Carpenters, The - Another Song Lyrics

The moon that rose now descended,
And the love one shared now had ended,
And soon the day would come.
And when the day had come, the light that fell at dawn was cold--
the warmth of you had gone,
A taste of loneliness cut through the earliness and oh,
the wind sang of you, softly they said,
All my fav'rite dreams were dead,
Leaving a cloud of sadness in my head
And though I'm buried in a sad song of the morning wind,
I know the day would bring another song for me to sing,
But when the day had come. the light that fell at dawn was cold--
the warmth of you was gone.

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Carpenters, The Another Song Comments
  1. Daniel Stetson

    Interesting composition.
    What might they have given us in the years since '83?

  2. Betsy Evers

    I love the line “All my favorite dreams were dead” and then everyone harmonizes in such sweetness. It’s kind of ironic.

  3. The OED Loves Me Not

    I'm afraid I don't care too much about the latter half of the piece, with instrumental music alone. As for the lyrics, together with Karen's dramatic interpretation of it, they bring tears to my eyes. I think I know at least two-thirds of their songs rather well, and of all the songs I've listened to so far, I believe this is Karen's most dramatic, most pathos-rich performance. I love it. The greatest beauty of this song is that Karen begins in a very soft voice, together with very soft instrumental, then followed by the abrupt breakout of a half-crying voice, together with a dramatic instrumental performance. This style is  perhaps rather rare for Carpenters.

    America Janson

    Yes I'm with you on that I believe it was a bad ending to a beautiful song

  4. peaches

    One of my fave Carpenters songs!

    Bru Schmidt

    That voice!

  5. peaches

    I love this.......absolutely sublime

  6. R. D.

    if we could turn back time 😢. Also love the psychedelic touch in that song


    It's a very Middle Eastern sound.

  7. Conor Burns

    And after that they sold out


    They did two more strong albums after this one.
    After that.....
    My friends laugh when I say that by 1975, Carpenters had lost their hard, cutting edge. Maybe you'd understand what I mean.

  8. Bru Schmidt

    Age 19 when they recorded this, her tender velvety vocals were already a 💙 crusher. What an exquisite talent she posessed.

  9. SpectraLight Photography


    Bru Schmidt

    Their work is timeless. Absolutely as wonderful sounding today as ever.

    Dastardly XK120

    ESPECIALLY in 2018 !!!


    ... and 2019!!!


    & 2020 😎

  10. Coupydog

    She was such an angel.. Her easy, yet incredibly effective way of singing still dumbfounds me. Never to be matched or exceeded. 😌😍😇

  11. Conor Burns

    Karen Carpenter = Ginger Baker

  12. hi ya

    Listen to the harmonies at 1:35 .majestic. so talented they were born to harmonize like that and what a unique sound!

  13. Earcandy73

    This song clearly showcases how progressive Karen and Richard could be. I always wondered what inspired them to conjure the instrumental ending.


    If you listen to the words of the first minute and 46 seconds you'll know.

    Bru Schmidt

    Richard experimented with music styles & techniques since day 1. On "Goodby To Love", the entire 2nd half of the song was exclusively zany electric 🎸guitars soloing. I p never cared for that; no more today, plus it cut Karen's vocals short.


    @Bru Schmidt
    You sound like one of the "fans" who wanted to keep them in a saccharine bubble.
    The people who Richard didn't care would be upset by the guitar solo. He encouraged the guitarist to fuzz it up because he liked the edginess of the sound. He want to push against "nice".

  14. MK Ultra


  15. kinnery

    this has got to be one of my favourite carpenters songs. it's such a great reminder of why karen isn't just my favourite vocalist, but also my favourite drummer.

  16. HeartoftheDragonColo

    A simply beautiful, wonderful song from Close To You. One of many. Love always for Karen and Richard. Thank you for posting this.