Carpenters, The - (I'm Caught Between) Goodbye And I Love You Lyrics

I have something to tell you
and I know it won't be easy
I've been thinking these past few days
it might be time to leave
You're like a stranger
then you're a lover
Never the same, always hard to believe

I'm caught between goodbye and I love you
Never knowing quite where I stand
I'm caught between goodbye and I love you
Falling both ways, nowhere to land

So constantly stranded
I can't understand it
This troubled life you've handed me
Is like the devil and the deep blue sea

If we go on much longer
If my doubts grow any stronger
Then I may have to let you go
If only to survive
Give me a reason, why should I stay here
I've tried too hard just to keep love alive

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Carpenters, The (I'm Caught Between) Goodbye And I Love You Comments
  1. Karen anne Cruz

    this is my one favorite song of Karen Carpenters

  2. joycelyn Cipriano

    Lady diana's song for prince charles😪😪

  3. canal peregrino

    The oboe sound it's so sad ...

  4. Monika Windisch

    Diese Stimme berührt mich und macht mich ruhig und zuversichtlich

  5. Francisco Neto

    No doubt: this woman was born to sing. Miss her voice so much!

  6. William Vitug

    No can replace karen carpenters...famous voice worldwide..

  7. Paul Stevens

    Superb song by a singer with an exquisite voice.

  8. William Vitug

    Excellent angelic voice by karen carpenters...still famous worldwide..

  9. Kenneth Luis Espiritu

    this song really breaks my heart 💔 i really miss someone in my life , its hard to say goodbye and i love you

  10. Winsy Seroy

    I miss her already..

  11. Winsy Seroy

    I miss her already..

  12. kris lou

    I always sing this song in Videoke👍👌

  13. Kenny Sings Carpenters

  14. Jürgen Genuit

    Just heavens giving! What a great music and what a great voice. Karens and Richards music will always be part of my life !

  15. Coupydog

    Def one of her best vocals. I could apply that to virtually anything she touched, but the lovely melody, effortless tone & sincerity of her voice here is overwhelming.

  16. Kenny Peters

    Definitely from one of my favorite Carpenters albums. Top of their productivity and creative output phase.

  17. salju wi

    Aint gonna lie, the video editing is great

  18. ninolito go

    I miss you so badly..

  19. Rob Belan

    Constantly stranded without you KC.

  20. Nancy Young

    Been there..done it.

  21. Donna Lou Carpio

    One and only Karen

  22. The Royal Foundation of Britain, UK

    She is 0.5% better than Whitney Houston!

    Michael Asay

    That's all? Oh I think much more...

  23. it's me xandra

    2018 anyone

    it's me xandra

    @Coupydog lol 2019

  24. Bru Schmidt

    Her voice flows over the orchestration like a butterfly in flight. Ever so gently, but knowing exactly where she's going. Nobody can interpret a piece of music the way she could, taking a mere song & caressing it into a work of art 😍😥. I also heard her heart warming, majestic vocals were recorded on 1st take 😯💕


    Timeless xx

  26. Mark Jolley

    Who are the 6 death people amongst us!! Thumbs down!!

  27. vi da

    I wont stop loving this song❤️❤️❤️

  28. john cole

    Effortlessly....Karen didn't sing, she just opened her mouth and the song flowed from her precious lips. I never heard her reach for a note.

    Bru Schmidt

    😞 so true. Never was or will be another artist like her!

  29. conceicao ferraz

    Magnific karen carpenter

  30. john cole

    The Angel of music !


    This is a most lovely song. She has such a rich voice!

  32. The Sugar Venom

    Carpenters' album "Horizon" is so underrated, it blows my mind. It has some of their most experimental and beautiful songs on it. "Happy", "Only Yesterday" and this one are my three favorite Carpenters songs. The whine of the pedal steel during the final 20 seconds of this song brings me to tears. There's something so emotive about this song. It makes me so nostalgic and it makes me so sad yet so happy to be alive. I can't describe it.


    Yes, I agree, My teenage years began in 1970, about the same time the Carpenters hit it big. Of course I never admitted it, and I even rejected them as bubblegum radio music, not my style, yet when many of their songs, not all, would come on, mostly on the old AM radio at that time, LOL, I found myself listening to her voice and being like in a trans, still rejecting them though. However, when Only Yesterday started playing on the radio I gave in and actually went to the record shop and bought it, also on 8 track for the car. Only Yesterday, what grabbed me and amazed me of that song was the full range of her voice, damn she was good. Also still to this day, at Christmas time, I still look forward to hearing Merry Christmas Darling. Oh and I still have that 8 track tape.

  33. Beausoir1

    Hi OceanKingNY, where we could get the photo at 4:00 min.?  it's so wonderful and Karen is so cute and natural. Thank you !

  34. KAC3

    She's so beautiful

  35. Vitreous Lamella

    My favourite pictures of Karen 0:20, 1:04 and 2:28.

