Caroline Polachek - Look At Me Now Lyrics

Wrote myself a letter
Just a single question
When you finally get this
Where will you be?
Will you be a shipwreck or a star
Falling for a boy who doesn't play guitar?
Now rewind the tape back to the start
Said I'd never leave you, but here we are

And you can't look at me now
I haven't changed, I'm still the same
But you can't look at me now
A hand grenade to throw away

Now my friends all tell me
"Girl, you're getting skinny
Have you not been sleeping?"
How could I be?
Trying to find the lightswitch in the dark
Burying the good girl I know I'm not
Now rewind the tape back to the start
Said I'd never leave you, but here we are

And you can't look at me now
I haven't changed, I'm still the same
But you can't look at me now
A hand grenade to throw away

I can't run anymore
Gotta stay right here and face the storm
I can't run anymore
Where the wakeup call is all I know
I can't run anymore
(I can't run anymore)
Gotta stay right here and face the storm
I can't run anymore
(I can't run anymore)

You can't look at me now
I haven't changed, I'm still the same
But you can't look at me now
A hand grenade to throw away
Look at me now
(I can't run anymore)
You can't look at me now
(I can't run anymore)

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Caroline Polachek Look At Me Now Comments
  1. Damian Hernandez

    I’m astonished by her vocals!!

  2. Talya Cold

    modern elven music <3

  3. Chris Joosten

    Yea, this girl here is the real deal. The pre-chorus takes me somewhere. Definitely somewhere, and its good.

  4. Rae Quinn

    Reminds me of Imogen Heap but still your own style for sure, great work thinking about seeing the show in DTX

  5. Patrick-P _Gibson-G

    0:54 just the way she hits that note genuinely makes my life feel that much more fulfilled. What a voice!

  6. Nikos Bohème

    What is this instrument she holds in the picture?

    Chris Joosten

    It's a Martin Backpacker. It's the same as a regular guitar (6 strings, same tuning), but I dont think it has an official worldly name, like a eukalele or mandolin. It looks like it does because it's meant for travelling (hence the name). ;) Hope this helps!

  7. Amanda M.

    Why does this song make me so emotional 😭😭

  8. Tim Slattery

    This aint Chris Brown...

  9. Oliver Smit

    This song is like a warm hug and in fact the entire album of Pang is! Easily became one of my favorite artists in a really long time .

  10. Michael Chukinas

    If you are not just a dream... then here take this.. I am now a shadow.

  11. Michael Chukinas

    See what I see , fingers \/ birds are our friends. Love you my cle.

  12. day6creation breathing

    Compared to others they look "obtuse"
    While your form alone makes a grandure impression that idealy "something something word word"
    Cant exspain it
    A no bullshit impression maybe is what im thinking for now.

  13. Michael Chukinas You better get ready while your panties drip, or go play with your coloring book.

  14. Michael Chukinas

    PatrickReza - Take Me Away (ft. Jilian)

  15. Michael Chukinas

    Skinny replaced with horny.

  16. Michael Chukinas

    You can look at me now.

  17. Michael Chukinas

    call is calls

  18. Michael Chukinas

    mind going faster , burying the good girl in my heart. is what I am signing.

  19. Michael Chukinas

    skinny is smaller

  20. Michael Chukinas

    Can and can switching around.

  21. Michael Chukinas

    Look at me now but I am singing look at us now. when doing this with anyone slow down and speak what they say at there pace even though the words do not make sense.

  22. Michael Chukinas

    Who am I... I am Kyluke, I am Kencade, I am Charoum... If dos seeks me with evil in your eyes then expect a fight... I am naut Ryuke, not, not yet.

  23. paper bag

    she's like the mystical version of Marina and the Diamonds.

    Viajante Futuro

    yeah when marina used to be good

  24. mcs

    7/4 hell yeah

  25. MauWelch

    This song is literally what the other girls couldn't do it...girl you're getting skinny

  26. hoemogenic இ

    this song sounds straight out of 2006 whew Imogen Heap vibes

  27. Teddolf !!!

    Proof that jesus is real: 0:45

  28. jrjjr ddidjj


  29. leather white umbrella sinner

    Such a beautiful song, Criminally underrated!

  30. MC Silverstein

    tfw youre a boy who doesn't play guitar :(


    MC Silverstein tfw you fell a boy for who doesn’t play guitar

  31. ltimch

    This would have been amazing if it wasn't so heavily autotuned

  32. Tanya Katherine

    There's a problem...I'm obsessed with her!!!!

  33. Jordan daneil chicksen

    Queen, wow!!

  34. Andreas Leu


  35. Eric Kolkey

    Caroline is the best!

  36. Bobert Daniels

    Wow wow wow who are you this is sensational

  37. whizzard blizzard

    This is giving me major Phil Collins classics vibe but I can’t pinpoint a song!

  38. Jonathan Amsden

    When her voice awakened something I never knew I needed!

  39. Simone Scarpellini

    I love the guitar rhythm, is it 14/8 guys help me out I'm obsessed! ♥️🌹

  40. Luis Esquilin

    Great music.

