Carpenter, Mary Chapin - Quittin' Time Lyrics

Hey baby tell me what we're gonna do
It's getting crazy and I need some help from you
We were so connected that you were a part of me
Now I feel an emptiness right to the heart of me

But you pretend and I pretend
That everything is fine
And though we should be at an end
It's so hard admittin'
When it's quittin' time

Hey baby I'm running out of things to say
Please don't hate me this feeling just won't go away
Now we're spending all our time caught in a fantasy
Just trying to keep in mind the way it used to be

But you pretend and I pretend
That everything is fine
And though we should be at an end
It's so hard admittin'
When it's quittin' time

But you pretend and I pretend
That everything is fine
And though we should be at an end
It's so hard admittin'
When it's quittin' time

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Carpenter, Mary Chapin Quittin' Time Comments
  1. Jeff S

    There are really good videos of this song live

  2. Michael Fisher

    I like this better than Carole King's "It's Too Late Baby" - although I could imagine where King's song inspired this. Great songwriting and great delivery. Roger Linn and Robb Royer did well at writing; Mary Chapin Carpenter's delivery is spot on.

  3. Isabell Almond

    I love this version ,with Shawn Colvin ,

  4. Tamara Milam

    Beautiful song

  5. David Palmer

    I used to pound beers with her in the coffeehouses of early80s cape cod

    Robert Gandy

    That's great. Is she a down to earth person?

    David Palmer

    @Robert Gandy she is a great person with a good sense of humor

  6. doug sullivan

    Mary Chapin Carpenter is World Class! Doesn't get any better!

  7. zagi60


  8. Anthony Jolly

    The intro to this MEGA HIT Song sounds like her other MEGA HIT "The Hard Way" That Beat,That musically lethal.The lyrics are Hall Of Fame❤👍👍

  9. Meghan Hanley

    I wish I had the balls.

  10. ENC98TV

    This is good country, wish this quality of music was around today

    John Cassleman

    It is. You're listening to it. This song is not that old and timeless in any case. Mary is still writing and performing. Best female song writer/performer of .... maybe ever.

    Bill Giordano

    This brings back such fond memories of a tragic,yet wonderful time of rediscovery, and makeover born out of the tragedy of an 18 1/2 year marriage and three children being dissolved, and the remaking, and awakening of an otherwise complacent reconciliation of mediocrity that would have otherwise not have been explored, and enjoyed. It's the pathos of anxiety about what you knew, and left behind, and anticipation and eagerness to explore things beyond the world you would have never thought of looking towards. These songs by MCC, and so many others, enriched, and filled my life with joy back in those critical days of the 80/90's.

  11. fvfgx

    Is Natalie merchant her brunette sister

  12. bob ballard

    thank good music still exist

  13. Patrice Heriveau

    love sonng

  14. hovanti

    This sure brings back memories....I didn't realize how good it was back then, in my mid-twenties.

  15. Michael Fisher

    She is way past cool - to use a cliché.

  16. angela collins

    one of my favs!

  17. Keeley Webb

    OMG I love this song she is awesome

  18. David Palmer

    a true songwriting legend


    roger linn?

    Michael Fisher

    and Rob Royer

  19. gs7767

    Love her!!!

  20. John Florentino

    Always a great song,Sara Evans and her are about the best you can get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keith Mangold

    and juice newton

    Michael Fisher

    Glad to run into another Sara Evans fan. She is awesome. A flawless voice, great talent - and best of all, the work ethic to deliver the goods.

  21. Robert labrado

    i fell to quick bobby

  22. Robert labrado

    it hurts before it starts

  23. Ann Lindner




  24. Dave Wollenberg

    ACC's #70 song of the '90 survey year. Mary-Chapin hit #7 in Billboard, 3-31-90. God bless you, Homan, for postin' it. Thanx! Have a blessed weekend!

  25. ginger farkus

    But you pretend and I pretend that everything is fine.............

    Cherylyn Rentschler

    Love it

    Marinda Breeding

    Great song!

  26. Mike Edwards

    That darn beat! just gotta tap something, floor, desk anything when I hear this song!


    I am glad that I'm not alone then!

  27. raulantonio65

    Excellent song.

  28. Eggroll135R

    Great tune...

  29. Kelton King

    Happy Birthday Mary!!!!

  30. BerrysJSRD

    Singer Songwriters say the things we all feel but can't express and she is one of the very best at it . Great song great lyrics.

  31. Ted Young

    this song reminds me of a great time in music and life as it was

  32. MinJoyFoo

    @bshoss1 this comment could just as easily come from me as well.. I fell in love with her around the age of 17 because put into words what I couldnt.. Feelings that were just too deep for my inexperienced soul to describe.. There's love, longing, acceptance, self discovery, growth, and truth in all of her songs.. Everytime I feel like I can't take any more of life's BS, I listen to Mary, and I think "okay, I'll stick it out a while longer" ..

  33. Dave Wollenberg

    @Zoggles2 Didn't know there WAS a slow version. I only heard this version on the radio. God bless!

  34. Dave Wollenberg

    Mary-Chapin hit #7 in Billboard, 3-31-90. God bless!

  35. Jasmine E Merry-Heart

    I love that MCC is so humble in her presentation. The lyrics to her songs speak well of the various heart conditions we all experience. Her voice is beautiful! I also really love the tempo to her faster songs...just can't sit still!!!

    Michael Fisher

    I remember Stephen King's comment about how to tell a good artist versus a less-talented artist. The less talent, the fancier the floor show. Seems to hold true. MCC and her crew don't need a floor show. They deliver - period.

  36. gs7767

    I love MCC!! Her songs are so real. I have loved her since my teens!

  37. sc lawman

    Love it.

  38. Seezor

    This is some of the good stuff. Thanks. CS

  39. hopingforasomeday

    thank you.
    very much.