Carpenter, Mary Chapin - The Shelter Of Storms Lyrics

You always had the gift of speed;
You'd disappear without a trace.
It all depended on the need,
And on the pain you could not face.
So you would leave the home you'd found,
Pack it up without delay.
Cut your losses, blow that town,
Tomorrow was another day.

All the years and all the miles,
They lost track of time.
I look back now only once in awhile;
My memory just wants to blur the lines.
'Cause you know me, I just can't change.
I greet the sun, and find it strange
To watch you run
For the shelter of storms
For the shelter of storms.

Now where are you out in the world
Searching for a little grace
Searching for a precious pearl
Wisdom from some future place.
You let me go without a wave
I noticed that and nothing more
I guess I'm going to my grave
Wondering what it all was for.

All the years and all the miles
It's so hard keeping track of time
Do you think of me every once in awhile
When the rain lets up and the sun can shine -
Just a little peace and quiet for a change.
I still greet the sun and find it strange
To watch you run
For the shelter of storms
For the shelter of storms.

Go back the years, subtract the miles,
And see what's left for you to find
All the battles, all the trials,
You can't be free till you leave behind
Your bitter heart, but you can't change;
You curse the sun, and pray for rain,
You always run
For the shelter of storms,
For the shelter of storms.

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Carpenter, Mary Chapin The Shelter Of Storms Comments
  1. maeda maedaa

    Indeed, Mary Chapin Carpenter is a very talented songwriter with gifted voice.

  2. Lisa lee

    One point in my life I ran from everything, I've learn to face my fear and conquered my battles ✨❣️🧡

  3. Corea Kixx

    There are merely NO words to describe the beauty of this song...the amazingly scary thing is...she's got dozens of other MASTERPIECES as well!! She's been one of my favorite musicians for about 30 years now. I really believe one of the best singer/songwriters of the 20th Century and forward. Thanx so much for this!! from Tim in Ontario, Canada. Much appreciated.

  4. Ludwig Dietsch

    simply the best..

  5. August Metz

    My favorite Mary Chapin Carpenter song, but what a fantastic catalog to choose from!

  6. Shell C

    Chapin is a true artist of words, music, kindness and a wonderful soul. She’s my favorite all time.

  7. Bill Goodin

    What a beautiful voice ! What an amazing song !

  8. Tracy Burke


  9. crydun2004

    this is so deep I love it

  10. Garden Gnome

    Thank you poster and thank you mother nature for creating a world where talent like this can entertain me through all the moods of the spectrum of life.

  11. jimmyb1

    What a Word-smith.!.

  12. Sally Arnold

    This song got me through an awful split after 10 years. Some people can't leave behind their bitter heart. Sad.

  13. Phil Do

    I thought that I knew almost every one of her mind's feelings. This song confuses me profoundly. A very complex person.

  14. Andre Bartmes

    I was raised Vulcan, where any pain, any fear, any grief was your business and don't share it. Because we never talked about painful things, until I was 12 and was finally told how she died, I believed secretly that my birth mother must have died in childbirth when I was born. (It was peritonitis, which she got on a later hospital trip, BTW.) But the grief and pain I carried took three years of therapy twenty years go to break down the walls. And I understand how some may hide in their painful past, when joy is all around them. THANK YOU, Mary Chapin Carpenter, for two or three of the songs that have helped heal me.

    Becky Knight

    What in the world is a Vulcan?

  15. Anna Patrice

    heard that song so long ago and searched for it brilliant like u sing thank god for u tube keep singing

  16. nick wright

    Just discovered this beautiful song. Thanks for posting.
    Please listen to " Our love will endure the writers '. Thank you.

  17. David Bayley

    Love Mary's songs so much.

  18. Tammy Maria Settles

    my brother, I will stand by you, in the ray of sun right next to you. always...

  19. Sandra Harrison

    Mary Chapin Carpenter NEVER disappoints with her music!!!

  20. Steve Sossin

    Beautiful.... And the story of my life...

  21. see say

    She's lived. A poet.

  22. bob e

    isn't she just incredible  ??  soft, beautiful, powerful .. what a great songwriter ..
    she is very, very classy .. i would say  ..

  23. Santiago Garcia

    Preciosa melodía preciosa lírica, poética, sentimental y emotiva, la fuerza del teclado, tan magistralmente ejecutado le da más realce a la canción.

  24. Atanas Ivanov

    One of my all time favorite songs

  25. kenneth D Hornaday

    From a single, full time, stay at home dad, of an incredible special needs little girl, my angel............Savannah.

    This song, from this incredible insightful woman/artist, has penned to words, our incredibly sad.

    Regardless, the song, the music, the tone, the message, is none the less, beautiful.

  26. mxkeys

    Amazing song and words