Carpenter, Mary Chapin - Never Had It So Good Lyrics

No one's got to tell me it's over
I could see it from miles away
No one's got to tell me
What I don't already know today
No one's got to tell me they've seen you
On the town with an old girlfriend
No one's got to tell me
You look like you've fallen in love again

'Cause you're out of my life now
With a wave of her hand
You never had it so good babe
I never had it so bad
Now you can do what you want to
And never feel sad
You never had it so good babe
I never had it so bad

No one's got to tell me the difference
Between me and the one who's returned
No one's got to tell me
You never really got over her
No one's got to tell me they've seen you
Looking like a brand new man
No one's got to tell me
You look like you've fallen in love again

'Cause you're out of my life now
With a wave of her hand
You never had it so good babe
I never had it so bad
Now you can do what you want to
And never feel sad
You never had it so good babe
I never had it so bad

So you just go where you go
And do what you do
And be who you want to be
But when she burns you again
And your phone doesn't ring
Baby it's me

'Cause you're out of my life now
With a wave of her hand
You never had it so good babe
I never had it so bad
Now you can do what you want to
And never feel sad
You never had it so good babe
I never had it so bad

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Carpenter, Mary Chapin Never Had It So Good Comments
  1. Omertahun

    that lyrics though. Killer.

  2. Rebecca Manship

    Her songs remind me of driving country roads in the 90s ..miss hearing them!

  3. KeynanYT

    Way so under rated...great singer and songwriter. Amazing voice and way better than today's crap! IMO

  4. Dallas White

    I owe her big time.

  5. Tremolux Man

    This song and her voice makes me cry.

  6. Jake Tyler

    I don't really understand the meaning of this song, but I love it


    basically he left her for someone else and she is saying that when she does it to him do not come back to her. She also is saying he lost out on a good woman in her and now deserves what he gets since he left her for someone else....

  7. Norma Harris

    love her such pure country voice

  8. Jennifer Dijames

    Good job Mary Chapin.

  9. Mark Roberts

    Thankyou Mary

  10. Eugene Laky

    I always sing this song to myself while in my deer thing I know I'm looking at a nice buck then I shoot it.

  11. Zachary Smith

    I love this song

  12. Half Door Club

    Mary is only brilliant 😊🎻

  13. Patricia Delcid

    Miss you! I know it's over now. I've never had it so bad!💔😢 I still think of you everyday.

  14. Tommy Drone's Drone Reviews & Tech Stuff

    Turn it up to 1.5 speed and it's a great stomping song. Turn it up to 2.0 and becomes a different sound and really cool beat.

  15. peter woods

    While Mary performing, man, we have it good!

  16. Danalynne Johnson

    THIS is the song that made me fall in love with MCC.

  17. Bengt Lundström

    The best song, ever :)

  18. joe lucia

    lov her and her songs talented girl

  19. Norma Harris

    loved her then and love her now

  20. Zachary Smith

    I love this song

  21. David s

    Top class

  22. Ryan Campbell

    Listening in 2019.

  23. Zachary Smith

    This is the real country music I was raise on a little boy

  24. Debra Compton

    Great Talent!

  25. Trisha B6418#1Queen fan Maurice

    When she did this video she had the flu

  26. zagi60

    Mary is One , Unique*****

  27. Robert Byrne

    This song has everything, it's a great story song, its lyrics are relatable, and it's got a melody that between Mary Chapin Carpenter's voice, and the band behind her it blazes like a fire. She's written so many great songs it's impossible to pick a handful but this one's a big favourite of mine. Well done Mary!!!

  28. Robert Burton

    Fine music how it should be

  29. Mario Balderas

    I love this song Mary

  30. Chris Bennett

    She shucks it right on down to the Cobb damn good

  31. Captain Canuck

    I missed this old classic song back when country was country

  32. mark Medzorian

    Solo artist

  33. mark Medzorian

    Freebird Sourthern Country rock music.

  34. mark Medzorian

    I can get there from here Theroadgoesonforever

  35. mark Medzorian

    You made so much music I'm playing it now.

