Caroline Polachek - Ocean Of Tears Lyrics

This is gonna be torture
Before it's sublime
Does that make it crazy?
Cash in all of my courage
Before you're all mine
Does that make it crazy?

Oh my god, I wanna know what it feels like
To pull you close and tangle up with you real tight
The only thing that's separating you and me tonight
Ah, is an ocean of tears
Oh my god, I wanna know what it feels like
Just an inch away from living a dream life
The only thing that's separating you and me tonight
Ah, is an ocean of tears

Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh

Show me the future
Yeah, I'm all eyes
Tell me you're ready (I'm ready)
Pulse was rising and racing and racing and racing
But it's a long ride
Tell me you're ready

Oh my god, I wanna know what it feels like
To pull you close and tangle up with you real tight
The only thing that's separating you and me tonight
Ah, is an ocean of tears
Oh my god, I wanna know what it feels like
Just an inch away from living a dream life
The only thing that's separating you and me tonight
Ah, is an ocean of tears

Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Someone stop me, I'm coming down
Ooh, ooh
Someone stop me, I'm coming down
Ooh, ooh

Show me the fu-fu-fu-, fu-fu-
Yeah, all eyes

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Caroline Polachek Ocean Of Tears Comments
  1. Элис Мухаметянова

    Красиво поёт,чем-то зацепляет. И внешность приятная))

  2. xxqwerty1993xx

    the hooks me boy-o

  3. pau

    I'm so in love with this piece of art

  4. Tony Valois

    youtube recomenda essa coisa direito, merece mais views

  5. Cosmic Child

    and in the she, utterly beautiful pirate aka nymph resides makin triton blow his horn and luring poseidon out of the sea

  6. julia

    0:14 Caroline has blue eyes?? Do y’all think she’s wearing circle lenses here or is that just someone else’s eye altogether

  7. julia

    I’m deeply in love with you miss polachek

  8. Zoe Gregory

    She's amazing 😍

  9. suffpapst

    what a hottie

  10. Out Soda

    Under appreciated talent

  11. Bliss

    She needs little to no autotune

  12. Gowon’s Hoe

    I love you so much queen

  13. curren orr

    We Stan queen

  14. Wayne O'Brien

    I went skiing once fell off my chaitlift

  15. Shaun Lyu

    she's my everything now

  16. Daniel Davidai

    I can’t believe Caroline invented piracy, fucking incredible

  17. lux


  18. Nightly BS

    God damn, we live in the best time for music.

  19. Big Yikes

    Her style is so unique!! I honestly love it :)

  20. Will Lancaster

    Lorde Hybrid.

  21. Keith Shelton

    I so adore this

  22. Hideoto

    Give her all the views. All of them.

  23. FreshKing

    I wonder which door I have to run through to see Pirate Polachek :o

    delightfullybangtan'd gleefully

    Nearst Third door to your left.

  24. Eduardo Jefferson

    why does she have to be so visually mesmerizing?

  25. Robert Nabors

    Legs for D A Y S

  26. Angelo Sánchez

    Manta-ecuador, 23 de diciembre/2019, 13:37 p.m

  27. Oliwier Kowalczyk

    0:12 This kinda makes me appreciate Caroline's eyes :flushed:

  28. Michael Tkaczevski

    Came for the pirate outfit, stayed for the whale noises.

  29. ash b.

    She's the epitome of a siren

  30. Juan Cruz

    christopher columbus is SHAKING

  31. Jamie B


  32. Sneaky V

    she's got a way with s'washbuckling those floors ;)

  33. Diamond

    Err queen

  34. Taylor Channel

    Omg she should be more popular

  35. Likozor Nightmares

    Необычная музыка :)

  36. Stefarooh

    Caroline's sexy unshaved armpits

  37. Anonymous Poster

    Lol..WTF....miss, swipe left...hahaha

  38. Candysue

    Why does this have so few views?????

  39. MustacheN Beef

    Haim and Dua Lipa summoned Kate Bush

  40. Rodrigo Müller

    A mermaid. Literally a mermaid. Singing a lullaby ashore, attracting every passerby and transporting them to her surreal world.

  41. Bruno Costa

    Zero defeitos

  42. Shaun Lyu


  43. Zafluka

    Hello mermaid.

  44. SemblanceMusic

    How the fuck is this or Insomnia not #1 on every single platform !?

    You're amazing Caroline.

  45. Graynoble

    I stumbled on this video tonight after clicking on a "Dua Lipa - Don't start now" video ... ok...ok...ok... I must say... Polachek... WAY better imagery and you seem so much deeper. Did anyone catch the "sirens call" she was making while underwater? I mean damn!!!! I am a gamer and this artist will be played at our next gaming session!

  46. Jordan Sullivan

    Do you think she makes her songs purposefully un-coverable?

