Carole King - Wishful Thinking Lyrics

I see you, but you don't see me
Like a ghost of the future, hovering dark and dreamy
You fade in and out of the mist
Do you even exist, except in my wishful thinking

I reach for you, but I can't touch you
I feel you just beyond a star
Do you know how much you are all I ever wanted
Is it too much too soon
Am I foolishly dreaming
Just baying at the moon
Playing impossible visions like an elementary tune
How I wish that I could realize my heart
But it's only wishful thinking on my part

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Carole King Wishful Thinking Comments
  1. Nick Freitas

    I love her singing voice and she's one of the best singers out there

  2. Sigma Cyxz

    My goodness Miss Carole you sing soooooo gooood!!! I can feel it my heart and soul!

  3. J Miller

    Beautiful. I love you, Carole.

  4. Luna Lyn

    This song will never cease to fuck me up.

  5. Vera Freitas

    beautiful song

  6. Neville Pass

    great song, ta! i enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!da!!

  7. CB Fall

    Love this wonderful song a lot!!!! :D