Carnage - Polar Bear Lyrics

Iced out like a motha fucking polar bear
Louis shirt
Louis pants
Louis underwear
Snap back
Top back
We don't fucking care
We them goon niggas
Stacks up in the atmosphere

Uh Yeah (Shwoop) [x4]

Swaggin all day
They call me carnage
All day you can hit me up on vonage
Cause she want me
I got that swag nigga
40 cal shoulder blade pull the trigga
Niggas mad cause I got bitches all on me
I don't give a fuck cause all these bitches want me
I be stuntin mother fucking so clean
I got them coke rocks nigga Charlie Sheen
What you want nigga
You want that loud pack
I got that loud tropic
I got stupid stacks
I got stupid money
I got stupid hoes
I got stupid bitches
Money out the door
Money on the floor
Chain ice cold
You got 2 bitches
Well bring 4 more
Columbian bad hoes giving me knowledge
I got 30, 000 dollars on my cartlidge


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Carnage Polar Bear Comments
  1. Fiveo waf

    Unbelievable how the bears teeth and claws are so ineffective on the Walrus' hide. If the Walruses ganged up to defend each other, they could probably be eating bear for dinner.

  2. Mr. Atari 2600

    Either that's a pretty small Polar Bear or those are some Huge Walrus's.

  3. The Travel Commander

    Polar Bear respond “ Let Wrestle , Let Wrestle “

  4. ちゃちゃ


  5. Mr Feast

    1:30 Birb be like " Meh it's just another day in the Artic "

  6. Giraffeman

    2:52 that heroic walrus was trying to save his friend

  7. Shlovaski

    Gods creation is magnificent subhanallah

  8. Mark Aljubore

    2:54 walrus: get the FOk away from him

  9. Mark Aljubore

    3:04 walruses: cmon cmon we gotta move we gotta move

  10. Swords And sandals

    This is why being fat is not a choice it’s a lifestyle

  11. BeAmazed

    Give that polar bear a gun!!

  12. BeAmazed

    When food is right in front of you but you can't eat.

  13. I abandoned my boi

    Yes joe brought me here

  14. Λš#îş# məəηά

    Walrus Teeth is big very dangerous

  15. Toma Alimos

    vegetables are healthier

  16. Heath Marciszewski

    0:08 "Walruses are the largest seals in the world" FALSE. Elephant Seals are the largest seals in the world.

  17. Dino Tube

    It be dangerous if walruses can actually jump.. they'd be stomping polar bears and smashing them like watermelons with their weight😂😂

    ??? ???

    An elephant seal would destroy a polar bear.

  18. Ermenegildo Pravettoni

    Those walruses haven’t unlocked teamwork man

  19. Harun Rasid

    It hs bn a billion yrs n the sea lions nvr evolved to at least learn how to use their long tusks to kill the bear. Darwin theory is such a joke

  20. Focus Media

    Those walrus look like BBW

  21. cooolcoolcool robx

    Dumbass vid walruses aren't the largest seals

  22. Joey E

    I thought elephant seals were the largest seals? No?

    ??? ???

    They are must be mistake.

  23. Justarandom Gamer

    The walruses should have stabbed it and ripped its back off

  24. lino joseph


  25. Hasan Yilmaz

    This bear was really clumsy or couldn't hold someone in this hunt

  26. Simon Mumby

    Polar bears are so powerful

    Simon Mumby


  27. Simon Mumby

    This is a great video by the BBC.

  28. Richard Fisher

    That polar bear wasn't backing down from shit

  29. Gail Cha

    if polar bear can't kill it, what can kill the fully grown walrus???

  30. Zhi Run Li

    walrus are vampire and jiangshi

  31. John Smith

    Walrus: I'll stop you from eating me!
    Bear: You and what army?

  32. Jyaj AquaRoom

    The bear is lv1 and walrus is lv100. He have no chance against a boss

  33. Jacob Ferguson

    Poor guy

  34. Jay Boogie

    This makes me wanna drink a Coca Cola

  35. Inunganba Soraisam

    "the chance of his first meal in months is slipping away "

  36. kahea2018

    Go Walrus!

  37. Tabeya Sultana

    So many conflicting emotions...

  38. 0play3r0

    He seems so small.

  39. T Abel

    Damn nature. You scary 😂😂

  40. DRVKUMAR123

    How thick they can be?

  41. Suutari4

    And then the bear starved to death, the end

  42. Dragon Of The West

    Reminds me of when lions try to hunt hippos out of desperation

  43. MemoDieFaust

    0:12 Walrus:"Hey Bro look! There is a Polar Bear!"

  44. Smurves

    Its crazy that they dwarf that bear.

  45. Nico Altamirano

    Bah, yo esperaba que se lo comiera.