  47. Caitlin Robertson

    the vision for this video is GORGEOUS. love the look of it

  48. Piotr Kosciolek

    Jestem w szoku, że nie ma jeszcze polskich komentarzy :P

  49. Emma Brittney

    Imogen heap vibes

  50. Analog Flava

    Very underrated artist it seems, at least this song of hers...shame!

  51. Michael Chukinas

  52. Halcyon Nightz

    No need for the theatrics, you're easily good enough to not need them.

  53. Michael Chukinas

    I'm ready.

  54. Michael Chukinas

    Found another of your songs, At wits end... my mind already gone, but I am awake because my heart is alive with Hope. Are our minds one... My father in heaven made my mind his... and this is how he had to do it. . Thank you Porter, my maybe fallen ally in Faith.

  55. Riac007

    Well I'm hooked. Showing this song to everyone I know whether they want to or not

  56. KekeTheArtist Powers

    Caroline is legend

  57. Juan zitro24

    She needs to link up with the weeknd

  58. Daniel RL

    Me recuerda a Kate Bush y me encanta

  59. Kámen Zde

    Not bold to assume the lyrics says how most of her fans feel about her.
    How can you be so talented and so thicc at the same time, Caroline?

  60. Nico Lás

    One of a kind...

  61. Jakarandozo

    Suenas a him te hace falta tu valedor de chartifi

  62. Scottie Ray

    I kinda expect a Donna Lewis video to come on right after this one.

  63. 파리Paris

    She’s like a siren Oh my goodness vocals on vocals on vocals on vocals my ears have been blessed 🧜‍♀️💖

  64. gourmet heccin fruit gels

    i feel like her voice could call a rainstorm that would beat down all the warm color flowers. the pretty daffodils and tiger lilys that grew in my backyard would have been shrunken. but i also feel as if her voice could make them grow again, this time less faded from the years

  65. Bliss

    Shes like fiona apple, regina spektor and debra Morgan all rolled into one!!

  66. Roberto Doveris

    I'm so obsessed with this album :o

  67. Tribal Worx

    Long time since I've been taken back to the Imogen Heap/Frou Frou days, great song, love it, get those mi mu gloves on :)

  68. Альберт Вишневский

    She is like an russian-language singer's Luna (Луна), but in 100 times more fucking incredible and wonderful!

  69. Sudha 001

    Miley cyrus is that you?

  70. WoahIts Chan

    I want her to cover Venus as a boy, that would probably sound amazing!

  71. _ Enan •

    the power and influence of kate bush all over this 🖤

  72. piece of shit

    so im in love with her voice

  73. Marina Ashley

    So underrated

  74. Austiiee

    So she's the lovechild of the sirens and the men they lured with their singing? 😱😱 I'm into it!!

  75. Khanh Khanh

    i think i'm crushing

  76. Bo Johnson

    Why does this go hard af? I was not prepared.

  77. gregathol

    this fucking slaps so hard ngl

  78. Lemerapis

    Her voice is enchanted.

  79. bleek the Grey

    I like how she makes them feel 2000's but also modern with that feel of aestheticness.

  80. Rin tin tin!

    high key hoping she gets some more recognition cause she's fantastic. lowkey hoping shes gay or bi like me and enjoyss short, fat gingers lol

  81. INDO G

    Who ever mixes her music is the best!!

  82. uknow08

    this is dangerously seductive.


    Her voice gives me chills she's such a beautiful powerful Siren🤯😲😱🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍✨✨


    Her vocal range is INSAAAAANE!!! SHE IS STUNNING and reminds me of Imogen heap. I digs it🖤💜🕸️🦇☠️🦄🖤💜

  85. damian hernandez

    This is the second song that’s uniquely catchy!!

  86. 張庭睿Terry Chang

    WHY the HELL is she still not famous.
    I just don't understand.

  87. DangerousChic

    just discovered her and wtf how have i NOT HEARD OR SEEN ANY OF HER SONGS i am in love


    DangerousChic same I’m in awe . So many good artists hidden in the depths of the internet hehe ☺️

  88. Lumina

    She's cool.

  89. Marco Queme

    *"I'm gonna give the gays everything they want"*
    -Caroline Polacheck, 2019

  90. je t'aime

    she reminds me of those beautiful mermaids who lure men into death with their voice

    Dave Carrey

    oui oui baguette Sirens

    je t'aime

    @Dave Carrey yeeah

  91. Juan Pascual

    She is a mermaid, I have no doubt.

  92. JahRasta01

    I got here from Dope Lemon...somehow

  93. The WolfMan932

    She has some damn good looking legs

    Scottie Ray

    Yes, I just didn't want to be the first perv to point that out.

  94. Barry McCockiner

    AG Cook killing it here

  95. joe a

    this song is really just pop perfection

  96. Emerald pools

    best song ever

  97. paul Wollersheim

    very groovy, on the level. harmonic hooks almost hypnotic . emotive impulse unconscious empathy