Carpenter, Sabrina - Exhale Lyrics

Who put the baby in charge?
It's already hard
To buy all the parts
And learn to use them
Who put the world on my back
And not in my hands?
Just give me a chance

I listen to my mama
I listen to my dad
I listen to my sisters
Everyone relax
Everybody answers shit I didn't ask
Think I'm reaching my limit

Can I exhale for a minute?
Can I get this out in the open?
Can I sit down for a second?
Can I breathe?

Can I exhale for a minute?
Can we talk it out? I don't get it
Can I calm down for a moment?
Can I breathe for just one second?

I put too much weight on words and glances
I, I put too much weight on situations
I, I put too much on myself
Thinking I don't deserve what I've earned
But, yeah

I listen to the labels
Listen to the man
Try to keep a sense of knowing who I am
I try to be an angel but I don't think I can
Think I'm reaching my limits, yeah

Can I exhale for a minute?
Can I get this out in the open?
Can I sit down for a second?
Can I breathe?

Can I exhale for a minute?
Can we talk it out? I don't get it
Can I calm down for a moment?
Can I breathe for just one second, baby?

Can I breathe?
Can I breathe?
Can I breathe?
Can I breathe?
Can I breathe?
Can I breathe?

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Carpenter, Sabrina Exhale Comments
  1. Park Chim Chim

    Visuals? Unbelievably beautiful.
    Voice? Raw talent. I’m shooketh.
    Sabrina? Talented queen.
    Hotel? Trivago.
    Do I know it’s outdated but does it anyway? Yes.

  2. Jasmine Finch


  3. Gamer Bean

    omg I remember when this was new.

  4. Koral Kate



  5. Vittoria Rada

    I've just discovered this songs and I'm so happy right now :)

  6. Gyro Zeppeli

    This going to be a Jojo ending

  7. Melany Fasanella

    You are the only person who helps me to calm down when I'm stressed and I'm crying, you deserve the whole planet girl. You are an angel, I love you with my everything.

  8. Book-worm Aoba

    When I listen this at can't sleep midnight, I can feel sleepy forgetting everything bothering in my head

  9. Stacy Gray


  10. _Lightning_Queen_ 12

    This song has such a gods meaning more than most popular songs right now and its really touched me and many people as u can see in the comments so I just want to say thank you so much Sabrina for what u did and I hope your doing great right now ❤️💙❤️

  11. MedSou

    *Don't open*
    *I hope you get all your hopes and dreams*


  12. Rayssa Silva

    Linda 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷❤

  13. thalita alves

    hino :(💗🇧🇷

  14. Suh-Bee-Yuh X

    You did it with this one!🤯

  15. Jissel Alexandra Gonzalez Jimenez

    La canción es corta pero HERMOSAAAAAAAA!!!

  16. Christopher Murphy

    Omg this is in my top ten

  17. Fatimah Malik

    The story of my life

  18. Armelia Anifowose

    in this song i feel what shes saying i hear the pain and emotion all the things she has to do to impress other people she is a beautiful singer .She deserves what she gets she earns it by her beautiful voice she deserves this.

  19. Gemma Clement

    Am i crazy or does this song keep alternating from a bar of 3 to 5? (Or two bars of 3 and one bar of 2) someone confirm this so I know I'm not crazy lol

  20. Grace Kuwonu

    😭🥀💜 feels

  21. Mariana Leon

    I understand how it feels to have so much weight on your shoulders
    It is very difficult to feel so overwhelmed and more when you are very young like me, I am only 14 years old and already carried a lot of weight on my shoulders and aveses is very difficult to carry all that
    But in the end I always try to get ahead

  22. Alicia Glass

    I. Can relate to this so much

  23. chris how

    look at saphire yt at a thumbs cover

  24. vab

    why is this angel so underrated :(

  25. Saanvi K

    Boyfriend got nominated for Grammy but songs like these didn't....makes sense

  26. Maria Jose Cedeno


    Maria Jose Cedeno

    Nobody can be better than her

  27. Maria Jose Cedeno

    Sabrina is the best ever
    Like if agree

  28. TheEccentricMythstery

    In just one song, she manages to seem unique, amazing, beautiful, relatable, and just all around magnificent. Thank you for this, Sabrina.

  29. CQ Channel

    Good singer 🧡🧡🧡👍

  30. Yadifannum1 Baseballlover

    this is a great song. I'm a high school student and theres so much pressure on us, to get good grades, to be good athlete's, to have friends, to be happy. Sometimes you put the pressure on yourself and that just makes it worse. Half the time i get so stressed i lose the ability to do what i have to because i want to do it all. This song is seriously how i feel and its helping me get through, Thanks Sabrina!

  31. Just Friends

    I think I'm reaching my lemons, yeah^ 🍋

  32. Max Lachkar

    Clip Billie elish

  33. adrianseksett

    this is the perfect song for s3 maya hart

  34. Valeria Montañez

    like si te identificas con esta cancion..

  35. Khalid. M

    How can I breathe when you take my breath away.....?

  36. katniss B

    I think she is my soul mate 😭🥺❤️

  37. Sanjal K

    Everything freaking song of hers, even the upbeat ones, are so freaking relatable. She is so good at this.

  38. Alaina

    Sabrina you are so beautiful inside and out and I'm so blessed you are in my life! I love you more than you will ever know and I am here for you! <3 Keep breathing bby!