  36. Mika Rissanen

    My best female singer with Underwood and Tillis

  37. Heavy Metal Goddess65

    I heard that when she made this video she had the flu

  38. David Scott

    Mary is great. Reminds me what songwriting should be.

  39. crydun2004

    first Mary song I ever heard. I was in 7th grade. I have been hooked ever since

  40. Brian Hanchey

    Probably the best song of an incredible career, that somehow despite all the success, never really got to where it looked like it was going to with her awesome producer John Jennings.....I have never tired of listening to it

  41. Burt Bowers

    Never had it so good babe I never had it so bad😁😁😁

  42. Ever Avila

    Such crisp sound and great lyrics. Just pure talent.

  43. Jerri Croft

    My fav, period !

  44. James Harris

    Easily one of the best songwriters EVER!!! BAR NONE.

  45. Terry Keith

    Shes so awesome...😍

  46. Todd bob

    These 90's Artists are so much more talented than todays country.  Todays Country sucks

  47. OldPumpMan

    Always LOVED This Song!!

  48. Susan Chavez

    She has so many songs a way with words that touches everyone.

  49. Eric Elmer

    I love this woman! This is so sad that it’s beautiful. I sing this at karaoke. I’m 34 and the song expression I understand but others my age don’t understand this. I’m a real sad person so this hits me

    Norma Harris

    LOVE THIS SONG and this lady

  50. dakota seals

    A Totally drive with the windows rolled down on a summer night

  51. 中井信行


  52. zagi60

    My favorite singer-great artist******

  53. crydun2004

    My first introduction to MCC came when this song came on the radio. I've been hooked ever since. next year I will be 30 years since i heard this song. Wow!

  54. zagi60


  55. Jayne Clarke

    Love this says it all. One of the best of MCC songs. !!!

  56. Johnparrilli

    Does anyone have the footage of her performing this song on a Austin City Limits show from the time of this song's release? It's an amazing version that ends with an absolutely brilliant John Jennings guitar break and I can't find it anywhere. HEY A.C.L., how about making that show available for purchase?

  57. zagi60


  58. Marcy Begay

    Love this song...💖

  59. RUSH

    How did country radio go from this to the autotune garbage they play today. i wish i had a time machine

    Michele Belotti

    fully agree.

  60. Just Someone

    I used to listen to this after a breakup, but then I realized what didn't kill me made me stronger and "F" HIM !!!!! ;-)

  61. Sam Jack

    Very talented!

  62. Gary Ritter

    Hey Marry, played a show in Detroit with you years ago. What ya up to . I want to play some music with you. Gary Michael Ritter. 810-333-2752

  63. Ever Avila

    This is a classic, no if's or but's about it.

  64. claudio ezequiel piña silva

    Very beautiful song.

  65. Ken Ward

    She always seems so sad, like she was too defiant to even ever let a man love her.

  66. Psychic AumBar Bores

    unique beautiful face

  67. Jayne Clarke

    I love her songs but this is my favorite!!! I could listen over and over...

  68. Cr500rider

    This is the only song she sang that I liked. I think the music made the song...especially the guitar.

  69. Becky Larsen

    love Mary Chapin Carpenter. she is one of the best. miss hearing her. she needs to come out of hiding and do some concerts in Utah!

  70. rick taylor

    I love this lady. She sings to the logical, no nonsense side of people. With a voice that is a cross between Anne Murray and Laura Branigan.

  71. dinamariepope

    your out of my life now with the wave of her hand!!

    Carolyn Galloway


  72. RJ McAllister

    1989: from "State of the Heart". "How Do" was the first single, which got my attention, and then this one. Still in love with her and her music nearly 30 years later. And yes, she's still making music and on the road performing. "The Things That We are Made Of" is the latest; it came out in 2016.

    Eric Schindeldecker

    RJ McAllister does anyone know what happened to her awesome artist just don't hear anything of her anymore

  73. dinamariepope

    when she burns you again and your phone doesn't ring, IT'S ME!!



