Carole King - Lay Down My Life Lyrics

As I walk away
My world comes tumbling down
That's allright
You'll go home again without me
Where will I go tomorrow
It doesn't matter, if you want me to stay
Should I turn around, come back to you
Or should I keep on walking away

It feels so good with you
It feels so right with you
But I will bring you sorrow
If I stay with you

Now if I hurt you, forgive me
Try not to lose faith in me
You know I would never hurt you intentionally
What will I do tomorrow
Without your love I would surely lose my way
And rush headlong into nowhere
On a ghost highway

It feels so good with you
It feels so right with you
But I will bring you sorrow
If I stay with you

I would lay down my life for you

I kept going on, when going on
Made no real sense at all
But it's no good now, it's all clear to me
Now that my back is against the wall
How will you get through tomorrow
It doesn't matter, I know you will
And we'll be together forever
Bound by the way we made each other feel

And I will lay down my life for you
I will lay down my life for you
'Cause it feels so good with you
Yes, it feels so right with you

I will lay down my life for you

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Carole King Lay Down My Life Comments
  1. J.A. N.

    Beautiful song !!! It touched me deeply the first time I listened ..even now do it !!!! Thx, Carole !!!!

  2. Olmstead Runyon

    Danny sure came a long way from here.


    Brandon Alan that dude is my favorite drummer. lol that’s the only reason i’m here (sorry to all the Carole King fans).


    Carole King is a complete artist.She is so powerful and her voice is amazing.

  4. azurskyz

    Carole King is in a league of her own, the singer songwriter's singer songwriter. Like so many other admirers of her enormous talent, all I can say is "Thank you" Ms. King. There's none other like you.

  5. Jeffrey Booth

    There's more to carol than tapestry, this is a wonderful album,must go out and get a copy

  6. Linda Belfort

    Thank you Ms. King. First EVER Hearfelt gift (CD) I received from my brother and I cherish!


    Inesquecível!!!... Lembro-me de momentos de minhas férias em Maceió (Alagoas) em 1994

  8. elizabeth lopez

    porfavor que alguien suba la version en español

    Carlos c

    Jamas la encontré la español :(

    Oswaldo f Mercury Mendivil

    yo la tengo pero no se como
    (LEY DOWN MU LIFE) "asi dice"
    Carole King Ver Esp Cecilia Noel Lushmole music
    3 versiones
    si les interesa el original soy oswaldo f mercury mendivil leonne en facebook
    buscare como

    Eulises Adrian Gallardo

    @Oswaldo f Mercury Mendivilhola Oswaldo un saludo afectuoso me podrías pasar la versión en español si no es molestia

  9. tomee doretti

    This Song touches me so deeply, for I have put others before me so many times, but now I do not.~~~~~~

  10. Matthew Mayes

    Carole is an awesome performer.. she also has Slash from Guns and Roses on one of her cds.. i think it is City Streets from 1988 or maybe this one

  11. Kristina Halloran

    @kingTOOL REally?! Wow, I didn't know that and I have been listening to this album since it came out. and I love Tool... well, I love Maynard.

  12. Miguel Angel Pollo Gamer

    por favor alguien subtitulos en español

  13. amhmbx

    danny carey from tool is on this track

  14. Zoe Sun

    Thank U