Carmen, Eric - The Way We Used To Be Lyrics

We used to laugh
We used to cry
We used to talk about forever you and I
And love was all we seemed to need
I still recall sometimes
The way we used to be

When did we change
Where has love gone
We can't explain it
but we know there's something wrong
And all that's left of you and me
Is just a memory of
The way we used to be

I can remember when
We used to be the best of friends
Now suddenly we don't know what to say
If there's a chance that we
Can bring the feeling back again
I've got to try
Why don't you stay

'Cause in my heart
I think you know
I tried to hide it but I just can't let you go
It's not too late
For you and me
To be in love again
The way we used to be

It's not too late
For you and me
To be in love again
The way we used to be

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Carmen, Eric The Way We Used To Be Comments
  1. Joey Reyez

    Remarkable song

  2. JMmmn Liberal

    Jesus christ...where have all these songs been? Man, NOBODY writes a tear jerker the way Eric does..

  3. Manuel Romero

    One of the best love songs written and performed by Eric Carmen. The music was so memorable, especially the last part when broken chords were used by Eric. Awesome.

  4. pink ruby

    I LOVE YOU ERIC CARMEN. Great songs, song writing, vocal, omg...

  5. Donna Teloren

    I always get emotional listening to this song....I can relate the lyrics with my very sad past.....thank you Eric Carmen for creating this wonderful song.

  6. Carlito Villas

    Is just a memory of the way it used to be........but its not too late to be in love again

  7. Jim and Jan Seeker

    Well done, this is an emotionally charged rendition!

  8. Charles Pruett

    When lovers/couples find themselves at this kind of crisis, if they will forget their selfish wants and cares and focus on what they can do to serve their loved one, what they can do to make the other happy or to ease THEIR worries, and get lost in service to that person, they will find love will return...every time.

    John Andersen

    So true pal

  9. Mila Pagsibigan

    Why cant I let you go. I still love you.

  10. Cathy Marshall

    Wow, this song sounds like somebody really kicked him in the gut. Too bad, he seems like a nice guy. Wishing all the best for him.

  11. Arturo Klaue

    Que tremenda cancion que romanticismo para ayudar a encontrar una reconciliacion cuando hemos vivido momentos como. la separacion. Eric sabe (legar a lo mas profundo con canciones como love is all that matters, boats against the current o all by myself. Aun tengo la esperanza de verlo y oirlo en vivo alguna vez en Chile

  12. Bry Santos

    It’s hard but the only thing I can do now is to wait.. to wait for where our love lead us.. to wait if the road that you are at now is the same road that I am at.. to wait if you could still find in your heart to love me again.. to wait if my prayers could still shower your dying love and make it bloom for me once again.. I wish that we could continue to raise our son, to continue to help him achieving his dreams and for our family.. for us to start to make our family happy the way that we have always dreamed of. I miss the way we used to

  13. leon1231435

    its 3:00 in the morning and the tears are still running down my cheeks on to my chest and into my lap... The love that i feel for her has never left my heart in almost 37 years. i fear i am going to die alone, never finding another love as strong as Caryn and I had....although now i believe it was one sided. i dont think she ever loved me as much as i loved her or we would be together today..... i'm so alone in this world, i feel i will never be able to love anyone the way i loved i sit day afte day night after night alone, my heart breaks each day all over again...... :-(::::::


    There is always a someone to everyone....and I believe in that...move on...

  14. leon1231435

    3 years later and still haven't found someone! i'm as lonely as ever!! :-(


    For everyone there is a just wait.......

  15. Yabadabadu Unggawa

    We used to laugh..... we used to cry...... we used to bow our heads and....wonder why....

  16. Dominic Joseph

    Can`t believe I never heard this song before. BEAUTIFUL!

  17. Fernando Biasbas

    The best of friends....

  18. Elvira Zárate Baldarrago

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful your song thank yoy Eric Carmen.😍😘😍😘🎹🎼🎤🎶💑💏👄💋❤❤❤

  19. Carmencita Honma

    It is nice song of two lovers

  20. amparo bond

    love his songs

  21. Monnie Garland

    Woowiieee!!!! What an amazingly beautiful love song. ..first time I have heard tears rolled down my cheeks..memories eh??? 😢😢

  22. the king

    Great sad song.

  23. Emy Bravo

    this song depicts my love story... after years of waiting i learned to let go of the pain and start to move on..

    Virgil Davis

    Wise decision...

  24. Kathleen Stewart

    Did he ever sing on Broadway? Very beautiful song.

  25. Shawie McKay

    Love is truly a beautiful thing. It is not just a feeling of passion you feel for a person. It is an action. Love is about acceptance and sacrifice.

    I have watched some videos tonight that reminded me of the past. It hit me right through the heart ❤️. It's so painful to watch these videos, but i did it anyways. I don't know why i did it; i did it may be because i need to be reminded, why things happened for a reason. After i watched the videos for a good hour, I couldn't help but broke down in tears and prayed to God. I have come to realized, that when you love someone, you can't be selfish with them. You must let them go. Even though it hurts and breaking you up inside.

    LOVE is not just about whats good for me. It is not self-seeking. It is more about them, and what makes them happy. Though it is painful as hell, I just need to suck it up and be happy for them.

    Life is a journey. It is a process. It comes in stages. Sometimes you win; and sometimes, you lose. My life has never been easy, i tell yah. It is not a walk in the park. Its always a struggle. Things were never handed to me in a silver platter. I have to work hard for everything i have, just like every one else. Nevertheless, my life is full. It has depth. Although, i may not know my sense of purpose right now, it's okay. Eventually, in God's perfect timing, it will be revealed to me.

