Caroline Polachek - Hey Big Eyes Lyrics

I can picture you right now
At a window seat
Crying for nobody except the world
I can picture you right now
Running down the street
Late for nobody except the moon

Hey, big eyes, can you swim
Swim down to me?
Hey, red star, can you burn
Burn down to me?

Picture me all messed up now
Can't talk to nobody
Can’t plan for anything
Except the rain
Today the flags will all fly green
At the embassies
You're here next to me
Except you're not

Hey, big eyes, can you swim
Swim down to me? (Swim, swim)
Hey, red star, can you burn
Burn down to me? (Burn, burn)

Hey, big eyes, can you swim
Swim down to me?
Hey, red star, can you burn?
Burn down, burn down

Hey, big eyes, can you swim
Swim down to me? (Swim, swim)
Hey, red star, can you burn
Burn down to me? (Burn, burn)

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Caroline Polachek Hey Big Eyes Comments
  1. mario

    This song makes me so nostalgic for a time period I can’t pin point

  2. Lian Andrie Mapagdalita

    she is the white witch of music what

  3. tobertitus

    nice sternum

  4. Light Ball Tarot

    🥇 She is my favorite for the year of 2020. I can feel it. I just met her. Beyond our time; telling of what to come in the future 🎯

  5. Alan Grant

    The absolute best song off the album imo. The magic embedded in here threatens to pull the brain through your headphones into another realm where satyrs play lyres by streams and sirens call crew members off of the deck into the sea.

  6. hatdog

    its 2AM and i feel like im floating

  7. Nan Nan


  8. curubito power

    One of my favourites of the album,I just can't listen to it just one time.

  9. Michael Chukinas

    I taunted a Red that Kencade is ready for but mike is not, got a pure purple girl that will help build up mike. the Red will want to win me so... what is your play? Race to me and.....Meow...or Block the red I taunted. Not a battle of flesh and blood but of wits and cunning skill... which will you choose.

  10. Michael Chukinas

    Swim is now submit down to me... LOL Yikes... more to write but soon.

  11. Oliver Smit

    I have an unhealthy obsession with all of Caroline's songs but the obsession with this song and doors is something else ♥️

    Light Ball Tarot

    🥇 Sameee

  12. Michael Chukinas

    AZEDIA - Agony

  13. Peter C

    Oh, so it's red star, not rasta. Gotcha.

  14. Michael Chukinas

  15. ashley bhreana

    The second I first heard that guitar riff I fell in love with this stunning track

  16. senorbeckon


  17. Lilith Izaguirre

    Mama loves this

  18. Natalie Mcdonald

    This is one of my favorites from the album. It's so magical. I love that her music feels like it has an entire lore behind it and little clues dropped everywhere.

  19. Alena Tobin

    This is such a beautiful song. Thank you, Caroline. 💕

  20. moose.

    I hear a bit of Dolores O'Riordan in your voice. You’re beautiful :)

  21. Mary Waban

    The title itself just attacked my big eyes. Thanks.

  22. Michael Chukinas

    If I don't like a song in the first fifteen seconds then it's not my song, I throw that rule out of window with your songs.

  23. John Erkman

    More brilliance ❤️❤️😘

  24. Trap House

    Some parts of this song reminds me of Cocteau twins

    George Thomas

    You're right tho


    I think that’s why this is one of my favorites off Pang


    Caroline's husband is a lucky man. I cried the day I found out she got married. Lol

    Oliver Smit

    @THE SEX DOLL CHANNEL they got divorced in 2018

    b Dancepants

    That was today when I found her

    b Dancepants

    Oh shit

    b Dancepants

    The divorce! Let's go find her!

  26. Mao Pérez

    Caroline is another elf from The lord of the rings

  27. saavento

    Esta es súper bonita. ❣️

  28. Marina Ashley


  29. Ivan Joven

    the chords just

  30. I was Here


  31. Rafik

    I happy to discover you, blessed be <3

  32. Jena Willow

    Can’t plan for anything, except the rain 🌧

  33. Jinxy7505lol1

    Enya vibes

  34. Mamaoucha Camara


  35. lucero villalba hagelstange


  36. Abel Ahmed

    Keep it up sis, the gays are shaking rn☠️🔥



  37. Nacho Business

    Love these lyrical booklets

  38. Marina and The Devil

    Big eye energy

    GINGERGREEN 'mashups

    Caroline has a massive dick


    Big mood energy.

    Saint Jude

    @GINGERGREEN 'mashups ...alright

    John Erkman

    GINGERGREEN 'mashups that other song I heard she did about pegging so that kinda makes sense 😂😂😂

  39. Amir Hakopian

    Such an underrated artist; lots of love from Belgium <3

  40. Joey J.R Skateboards


  41. Cyber Geek


  42. cgtalk !

    Love your voice.

  43. Mark Armstrong

    Another super amazing performance Caroline🌟👌🌟 so beautiful and touching!!!!

  44. Eric Kolkey

    Love it! The entire album is fantastic!!