  36. Ashwin Kumar

    Such amazing and beautiful song I ever heard

  37. KingOfRock61

    How can anyone give this precious song a thumbs down. I thought I had heard every Carpenters songs. I guess NOT as I am listening to this for the very first time & Love it. There will never, Ever, be another as sweet as Karen.

    Bru Schmidt

    People of various (childish) ages who shouldn't have been clicking on this in first place. Then find it wasn't "something" of their liking & need to reflect their opinions; bam.!That's all it takes. Just disregard all of them.

    Pashupathi Giri

    No disputing this, absolutely

    Francisco Neto

    Let's face it: not everyone is able to appreciate what is really good...

  38. Jorge Lozada

    Karen Carpenter una voz unica e inolvidable,

  39. mybigbluetoad

    Karen's voice is so effortless....

    Anthony Seopardi

    It's so naturally beautiful harmonic angelic beautiful beautiful woman I cry when I hear her beautiful voice so effortlessly so natural so beautiful.

  40. Dani M

    Bellisima la voz de Karen .. inolvidable... y la canción es preciosa..

  41. David S.

    Probably my favorite Carpenters album.....Karen really used that lower registry in her voice to perfection.


    +David S. Like no other!


    Yes, I felt the same way with the range of her voice in Only Yesterday.

    Richard Evans

    was just thinking the same thing that it's probably my favourite Carpenters album..but hey it is hard to choose from such an amazing catalogue but the production level they hit in 1975 incredible..kind of the point that separates the early 70's stuff from the late.....RIP Karen.. Richard respect for the song writing

  42. No1KCfan6

    when karen says the word "sea".....feels so good.  another amazing performance by her.

  43. Rich Buckles

    what an amazing voice.....I cried when she passed and I still miss her amazing voice....RIP Karen

  44. Isabella Bellamy

    I'm caught between goodbye and I love you.
    Falling both ways, nowhere to land.

  45. Yvonne van S

    No doubt the most beautiful song they ever wrote and performed.
    Sometimes it scares the .... out of me, it's soooooo real, human, honest.
    No masquerade..... pure, recognizable and again.... so honest.

  46. scheckdj

    One of my favorite songs by beautiful!!!!!

  47. jeff werner

    Magnificent video too !  Nice job!


    +jeff werner Thank you!

  48. jeff werner

    Fantastic song !  I've always thought this particular recording brought out the best in Karen's beautiful voice.  We miss her so !

  49. randys92

    Such an amazing not appreciated...

    Ashwin Kumar

    +randys92 why not appreciated its amazing song one side you are saying

    Bru Schmidt

    Not unappreciated, but less well-known. This magnificent interpretation should've been out on the air waves! 👼😊☺

  50. -Alan Hopewell

    Never met her, but I fell in love at fifteen, with "Close To You", and I still carry a torch.

    damien gregory

    I first heard them on Am Top Forty with their song "Solitaire" plucking geese - WOW !!! Blew my mind and fell in love with them in Grade School !!!

  51. Mhai Gonzales

    my mother love this song..i remember when i was a kid my mother used to listen to this song and i the one who's turning the radio off.. but now im listening to this song and i used to play it every day..

  52. ultravioletgaia

    OH GOD ! that voice... nothing can compare it

  53. Apple Berry

    ganon talaga Pet, but one must go, to find the one who's image is sketched inside your heart. Thanks to this wonderful song and voice that bring people back in their time, place ...first love etc etc.Maala-ala nila kaya?

  54. Lana Talita

    This song is perfect! Type WOW, it's amazing

  55. Peter Barnes

    Palagi ko to piniplay kala Janeth sayang sinayang ko lahat ng magandang alaala .... yung message para sa akin talaga ..... sana hindi ko na lang sila sinaktan .....

  56. B.GEESTLES Cryst

    This is one of the several songs I like.I love very much Karen, his voice ' n this wonderful double.thanks to all band.

  57. Anna Paula Dulay

    great song

  58. khuk delacruz

    i love you karen , i wish i was born in 1953, just to be part of your life and hear your voice that brings life, love, pain and joy in my soul...

  59. scheckdj

    Amazing is the only way to describe Karen and that voice!

  60. OceanKingNY

    @peanuts1867 Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  61. peanuts1867

    You did an exceptional job on this video. Thanks for uploading it.

  62. inbetweentics

    this was the flipside of the there's a kind of hush on 45 - i remember, cuz i had that many decades ago!

  63. OceanKingNY

    @Karenfan09 Yes, Chris Tassin is a very talented artist. You can check out the rest of his work at christassin dotcom.

  64. OceanKingNY

    @YesterdayOnceMore Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate the feedback.

  65. OceanKingNY

    @caargoqueen Thanks; glad you enjoyed it!

  66. OceanKingNY

    @silentfades You're welcome... so do I...

  67. silentfades

    thank you so much
    I miss her music and voice so much