Carnes, Kim - Draw Of The Cards Lyrics

Sleight of hand
Hands of Fate
Chance you take
Life's a snake

And it's all in the draw of the cards

Lightnin' strike
Breath of life
Red black or white
Watch 'em fall

And it's all in the draw of the cards
And it's all in the draw of the cards

Drop the cards
Watch the eyes
Down and dirty
Let 'em ride

Small cafe
Pass the day

The joker laughs
From the street
Weaves his web

Ace is high
Deuce is low
Take the first
The rest should go

And it's all in the draw of the cards
And it's all in the draw of the cards

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Carnes, Kim Draw Of The Cards Comments
  1. Cyber Lynx

    The original Slender Man.

  2. John Smith

    best song to listen to when on mescaline...


    before of The thriller of M jackson

  4. Helmer rodriguez

    Kim Carnes Forever

  5. Leo Notarianni

    I had forgotten all about this song......I remember it now ....
    Was a follow up after Bette Davis Eyes

  6. César Alberto Romero Luis

    Mejor tema que Bette David Eyes, no fue muy difundidas por las radios en los 80s en mi Perú.temon.

  7. Robert Phillips

    I remember this song. Then I seen the video, at the end were that scared the hell out of me!!!

  8. Pierre PRESTAT

    Great Gilmour-esque guitar and Sting-like bass

  9. Finnegan

    Good song.. weird video

  10. DAVE'S CORNER David C Vozzy, MSEd

    As a kid I was obsessed with "the snake man". One of my favorites as a kid. Still one of my favorites as an adult. Go Kim!!!

  11. tmr626

    Another good Kim song is 'Everybody Needs Someone' from the movie 'Impulse'.

  12. Blue Trick

    I wish I knew when I was 10 years old that the 80's would turn out to be the greatest decade ever. I would have tried to enjoy every minute of the decade knowing that now it would be a cherished decade like no other.

  13. Blue Trick

    who is watching this in 2019 and thinks this is still an awesome video and a great song. ?

  14. rhoadnaroahs

    Creepy Ass Video.

  15. The Fulton Ansley Project

    why were videos in the 80s so creepy?!?!?


    Not all were... in fact some were just dopey...

  16. Andrew Douglass

    This video is still WhutTheEff 38 years later. The song is still strong.

  17. Christopher Patriarca

    They just don't write em like this anymore....
    Thank goodness.
    Total rubbish

  18. claudio luccarini

    Indimenticabile... e bellissimi ricordi di gioventù...

  19. Southerner Man

    So surrealistic...AWESOME!

  20. Francoise Installe

  21. Francoise Installe

  22. César Alberto Romero Luis

    Mejor que Bette Davis eyes, sin que está dejé ser buena.

  23. Francoise Installe

  24. Francoise Installe

  25. Лидия А

    Образы не ярко выражены

  26. aramanth

    In 1988 I rented a video hits collection of Kim and
    saw this video for the first time then! Russell Mulcahy
    directed this video as he did also for "Bette Davis Eyes" and
    later "Vienna" for Ultravox, "Rio" by Duran Duran, and more...

  27. Olivier THOMAS

    Many years before Michael jackson's thriller and before Mylène Farmer's clips... a song at the cuting edge of pop culture!

  28. bruinsrulz

    This song ruined her career. All the anticipation of a follow up to Bette Davis eyes and they chose THIS?! They would have been better off re-releasing "More love" instead.

    Ken Perk

    What are you talking about, nutsack? Betty's eyes was vastly overrated. If it had been rachel madcow's eyes, it wouldn't have sold two 45s.

  29. David Hargreaves

    this was such a great track...far better than Betty Davis Eyes....dont understand how it wasnt a big hit...................

  30. John Harp Dalton

    One time I heard this on a fuzzy radio and thought the chorus was AND IT'S ALL IN THE LAP OF THE GODS...

  31. T Jacobs

    I've always thought this had the right flavor for a Bond movie theme

  32. BoraBoraSharkBoy

    I'm not familiar with the Mistaken Identity album but after Bette Davis Eyes, was *this* really the 2nd best track? And the video! 😳

  33. Oliver Chris

    "Hahaha hahah hahaha hahaha hahaha" --- the best in the final part!!!!!

  34. Gino D'Orilia

    GIN(): )

  35. benjamin cordova

    Mejor que Bette David Eyes, sin desmerecer este tema

  36. stephen kz

    Slender-man at 3:46❓

  37. philippe croix

    This song is awesome!! Very underrated! I loved it as a 10 year old. I sill love it as much now!

  38. Carlos Alberto Mantilla García

    La canción mas bizarra de Kim Carnes. Y un video bien oscuro que hace juego con la música, tenebrosa, oscura. Saludos desde Perú...

  39. acrovader

    3:46 Yep. This video scared the hell out of me as a kid.

    Dancing Shiva

    Same here. I just woke up a thinking about this part of the video and had to look it up. As obscure as the video is at this point, it's interesting that we both seemed to be thinking about it around the same time...

    Now I'm off to look up Superman III and the equally traumatic "metalized/robot villain" scene again. 😋

    Manuel Lujan

    Me too! That creature in the end boggled my mind. Seeing it now as an adult, I would knock him out if he came around. LOL!

    Craig Clement

    Could be a grey alien

    DAVE'S CORNER David C Vozzy, MSEd

    The creepy people in the masks got me as a kid.'s the creepy hairdos.

    John Smith

    Peyote trips can be

  40. Roosevelt McCarter

    What album was this taken from? Dance Romance or Mistaken Identity?


