Carnage - Blitzkrieg Lyrics

Fuck Blitzkrieg

Ah, haha
One two one two and all of that
Is that fuck the system
Fuck a judge and fuck you type shit
Minimized, fuck right now
Smoking big trees, big blunts
Shit, you might wanna join me and roll one up for yourself
Or you may like to pop a molly and sweat it out
Or drop some acid
Or you may just like be a sober, shit
I don't really give a fuck what you do
To be honest, just do you and be happy about it
Don't follow what you think people will accept you for
Follow your heart, follow your desires, follow your ambitions
Follow the money, follow the pussy and follow me on Instagram, god dammit, shit
Life and people in it always find ways to distract you from being yourself
Make you feel like the "you" you wanna be as fucked up or not worthy
Man, fuck those people
It's always them super insecure and unhappy ones that wanna project their own fears and insecurities over you
Now you need to not give a fuck
You need to whip your dick out and fuck the world extra-hard
Cause we goin' up, the only way is up

Fuck Blitzkrieg

"The Blitzkrieg was violent, ruthless and efficiently executed"

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