Carole King - Someone Who Believes In You Lyrics

When there's a dark storm on your horizon
And you think you can't get through it
Just put your hand in my hand
And I'll show you how to do it

When the future looks uncertain
You can count on me to be there
And when your heart and soul are hurtin'
Just look and you'll see me there

Just follow where I lead
I'll give you what you need
A love that's always true
And someone who believes in you

It's time to come alive
Your moment has arrived
I'll bring out the best in you
We can have it all
No, we will never fall
Looking down from our celestial view

So when you're searching for that rainbow
I will help you find it
And when a mountain stands before you
I will help you climb it

Just follow where I lead
I'll give you what you need
And I'll tell you something else
You'll start believing in yourself
It's an easy thing to do
When you have someone who believes in you

Someone who believes
Someone who believes
I'm someone who believes
You've got someone who believes in you

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Carole King Someone Who Believes In You Comments
  1. Dara Roberts

    I love this song! So positive and full of hope. Thanks Carole, you rock! Praying that you will come to Philly one day so that I can hear you sing! You truly are one of the greatest singer-songwriters ever, and I've been in love with your music ever since I was a little girl watching "Really Rosie" and being introduced to "Tapestry" by my mom! You are the reason why I hope to be a songwriter too. Russell Hitchcock from Air Supply brought me here. You should do a duet of this with him! Keep on singing!

  2. BIG Mouth

    Carol from the walking dead

  3. Lou Kaye

    Magic! I also enjoy Martha Wash's cover. Was originally written for Air Supply lead singer's solo project.

  4. sevchyk

    I think, Clause Meine from Scorpions would turn this song into a major hit, if he sang it.

  5. Maurice Rivers

    A very sweet version, but Martha Wash's cover sends this song into the stratosphere and cuts deep into the soul.

  6. Sgt Erick john Clidoro

    who is the original song this song air supply o carole king


    Carole wrote it with her former husband the late Gerry Goffin and she recorded it first.

    hopstriKer manGes

    Thanks for the info , i thought air supply wrote this all along.

  7. Stephen Sorrentino

    Carol King is magic.

  8. Mikko Suhonen

    Gerry Goffin RIP

  9. Jose Brenis Sosa

    Excelente tema, gracias por compartir ¡¡

  10. Brooke Perkins

    its a year had your chance and you blew it and now to quote our beloved queen carole......its too late baby its too late

  11. Rey Mercado

    The writer's version is always the best. To me Carole King's version is fit perfect

  12. Ellenw1122

    I'm pretty sure that the little boy is her son.

    elissa kline

    Her son is in his 40's

  13. rochelle puno

    nice version'

  14. Betsy Burmeister

    Who is the little boy?

  15. Brooke Perkins

    believe in yourself and me before its too late....theres a beginning, middle and an end to everything under the going to pass by you sooner or later if you dont do something about it..............then the second guessing can begin

  16. Brooke Perkins

    you could never believe in someone who loves you until you believe in yourself first........until you do your feet will be in quicksand..........your life is passing by and you wont do anything to take control of it ......all chances for happiness will come to an end sooner or something while you still have a chance

  17. John AllenCraft rain is coming this morning-and Carol King came to her..

  18. kt2003

    Great lyrics=) Gotta love Carole King.

  19. Raul Tremiño

    Is a exceptional song, beautifull

  20. CB Fall

    This is a wonderful music video and great song!!! I love Carole King songs a lot & thanks for posting this!! : )

  21. Brooke Perkins

    carole you have been a gift to humanity from GOD. thank you for everthing .with love from someone in pgh pa

  22. Tony Ludovico

    thanks so much for sharing this beautiful song of Carole King...God Bless!

  23. supergunner76

    God bless you Carole for a song that says it all of what true love and friendship is all about.

  24. Daniella Pawl

    I love Carole King.