    Mistaken Identity

  41. Bloke_19xx

    A major 'lost hit' by Kim Carnes. Didn't get enough airplay compared to BDE, but still: Great vocals and arrangements. What a very beautiful, haunting voice. Perfect for this song.

    John Conway

    I think it was just a little bit too sublime for some people's liking. That's often the reason a great song fails to be a big hit .

  42. michela derry

    decisamente più accattivante di Bette Davis eyes!!

  43. steve radford

    She had an impossible task to follow up the sales of BDE so she was on to a loser from the start. This is a good STEREO workout and a track that I have played and been haunted by since 81. Still love it now but EVERYONE knew back in 81 that, chartwise, it was going nowhere.I think, if memory serves, that even in America, Where BDE was number one for weeks on end, DOTC could only drag it's arse into the lower reaches of the "top" 30 before drying up and evaporating like a coyote turd in the Arizona sun!.

    Ken Perk

    Overrated song. If it had been rachel madcow's eyes, it wouldn't have sold 2 records.

  44. Kiwi55

    Bloody brilliant song ! Her best by far

    Michael Bowers

    Saw it on MTV and/or VH1 when it first came out. Left an everlasting impression on me. Thanx Kim...

  45. mark burguron

    Kim was very gutsy i feel Voyeur should gave been a bigger hit fro 82 it was more hit worthy

  46. Dag Nabbit

    A comment on Blackstar brought me here. Didn't like the song when I first heard it in 1980''s . Thought this might be a chilling occultish song like Blackstar. Well Satan definitely couldn't get it up on this one and Kim Carne's voice just doesn't work ! Yeah ! Yeah ! Maybe Mardi Gras ! and refers to the Tarot ! Yawn ! She needs to go bang Jimmy Page's Hermit ! Lame ! If you are going to do Darkside then do it or otherwise go teach Sunday School !

    ColieDee Kenzo

    I'm here because of the same comment on a blackstar video, I agree this sucks

  47. Demolitionman78

    This is a terrible song. A painful contrast from her better songs.

    Ken Perk

    You need to have your ears cleaned.

    JuanCarlos Olórtegui

    @Ken Perk LMAO!!

  48. Underdog11477

    This song was definitely not single worthy. She should've released a different song as the follow up to "Bette Davis Eyes". This music video didn't help either.

  49. J.C. Henry

    This is an interesting song and a very '80's video.

  50. Otto Greenleaf

    Happy Birthday today(July 20) to Kim Carnes. Cheers!

  51. vesperview

    What a horrendous follow up to Bette Davis Eyes.

    Ken Perk

    Eyes SUCKED. This was ten time better than that trash.

  52. Alexander The Great

    In my honest and bold opinion, this track was better than her #1 hit single "Bette Davis Eyes". This has more guts, Kim Carnes vocals are more artistic, and this single just had more pazazz, in general. On top of all of that, who doesn't love a superb Sax Interlude?!?

    Sarah's Riding The Storm Wave.

    It's my fave on the LP also <3

    Comfortably Numb

    Southern Dream Station Something very dark and raw to this. Mesmerizing too.

    Mario Torrez Quant

    Mine too!


    Compared to Bette Davis Eyes, this was a boring dud. What were they thinking? They should have re-released "More love." Draw of the Cards had such high expectations that her career never recovered.

    Ken Perk

    Eyes is WELL down the list of her best songs in my opinion.

  53. jazzfan5000

    What the hell is that thing at the end?

    Sarah's Riding The Storm Wave.

    I thin this is about Tarot and the Occult or something lol

    Psychedelic Trainwreck

    The cards had to draw something

    Mario Torrez Quant

    Iluminatti ritual?

    Craig Usselman

    @Mario Torrez Quant very dated orange sounding synths angry genesis but the monster at the end is sweet. freaked out some guy so bad he wrote an essay calling him that motherfucker hilarious.

    John Smith

    Mr. Cunnilingus

  54. James A.Martins

    Seems the director wanted a cool video like David Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes" master piece video, but he just couldn't have it...All the elements were there...but not the coolness...

    Andres Manosalvas

    actually this song is better than ashes to ashes. I love David Bowie, but this track is better than several tracks of David did on the 80s

  55. A Rabbit

    Wow, that was a pile of shit. The song was boring as hell, video was worthless. Rock Me Tonite by Billy Squier looks like G n R's November Rain compared to this.

    Sarah's Riding The Storm Wave.

    It actually sounds better on Vinyl. It sounds edited here.

    Otto Greenleaf

    Tell that to Mike Nesmith(The Monkees) 'cause I'm sure he produced the video.

  56. Adam Lee

    It's not that hard to understand why MTV wanted to find things other than music videos to play around this time.


    +Adam Lee ..but that was the whole point of MTV when it started. Music videos back then just had style, value and wackiness

    A Rabbit

    +Adam Lee I watched a lot of MTV in the early days. I never saw this horrible video.

    Alexander The Great

    +A Rabbit This video wasn't aired as much as her other hit single "Bette Davis Eyes". This one peaked at #28 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Chart, so in comparison, it was somewhat of a flop. Considering it was a Top 30 Single, that isn't too shabby, either. Overall, this video has an inside meaning to it, and if you listen to the lyrics, it might make a bit more sense, even though it's a bit crazy.

    Otto Greenleaf

    Adam, MTV was just starting in '81. They had very little content.

    Daniel Golus

    Adam Lee Not correct. This song was released exactly at the same time MTV was launched - late summer 1981.