Carole King - Alligators All Around Lyrics

A - alligators all around
B - bursting balloons
C - catching colds
D - doing dishes
E - entertaining elephants
F - forever fooling
G - getting giggles
H - having headaches
I - imitating Indians
J - juggling jellybeans
K - keeping kangaroos
L - looking like lions
M - making macaroni
N - never napping
O - ordering oatmeal
P - pushing people
Q - quite quarrelsome
R - riding reindeer
S - shockingly spoiled
T - throwing tantrums
U - usually upside down
V - very vain
W - wearing wigs
X - x-ing x's
Y - yackety-yacking
Z - zippity zound
A - alligators ALL around!

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Carole King Alligators All Around Comments
  1. DDomino Geronimo

    does anyone have this as an instrumental so i can remix it - a for asap lol

  2. Veronica Riggins

    I remember watching Really Rosie on PBS channel with my brothers , back then good quality shows for children and making learning experience too! My favorite is alligator song!

  3. cellobus

    Watched this with our kids. I was just a little too old for this when it came out, but it was not widely available anyway.

  4. DJ Funtime Foxy

    I remember kindergarten, I moved to a new school and every Friday my class would head to another class to watch cartoons and sing songs. This was one of them. My teacher even put it on our class CD. Now I'm half way through my freshman year of high school and I miss the good days. 😭

    RYAN Lopez

    DJ Funtime Foxy I remember in 1996 we sang this every morning in Mrs Fernandez kindergarten class .. I remember she moved to Texas when I was I in the second grade . So I went back to say good bye ... I still remember how she looks and how cool she was ... we even read green eggs and ham .. and she decided to have us actually cook green eggs and ham I haven’t talked about that in a while ... where ever you are Mrs Fernandez thank you for the memories that you bought in short time at North country elementary school in Miami

  5. Lustantino Animations

    This is my childhood.

  6. Jonathan Mendoza

    It's Much like Schoolhouse Rock!

  7. Niki And Janie

    Love so such

  8. Stephen Treadwell

    For W, I wish they’d done 🐳 watching!

  9. S Marshall

    I don't know what made this song come to my mind, my childhood days! 😂

  10. Don Blake

    My Grammar School Music Teacher, she was from Germany, used to play Guitar and we would sing this song this song in unison! I was six years old then, that was along time ago! Great Video! Great memories! 😎👍

  11. Tia

    I used to watch this all the time when I was a kid. Love showing it to my kids. Thank you for sharing!

  12. TheConfuzzledCat

    This was my childhood but 0:27 would not fly today

  13. DanilovesRobi Branch

    I is a little problematic today

  14. Raven Lua

    back when “imitating indians” wasn’t as offensive as it is now

  15. riz1738

    my childhood 😢💜💜💜

  16. Urbro Dooli

    As kids, me and my brother watched this all the time! We had always misheard “S: Shockingly Spoiled.” We thought she was saying “S: Sucking Estoils.” We didn’t even know what “estoils” were so we just assumed they were those lollipops things! Good times!!

  17. zero94black

    Takes me waaaay back in Kindergarten

  18. Itz_Audrey_Moran

    i used to sing this

  19. Lord Ching Lei

    I remember when I was in grade 2, (I'm in grade 4 now) we played this song everyday, good ol days

  20. Ringcaat

    Alligator is such a cutie! I watched him throughout the movie, I found him so adorable.

    Mystic Potato Of Randomness

    Ringcaat I play Alligator in the play version


    @Mystic Potato Of Randomness Awesome! Was it for school? How did your run go?

  21. LebbyJames

    This lady sung my childhood

  22. Brian Sands

    I want to hear Radiohead's Thom York play and sing this.

  23. sn3k

    This, One Was Johnny, The Night Kitchen, and Chicken Soup with Rice are responsible for some of my childhood's happiest moments.

  24. Al-Ash-Ne

    OMG this song is my childhood.... awww 😢😌😚❤️

  25. Alexus Turner

    oh my god I remember this from kindergarten! !!! And now I have a kid. this made me sad

  26. Hailey E.M.S.

    I remember this

  27. terry cuyler

    Carol King sort of sounded like Carly Simon for a second

  28. Ms. Jay Raymond

    I loved this as a child. Even more as a child

  29. Zoya & Zuri Bacai

    I herd that song

  30. Hendrix walker Kids red egg

    I love this song.

  31. JudeJaded15

    What? These are the same days people. What makes it a classic.

  32. RoboKing

    My childhood :D

  33. Sherry Robalino

    i miss my childhood soo much good times :'(

  34. Emmanuel Jauregui

    ahh the good old days

  35. JoleneBear1


  36. Brian Johnson

    This is my childhood sung by Carol King.

  37. Allie Kanhough

    My family used to watch this, The Night Kitchen, Pierre, and more and it brings back memories.

    Austin Smith

    I used to have this on VHS, too! But sadly, the tape broke and is no longer watchable. RIP... But I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers this!

    dead memes rip

    Allie Kanhough I used to watch it with my sisters and we got them all converted to DVD


    I lost my VHS with this and Sendak's other works on it. Glad to have found them all on YouTube, though.

    Footman Footman

    Allie Kanhough it's call nostalgia

    Medicine :3

    Me too. I still the have the VHS tape with Where the wild things are and all the others. I will never forget.

  38. Avery Heaney TV

    I loved watching this when I was 3

  39. Garrett Stewart

    when I was in elementary school we did a play for really rosie. I was in this song. I was "O" Ordering Oatmeal.

  40. jojo

    I am 30 and I just google this song because I remember this song...

  41. Santi Alvarado

    I like alot the song