    The road i am traveling now have lots of bumps along the way. And it's alright. With that being said, i can say that love has changed me. It gave me a different perspective in life. It showed me different facets of love and life. It taught me things i have never imagined i will learn. It gave me wisdom. Love taught me to be even more patient and not keep records of wrongdoings. Love taught me to be even more humble. It showed me grace. Love taught me to persevere and endure. Love taught me to forgive. And because of LOVE, i have learn to let go.

    I am almost finished. I will come to a full circle soon. God had shown me how to heal myself and help myself. HE has given me so many loving and truly caring people that helped me carry through the tough times; and i am forever grateful to each and every one of them. For if not for these wonderful people God had given me, I probably would have not been here today.

    Our time on this earth is limited. We only have one life to live. I have only one life, and i intend to live it happy and full of love. God has blessed me with so many great things; a loving and caring family and few dear friends, a great career and thats more than anyone can ask for. I may not have the best of things this world can offer, and my life may not be as great as others, but its ok. God has better plans for me.

    People have judged me unjustly and unfairly but thats okay. Some may have ridiculed me-and thats okay too. It's all forgiven and forgotten. How i wish people have chose to understand me more. Even just for a little bit. How i wish they have been a little bit more empathetic and patient with me. Maybe then, they will understand. But the world is full of ungodly thoughts and desires. Full of hate and anger. If probably we choose to love the person more than we hate them, we would be able to understand how to love them back. If only we choose to be a little more patient and be more kinder and be more understanding , maybe then we will be able to see what they see and feel what they feel on the inside. But as people, we all choose differently. And here we are now.

    "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller

  26. selby16

    the best song ever wriiten

  27. Macy Santos

    Love to be in love- but then again...mine was a sad sad love story


    Yes it is...I don't think I ever will be able to let go and start again. It would take a very patient woman who understood. Buy where would I find that? In the game of life, there is no rewind button, although we wish there was. I hope and pray for the best of you. Feel free to jabber at me anytime from one to another that understands the feelings. Merry Christmas to you also. I hope the new year brings you solace and new chances for a good life

    Macy Santos

    I just stop hoping, waiting and loving.....I am through with love and sad goodbyes..(as another song goes). I am trying to accept my fate but in your case who knows one day someone will make your heart smile again. Hope you had a good Christmas and here's wishing you happiness that last a lifetime starting this new year.

    Macy Santos

    I just stop hoping, waiting and loving.....I am through with love and sad goodbyes..(as another song goes). I am trying to accept my fate but in your case who knows one day someone will make your heart smile again. Hope you had a good Christmas and here's wishing you happiness that last a lifetime starting this new year.


    I have done the same. I have been alone over 20 years because of a broken heart. I would not wish the pain and loneliness I have felt on anyone. That's why I will wish for you to change you heart and open it again someday. I did have a good Christmas as I hope you did too. New years was spent alone again...not fun. I have so many songs with you that talk about the feelings and sadness I have gone through all these years. My wish for you in 2017 is that your Prince Charming comes along, sweeps you off your feet, and fills your life with happiness laughter, love, and joy. Smile...:)

    Macy Santos

    That is a very nice wish and I wish the same for you. Hope this year the emptiness will end and we could genuinely smile once again.

  28. ronron ron

    his songs were hit in 70,80's almost his songs were played in the radio...i dont know that his name is eric carmen..only now that technilogy is in, i knew this man..that he was the singer/composer of all these hit songs..

    Ortigas Raymundo

    Coz fm stations just play songs not mentioning the singer and the title of the songs. If not for youtube we would never find these beautifully crafted songs.

    Beyot Singson

    Galing! Beautiful songs of Eric Carmen with touching heart

  29. spcb77

    Just superb singing by Eric Carmen. What a moving rendition.

  30. Brian Lehman

    EPIC! One of the most heartbreaking songs ever recorded.

  31. reddog9401

    wow! what a sad song.special moments and lost loves.

  32. leon1231435

    this song explains my life. fell in love in high school. the love was so real. we were always together. 18 months and then things changed. people places things got in the way. we broke up and moved on. i married and divorced 12 years later. she married and divorced 12 years later. she knocked on my door unexpectedly and we fell back in love instantly but time had changed her. she was selfish and conceded. everything was first but me. we divorced 8 months later.. now it's the present....2015 she texts me at random to stab verbal holes in my heart. we've grown so far apart but i still love her like it was 1981. but i know we will never be together ever again... I'm on my knee's crying begging God to send me someone that i can love like i used to love Caryn Jane......... :-(

    Kat Montgomery

    leon1231435 how sad hope you'll find that someone special.,,

    Donna 99

    wow...a good but sad story...I, too, found first love right after high school...dated less than a year but real love to me...he was tragically killed, but I think of him very often.43 years ago.

    Guillermo Cadiz

    That's a romance movie

    Virgil Davis

    You need to block her and move on.

  33. Ernie Quinto

    thanks for sharing, reminds me of the past happy and sad memories of love


    +Ernie Quinto Sweet memories linger.

  34. Nerieyummy

    A very emotional way of singing , love it !

  35. Virgil Davis

    Just heard for the first

    DoubleO KingerMC

    Virgil Davis gr

    Greatest hits of the 70s

    DoubleO KingerMC


  36. Emelio A. Salazar

    Beautiful sad and emotional love song from a great songwriter, performer and musician; ERIC CARMEN.

  37. Etthyriouse

    wonderful images,superb,he is singing in barbra streisand style if it is posible to say

  38. Sandypurple69

    "...we don't know what to say..."