

    Love this song still, after all these years still brings tears to my eyes

  27. 666MikeRochip

    This is ON the RADIO in New Zealand in 2019...a TIMELESS classic.. peace and love from New Zealland 👍❤️

    Paul August

    Nice to hear it's still on the radio.Merry Christmas from New Jersey USA

  28. Misigga Chingu

    heyyy 😉 2019? everyone

  29. Misigga Chingu

    it says on the caption that ithas a lyrics but it has no lyrics

  30. GOGO

    표절곡: 핑클- 영원한 사랑

  31. yk P

    진짜 핑클 노래네...역시 팝이 짱

  32. Brian Goodwill

    We are still listening, fantastic voice.

  33. Chuck Willette

    Just absolutely beautiful.

  34. Michael Pocius

    Most beautiful voice ever it's such a shame she was so stupid. Eat something you moron


    You seem to be completely ignorant of the fact that anorexia nervosa is a MENTAL DISEASE. You don't choose to have a mental disease. It has nothing to do with intelligence or even willpower. And once you get it you are stuck with it as they are notoriously difficult to cure and the most a person suffering from it can hope is to get enough support from family, friends and society to be able to keep the disease under control long enough to be able to have a chance at a normal life. Unfortunately, anorexia nervosa not only clouds the mind but it's effects are deadly for the body, which is why if the patient doesn't get the help and emotional support she/he needs the body succumbs and the patient dies. Which is exactly what happened to Karen.


    Micheal... Do you have any idea what your comment says about you? Two words come to mind..,.. Immature...,. and prick..,

  35. nomopayn

    The voice of Karen Anne Carpenter...The sweetest most feminine soothing voice you will ever hear.. That sweet voice could calm the savage beast.. Sublime! ...R.I.P Karen will always be missed forever as long as your songs are heard...

  36. Mj Jones

    Karen with the caramel voice is not forgotten 🌷

  37. David Cook

    This could have been based on a Mozart symphony, it has that feel, especially at the end.

  38. Sloba Oljaca

    wonderful song from movie " Lovers and other strangers " !!

  39. Nunya Bizness

    I truly admire not only her voice, but the fact that she knew how to sing without inhaling every breath to the point you could hear it. Truly a professional!!

  40. TheRealCybelline

    Remember, this was before Auto-Tune kept singers on key. Amazing. I still remember exactly where I was when I heard about her death. Gut wrenching. Still, grateful for the music.

  41. Rito Tamondong

    1971 this song 4th high year high school to sweet to remember

  42. Rito Tamondong

    High school golden memory

  43. Darrell Moore

    This brings back my childhood...the good times. RIP Karen you were sublime.

  44. Narcissus Tarrazona

    Music in perfection. ..

  45. Jun Bondoc

    The best voice ever that graced the global music industry.....

  46. Roger Winters

    Love this song, thank you Carpenters for such wonderful music.

  47. Julia Suarez

    lovely song... txs

  48. TheBertus1975

    222 morans without knowledge of good music.

  49. Eberneezer Scrooge

    For all we know, we might changed into plastic dollies and be laying eggs like queen ants wawawawawawa 🤡🤡🤡🎈🎈🎅🎅🤶🐭🐭🎃🎃🎃🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️👽👽🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜👸🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜👸👽

  50. Daniel Henrique

    Alguém fala português?

  51. Protoville

    What a voice! What an arrangement! Sheer perfection.

  52. BudIce05

    My first crush at 9 years old, that beautiful girl with the angel voice.


    our song at our wedding in 1974, i absolutely love it!

  54. Phil weiner

    This was our wedding song 48 years ago Sandy & Phil Weiner October 30 1971.

  55. Dirk Van Giel

    such a golden voice...

  56. Vincent Stowers

    Music is the greatness of America and its gift to the word.

  57. William Ethridge

    The voice of an angel

  58. David Childers

    This was a big hit, yet it is seldom if ever on any of their greatest hits compilations. Why?

  59. Michael Kelley-Babbitt

    Her voice is magical...❤

  60. Dina Mariza

    I allways falling in love again to my husband everytime listen this song. She sang like reminder for me that i have a lifetime to share everything with someone that i love for a rest of my live. And her voice.. wow! Its touch deep to my soul.

  61. Josh Gellis

    This song...
    I want to have my first dance, with whomever my wife would be, to this song- and

    make our first child to this song.😊🤓😎😍

  62. Inês Farias Pinheiro


  63. faisal ishak

    Voice from heaven, Rest in Peace Karen ... we're all miss u

  64. Shane Canning


  65. g bridgman

    This may be my favorite carpenters song although Only Yesterday was damn good, too. I wasn't a real huge fan on thiers, but did like some of their songs. She certainly didn't deserve the fate she suffered.

  66. caroline n

    Omg, this woman had the voice of an angel, and the instrumental sound of this song is amazing!

  67. Mauro Muniz

    "For All we Know" is just WONDERFUL! 😍

  68. Joseph Cacioppo

    My God what a voice Kyrie Carpenters magnificent voice can make the devil cry. I just don't know what to say just a beautiful voice my God.

  69. []김주영


  70. lorettalynn Davis

    Like a breath of fresh air. Great memories :)

  71. robert goodman

    my best friend blowed is head off to this song. thanks George Carlin

  72. robert goodman

    i play this at divorces

  73. Russell Flagg

    It is so nice to hear her lovely voice again. God bless her

  74. PharaohOnTheTrack Pharaoh

    0:40 soul teaching vibes

  75. Becky Drogowski

    Her voice just soothes me like no other singer can ever do.

  76. Martim Silva

    Beautiful Song

  77. Brad Roberts

    This is my favourite carpenters song. 😀👍

  78. Pedro Collado

    Impressive... nothing more to say...

  79. Nash, Andre Louis W. Norat

    Wow , The Carpenters , I Love the 70's !

  80. Nash, Andre Louis W. Norat

    Btw , Her beautiful haunting voice still gets me every time and t then the tears sometimes start when I'm hypnotized by their songs that take me back in time ! I would have it no other way ! L.W.N. ( W.A.Nash )

    ian d

    Tears every time, no exceptions.

  81. Nash, Andre Louis W. Norat

    Lovely ! What a great song and gorgeous voice ! She is truly missed ! William Andre Nash

  82. john kennedy

    the BEST

  83. James Martin Russell

    This great song was made for the film "Lovers and Other Strangers". A very heartwarming film. See if you can find it, and give yourself a treat.

  84. Francisco Neto

    This woman departed way too soon! Miss her so much.

  85. Natalia Cipriano


  86. Bob Risse

    "love may grow for all we know."

  87. Jason Scott


  88. Ray Lopez

    I think it was called loving strangers

  89. Ray Lopez

    I remember hearing this song in a movie back in the early 70s

  90. Jim Stuart

    After all these years and she is gone I am still in 💘 love with her.

    Karate Kid

    I always was and wii be.

  91. Tom Cass

    Joe Osborn Bass!!!!!

  92. Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500

    she was 20 in this Song

  93. jsell1968

    My God.

  94. jody travers

    she"s unbeatable!!

  95. Patti Brooks

    I loved love Karen Carpenter and her singing gift she had which was a gift from God !

  96. tobyjoey1

    easily the most beautiful voice of all time, and she played drums lol ... fact is stranger and far more wonderful than fiction