Carnage - Cold Hearted Lyrics

The city ain't change but the brain did
Long long nights are the strangest

I don't fuk with my ex cause she brain dead

Fuk that ho and whoever she came with
Yea I'm on and I'm a do me
Fuck relationships bitch I'm a fuck three

Cold hearted bitch
Non chalant loving
Mind games trick
Your love card stay bluffing
Yea I loved you
Thought bout the sex kiss hugs everything was about you
I ain't gone let it fade me
I'm done fuckin with you
You shouldn't of never played me
I'm done thinking bout you
I'm gone girl

But that's the past tho

Dj Carnage

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Carnage Cold Hearted Comments
  1. Lucky Luke

    still listening in 2018!

  2. DjeniusGaming

    I want to download this soooo bad!

  3. Information ﱞﱞﱞ

    0:00 - 0:05 Lana Del Rey Without You (Kill Paris Remix)

  4. dakotabudde1

    Still lookin for the download

  5. Raul

    the build up is fucking amazing

  6. dakotabudde1

    Where's the download on this? So prime

  7. dakotabudde1

    Man FUCK

  8. jrmsnkts

    downloadlink doesn't work

  9. GetTheAssOnTheFloor

    are you bringing a full version of this song?

  10. thenorwall

    seriously. i can listen to this all day long. wish it was longer tho carnage for real. still fucking hot as lava son.

  11. angelwithin91

    Carnage, you seriously are so dope on spitting and producing!!!! Like legitimate serious.
    I just wish Cold Hearted Pt 1 and 2 were longer because I just wish I could listen to them much longer because they're seriously so fuckin dope, don't wanna stop wrecking my car subwoofers! LOL

  12. thenorwall

    damn, i just got goosebumps

  13. Marshall Grant

    this shits nutts