  41. nostalgeec

    Please do a multi-layered/noisy version of this song, it’d be a very beautiful & interesting variation I imagine. Patrick or Jorge or Kurt remix perhaps?

  42. Peachy doe. 桃

    Reminds me a lot of imogen heap

  43. carletouk

    Beautiful . I forgot how wonderful women can be . Thanks for reminding me .

  44. inxy


  45. xAlbinopiratex

    This is my favourite.

  46. Pedro Berri

    this booklet reminded me of the retunr of obra dinn

  47. Doglas Caur

    te quiero mucho, gracias por este álbum tan hermoso <3

  48. Adam Bidar

    Melon brought me here❤️

  49. Joshua Fay

    7/4 gag

  50. Xenon 54

    *First guitar chord plays*
    I came

  51. Dominic Snyder

    Is this in 7 time?


    sounds like 6/8 +4/4

    Dominic Snyder

    @duperele1998 Gonna need a breakdown on that.


    @Dominic Snyder i mean it adds up to 7/4 but the way the claps and kicks are arranged makes me feel like it would be written as 6/8 + 4/4

  52. Melvin Alvarez

    this song got me dehydrated from all the tears

  53. Juliana Becerra

    She’s like if Shania Twain was an alien

  54. johnnyatab

    Has a Cocteau Twins kind of vibe. Amazing.

    mich! Prod

    frou frou cocteau twin mix ^^

  55. noahkma

    pang 💯

  56. Nina Alshiekh

    I can’t find any bad song from hers

  57. Grey Ernst

    This might be the most beautiful track on the album... I can’t get it out of my head

  58. Xian Hinata

    Thank u Amber Bain for introducing me to this

  59. stephmeezy

    Amber Bain brought me here. And she was right, lmao.

  60. davesalk

    Is this in 7/8?

  61. purty liars

    if rapunzel was a pop singer ....

  62. celoe


  63. kate carew

    One of the most trained and controlled voices I’ve ever heard. So beautiful as ever Caroline 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  64. michee

    Iconic Level Achieved!

  65. WenoW

    i'm screaming and crying

  66. Anya Roman

    This reminds me so much of Imogen Heap/Frou Frou, but in its own style! I'm very lucky to come across her today, I'm in love!! <3

  67. Kaimac95

    wow this is gorgeous! love the odd time signature

  68. Jim Penola

    It sometimes takes me years to hear or look up lyrics – my brain is kinda hardwired to take in the sonic totality of a song, and that means missing the words quite often. With that said, some of the lyrics in "Look At Me Now" struck me instantly before even watching this video.

    Caroline's words have helped me get through some of my worst times and will clearly continue to. <3

  69. brainwashboi123

    I found you about a week ago and I’m impressed by the skill you have as a musician and artist in general.

  70. Fehe

    oh my god .... love this

  71. Club Kid

    Why I’m sobbing like this 😭🥺

  72. Frey The Animal

    This is so fucking beautiful Caroline, so vulnerable. SO relatable

  73. rvufo


  74. ShineGrey987

    i just love this so much <33 big cocteau twins and slowdive vibes

  75. Radekuroshi

    Imogen Heap's Little Sister.

    john burkett

    Yes I hear it, and I love it

    Lydia Ramm

    I thought the same! ❤


    *SWEET ...* ⚘

  77. nostalgeec

    Is Caroline still married? Asking for a friend

    Barbara Cullingford

    We are dating at the moment, sorry

  78. kkk




  80. John Erkman

    Heavy S*** ❤️🤘❤️

  81. T Dawg

    Truly wild 🦑

  82. Fernando Javier

    Perfecta 💚

  83. Momo Giles

    Kinda reminds me of when my mom would play Sixpence None The Richer and I didn't get the lyrics but I loved the melody. Now I get the lyrics, still Loving the melody.

  84. leo

    Thats what taylor swift thinks she sound like

    Aaron Domanais

    leo can u come up with something else

    jrjjr ddidjj

    omg 😂😂😂

    RH H

    🤣😂 fucking savage

    Beth Mangan

    Not really but go off

  85. Max

    ma'am this is excellent!

  86. VIØŁΛ

    She's gonna hit us with the album of the century

  87. GoppieMasta

    Pang will be out for seconds I know I'll already be begging for more

  88. Eric Kolkey

    Another hit! That voice! Caroline is the best!!!

  89. Axel Sack

    her voice is pure sonic emotion

  90. Aaron Montiel Williams

    This is everything i needed

  91. Me Too

    I'm a simple man, I see a new Caroline video and I play it until it's stuck in my head forever and ever.

  92. jesus f wept

    Brave record to make. Not easy opening up like that. So far has all the hallmarks of a classy album.

  93. Edwin Vasquez

    Who the fuck is cutting onions!???

  94. m1a9u8r8o

    I love youuuuuu

  95. rancid.raven

    I have goosebumps, you never cease to leave me absolutely awe-struck. I love you!!! 💖💖💖

  96. Theo Almeida

    omg she’s giving everything

  97. Theo Almeida


  98. Atro Pex

    My ideal version of a WB drama series theme