  46. Mind YourOwn

    Poor bear 😯

  47. Siddhartha Kakati

    Problem with the Walruses are that when the Polar Bear is attacking one of their kind, the others are just looking around rather than attacking the bear with their 1 meter long tusks.


    Unlike the penguins

  48. Vaporous Elm993

    Hope polar bear didnt starve to death

  49. King Chonk

    Bear: *well, shit.*

  50. the crusader

    Unbearable watching this poor chap

  51. MNS

    Animals have more rights than humans, the camera man should have been forced to walk into his mouth.

  52. big smoke

    narrator:walrus is the biggest seal
    me: *cough cough* elephant seal.

  53. Eric Lencher

    I don't know why the walruses were running away. Clearly the bear just wanted to chew the fat.

  54. Eric Lencher

    It's a little know fact that Polar Bears hate cinnamon. So always carry cinnamon with you if you're going to the North Pole.

  55. Aliff

    *T H I C C* *WALRUS*

  56. Ka wi

    I’ve got some advice for the walruses. First off, if you’ve got a pup, get in the frikkin middle! What re you doing chilling at the edges? Stupid.
    Second, how about some teamwork guys? You each weigh more than an SUV, you see a bear, 5 of you jump it, that bear will be flatter than a bear rug in 10 seconds.
    As for the bear, what are you? Mr. rebel lone wolf? You can’t go this alone, why’d you ever leave the other bears, find some new ones and stick together. 2 bears on one walrus (don’t worry they dont work together) and it’s blubber buffet! Teamwork! It’s not rocket science!

  57. cheinei

    They were so warm and cozy before the bear came.
    Look at all those vapors coming off the herd.

  58. Connor Dayman

    It's like an entire island of Wilford Brimleys.

  59. Stanley13

    I want to be a walrus deep in the middle...

  60. Adriana Avila

    thas tough

  61. Kika Anime

    Maldito luchó para que se extinga los osos polares

  62. Afer Al

    0:01 "Whaddupp Pimpsss?!!"

  63. Vynoxx

    The power of flex tape

  64. Perseus Rex

    poor bear :(

  65. The only One

    Polar bear; if I can’t kill this no one can

    Me: hold my long rifle

  66. bbz232

    You think the walrus all we’re talking about that bear in the water?

  67. Cory Palmer

    People being greedy and overfishing is causing all of this.

  68. no1sailor

    In another video with Japanese commentary, this polar bear was shanked by a walrus and died.

  69. Mein Name

    Mr. Bear, fuck off!

  70. ba bina

    All cause of human 😤

  71. レペ狂太郎


  72. G G

    I know tank build was the way

  73. Xero Kira

    1:48 Bird: "Nope"
    Also, I don't think that bear was ready for all that jelly.

  74. Mr. Clean


  75. Susana Faria Leal

    This bear loked like a man in a full gold mine...

  76. Slevvn

    Noooo I was hoping the bear would catch one.

  77. Fernando Monge Cruz

    Please, how can you forget about the elephant seal. Walruses are not the biggest seal.

  78. Mamusa

    Too much hunger to bear!!

  79. Adasia Embry

    1:52 the birds are like “what’s going on here?”

    Christina Mary

    The birds are hungry and want the leftovers

  80. Gabriel

    aww. hungry polar bear. I would have given him a cheeseburger for effort.

  81. Gabriel

    lol. get bitten by polar bear and don't even care. how tank are those walruses? xD

  82. Mamusa

    Donate here to save a starving 🐻

    Adasia Embry

    Mamusa sorry I’m on the walrus team

  83. Andy S

    Cruel world

  84. webeducation

    Polar bears are massive yet he looks so small.

  85. Night Rider

    Polar bear like "[email protected]#K"

  86. Bradley-Taubner Family

    How come the walruses can't just gang up and t pose on the bear? Seriously,I don't think it can kill all of those massive beings.

  87. AYKUT

    Narrator: The chance of first meal in months is slipping away
    Bear: The chance of my first meal in months is slipping away

  88. AL SMASH

    Daaam I need a skin like that 😲

  89. Omari Midgette

    That’s too bad bear

  90. A T

    Just for the sake of conserving energy and sparing injuries, the walruses could have easily kicked the polar bear out with some teamwork. Walruses have some more evolving to do.

    Liam B

    Not as much evolving as people do.

  91. さんkinさん


  92. vaso

    Why they runing? They have mass and power they can just atak bear and kill him

  93. JENDALL714

    That's like being at a Chinese Buffet with all that food and everyone keeps jumping in front of you!

  94. JENDALL714

    Can a Brotha Polar Bear get a Walrus?

  95. ihateurvid

    Why are all these videos so disappointing?

  96. Rashad AKA

    Mission failed we'll get em next time

  97. Zaynmyn Haokip


  98. yeetyellow


  99. 다락귀신[ V ]

    곰돌이 먹을게 없어 ㅠ