  39. Pascal Key

    This is so deep I feel my blood pressure go up and down

  40. Putasecret Vila

    Okay so I used to think Sabrina was just some former disney star but that’s so not true! Shes an artist. And her songs are all bomb af

  41. Lourdes Anita Moranzoni

    I love you😍😍

  42. Filmes Séries Famosos Descendentes um pouco de tudo


  43. katniss B

    YOU ARE already an angel 😭❤️

  44. It'sAnnika Fallyn

    Sabrina Carpenter is better than:
    Billie Eilish
    Ariana Grande
    Katy Perry
    No one can change my mind

    Blue Tongue

    It'sAnnika Fallyn you’re right ❤️

    seol tears

    you're not wrong actually

    The Llama Studio


    Alejandra Isea

    u cant rly compare them considering they all sing different styles and types of music

  45. smacleod69

    Sounds like her voice is enhanced. There is no distinct connection to her regular to her singing voice.

  46. James Johnson

    Hey her sister is hot two

  47. No Equivalence

    Months after it came out and I'm still feeling this song all inside my body

  48. Somu Singh

    This song is Perfection 👌 Love U Sabrina ❤️

  49. llose Y

    Nice song

  50. HERNAN Pics alegri


  51. Ulti

    Song is good but she is totally autotuned

  52. AmandaPanda -Gaming!

    All the comments are despressing so

    Mom: I told you, DO THE DISHES!
    Me: Can I sit down for a minute?
    Me: Just give me a chance!
    Mom: Can I breathe.

    EDIT: Omg 3 Likes!!! And replies...I AM FAMOUS

    Sade B

    Hahaha!!! Lol

    AmandaPanda -Gaming!

    @Sade B yay a reply!

    •Insanely_ mad•

    That is hairlorios

  53. arturo calzada

    first time ever hearing you, it was impresive, love it, i do relate so clearly with that felling.

  54. Lauren #

    “I don’t deserve what I earn”
    Reaally!! I think it’s the other way around. She doesn’t earn what she deserves.

  55. Ava Lanier ( Student )

    this literally gave me chills

  56. Sade B

    There are 2 songs I've Never Related to so much

    Exhale: by the Beautiful Sabrina carpenter

    Utopia: by the beautuful Annie leblanc

  57. Filmes Séries Famosos Descendentes um pouco de tudo

    Maravilhosa sem dúvidas linda gata demais eu sou muito sua fã amo muito vc I LOVE YOU SABRINA CARPENTER

  58. Eliana Grace

    This song came out the day before my birthday! :)

  59. Lydia Silverwood

    This was uploaded a day after my birthday

  60. Filmes Séries Famosos Descendentes um pouco de tudo

    Maravilhosaaaaaaa amo vc linda

  61. jꫀrꫀꪑꪗ 4078

    Cute Sabrina 💛💙🧡💚❤💜🖤🌈

  62. Aimeelyn Sutherland


  63. Crispy Beats

    Sabrina Annlynn Carpenter has been my favorite international female artist since 2015 she doesn't get the recognition and respect she deserves.

    My All Time Favorite Eyes Wide Open. And she said she fell into a Cactus here so respect and appreciate her dedication.

    Navpreet Singh

    This is so cute. Sabrina is one of my favorites too. Eyes wide open is so good, my favorite is can’t blame a girl for trying. Sabrina is underrated but she’s also is thriving with the recognition.
    Also Sabrina fell in Cactus here. I’m sorry but I have to laugh about that.

  64. Ashley Balbuena

    That ending tho

  65. Princess Judah

    Sorry, she better sing!!!!


    Sabrina, thank you for trusting your fans such as me with such an open song.


    " I put too much on myself thinking I don't deserve what I've earned".
    Hit me hard!

  68. Lesbian ARMYMOA

    This is every teenager (to a certain range)
    It’s so true

  69. ines bhm


  70. Evangeline Ventura

    She sounds like Billie Eilish and Melanie Martinez combined

  71. Doll Grant

    I just love you.

  72. Aparna Mishra

    I think she deserves more fame ....

  73. Ksn 034

    October 2019? Love her <3

  74. Trinity Brown

    She played off of tall girl

  75. Nightmarewolfy 592

    this s my fav song when i need time to relax,to calm down and release stress

  76. Nataša Biondić

    I love you💎💎💎

  77. Alexis Varela Chan

    sabrina an decendants 4 CJ HOOK GET HOOCKED¡

  78. amanda maria

    this is honestly a masterpiece 💔

  79. Mike Compton

    Please do "Hurt" and break our hearts

  80. Filmes Séries Famosos Descendentes um pouco de tudo

    Linda mds😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  81. shut up cause Its hazelnut

    Her vocals are literally much alike like Camila , Ariana and Billie. She needs to be in the Billboards top 100

  82. Ralf Birkenbiel

    This voice 😍


    From vietnam
    Your music make me feel the love.. in my heart

  84. NI COOL

    I remember when i was sad I always listen to this song. wow its been awhile and i'm here again😂😅

  85. Sara Brown

    Exahle Was Incredible Song Ever By Mutiltalented Sabrina Carpenter And This Powerful Gorgeous Song Is Extremely The Best Song Message Of All Time?

  86. Müge Attar

    Hiç türkçe yorum göremedim o yüzden böyle boş bir yorum yapiyorum ehehehe


    This deserves more views...... I'll make sure of it.

  88. J Doe

    This song should have a billion more views. Beautiful song and such an angelic voice.

  89. AICHA BH_11

    OCTOBER 2019???

  90. Just Bbb

    I'm pretty sure you can do whatever you want.....:)

  91. Cheery Berry

    The string version is on calm

  92. Z V

    Yes you may.

  93. Z V

    Very authentic sound.

  94. Ami

    Damn bro, I really felt this

  95. Giulia cendali

    My good ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  96. Kawaii Panda

    I honestly love this song and I am not just saying that I deal with bullying and it sucks


  97. Myskoo

    best moment at 2:23