  74. BirdmadGirl 429

    love this.

  75. Essardee



    Essardee yes she is!! she came out years ago and that's why her career didn't go to far..just a few hits!! I love her music and what she does in her own personal life is her business not ours. GREAT ARTIST

    Rick David

    Essardee I was wondering the same. love her.

  76. LifesSoSweet

    you never had it so good and I never had it so bad...
    you're outta my life.
    and the best part - her accepting your proposal after I outted you for cheating just means I'm healing, I'm moving on and you will never change. one day karma will be making you wonder why I have it so good and you have it so bad.
    this pain will end.
    I respect myself and deserve so much more.

  77. maverick29180

    Super chanson j'adore ♥

  78. Chris Adams

    Why would anyone dislike this song??? Jaysus....

  79. Danalynne Johnson

    My favorite song by MCC. Fell in love with her voice, and I've never fallen out.

  80. Timothy Bernal

    Heard this tune come on the radio in 1989 and was hooked on Country music ever since

  81. Mary Barrier

    of all her songs I like this the most.

    joe shmoe

    Yep....Me too Mary.

    norman chadwick

    She has about 10-12 which at any given time I might list as the one I like the most.  Lately it is Down at the Twist and Shout.  But the He thinks he with Keep Her or The Bug, Quiting Time,  Hard Time, I Feel Lucky can easily replace that song.

    Michael Hartwell

    This has always been my favorite by her

  82. crackerass mofo

    What an amazing talent. It's a shame that today's female country singers are so pale in comparison to her.

  83. Jason Smith

    Shes AWESOME and then some!!! Love this song

  84. Goddard Bolt

    DAMN She's GOOD!!!!

  85. nathan weimer

    a c above the bar...tell me that is easy......

  86. nathan weimer

    not bad for let my vocals go

  87. nathan weimer

    why not.... let's rock this.... last time though


    nathan weimer I blast this song often!! the emotion she puts in this song makes you wanna pull up a seat with a beer and follow this with a George Jones ballad!! how's it going for you

  88. nathan weimer

    I can't there are too many but those memorys are ours it stays that way....

  89. Azzouz IBN EL MOUATA

    thanks Mary

  90. Amber Girl 78

    great song love it!!

  91. Marc Heritier

    Once or twice in a generation.

  92. Joseph Forman

    Love songs that have a message or tell a story, and this is definitely one of my favorite Mary Chapin Carpenter songs!

  93. Hobie Jones


  94. joe shmoe

    No one's gotta tell me it's over....I could see it from miles away.....What a great line !!


    I also think that ".....and your phone doesn't ring, baby it's me!!"

  95. susan walters

    Instant.Classic. Carpenter.  <3

  96. broadwayrocks1

    have always loved this song and of course her!

  97. On The Daily With The SUPERSNOREGURLS

    I get goosebumps listening to this song. It's my all-time favorite by her.


    +Irishjoy24 How does one choose, she had so many good tunes. I miss the 90's.

    On The Daily With The SUPERSNOREGURLS

    I understand!


    ME TOO! This came out when my fiance' broke up with me and it was clearly the case..... the line that he looks like he's falling in love again was spot on and the opening line weighed badly on me.... but karma had a way of sorting it out for him. ;-) and afterwards I really understood that I had dodged a bullet.

  98. Erix7810

    She's not trying to be cool, she's not trying to look sexy or dance like a moron.. This is just awesome, classic country music. Glad these songs will never die.

    Matthew Ericson

    look!!! a man and Mary was the inspiration behind all of my artwork!!!........and I'm doing my first international tour of my Devine famine art ......mary is one of the true geniuses in music of all kinds........she can do it all.........sings like a bird!..........plays awesome guitar.........and is now in the country music songwriters hall of fame...........she is it!!!..........and there will never be one again like her.........ENJOY!!!.........for she is gods gift to the universe!


    Are you saying MCC isn't sexy?

    Scott Snelgrove

    She is so hot

  99. Steve

    One of my favorites by her.