Carmen, Eric - Let's Pretend Lyrics

I can't sleep nights
Wishing you were here beside me
Can't help feeling
That's way it ought to be
You know we could run (run, run) away
And I couldn't bear to hear
The things they'd say
Oh no

Baby let's pretend
That tonight could live forever
If we close our eyes
And believe it might come true

Baby let's pretend
We could always be together
But for now just let me
Spend the night with you

Somehow, someday
Things are gonna be so different
Don't cry
Some way
I promise it will be all right
So now that we're all alone
I couldn't bear
To ever take you home
Oh no

Baby let's pretend
That tonight could live forever
If we close our eyes
And believe it might come true

Baby let's pretend
We could always live together
But for now just let me
Spend the night with you

So take me now
My love can't wait
We're almost there now darlin'
Darlin' hold me, hold me
Hold me

Baby let's pretend
That tonight could live forever
If we close our eyes
And believe it might come true

Baby let's pretend
We could always live together
But for now just let me
Spend the night with you

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Carmen, Eric Let's Pretend Comments
  1. Lisa Coston

    they sound a little bit like the Beach Boys😂😂😂👍💚💚💕💕😍💯💯♥️💚🤔💞💞❣️

  2. Lisa Coston

    "Beautiful haunting song!" 😍😍😍😍😍💯💯💯👍👍👍♥️💙💙💜💯🤔🔥🔥

  3. Saundra Harbison

    Eric Carmen Is the Raspberries... Pure Magic

  4. Patrick Gavisk

    There was a lot of shity music in the 70s. However these guys shine like diamonds in a pile of crap. They rocked in a decade with a lot of Schmaltz

    Patrick Gavisk

    And don't get me wrong I grew up in the 70s

  5. mark R. Devereux

    This video gave me the chills swear to God. Privilege to grow up during that period of music

  6. MsJollycholly

    Eric was quite the singer and looker with that helmet of hair! Loved the Rasperries and I always got the feeling he was goofing on us all - to get over on the top 40 AM scene which prevailed at the time.

  7. MagicalMysteryTube

    What's really great about this video is that Eric Carmen (and the guys) are really singing (to the music track). Eric doesn't miss a note - not even the high ones. And his treatment of the song is different enough from the recording to be ear candy, yet close enough to retain the magic & charm of what they accomplished in the studio. (Hats off to Jimmy Ienner for superb production of the Raspberries records!) If you like this, check out "Go All The Way" and "Tonight" (Raspberries)... and Eric Carmen's solo stuff: "All By Myself", "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again", "Sunrise", "Change of Heart" and the somber but beautiful "Boats Against The Current".

  8. tim roberts

    Love this song! Amazing voice! He sings the high notes in “full voice “ not many singers can do it


    Can't beat this kind of artistic composition or put anything that is on the radio today up against it. The radio now displays DECOMPOSITIONS by rank amateurs and talent mocking buffoons. I wish the audio back then has the recording quality we have today. Now we have the best recording quality that the 60's and 70's could only dream of and we have virtually nothing worth recording. Sad but true!

  10. Right Fromleft

    Out of so many great songs, I think this is the bands finest moment. You cannot write anything better than this in terms of melody and arrangement. Eric is as talented as Elton John, Paul McCartney, or anyone else you can name. His chord progressions would probably baffle most super stars of today.

  11. Russ

    Nice harmonies from David Smalley, Wally Bryson and Jim Bonfanti.

  12. Rick Sr. Flood

    the best of eric carmen.........also the theme song from dirty dancing many good songs.....

  13. gep015

    My brother took my 45rpm and gave it to his girlfriend. I was 17, he was 14. The girl 14 too. To the date I think it was like a Robin Hood act. But...

  14. Gary H

    So, so many great bands from this era.

  15. Lucy Moderatz

    Every now and then, a golden oldie will come on the radio and stay in my head for days. This time, it's "Let's Pretend". What a great song!

  16. Right Fromleft

    Don't forget Wally, his intros and guitar tone got guitar freaks like me on board with this band in the 70's and they are still in my top 10 of all time. This was their finest moment.

  17. Rebecca Scott

    Eric Carmen is a very good song writer love the song but like the bay city rollers version better

  18. Kathy Carroll


  19. Stephen Jochum

    Amazing song! One of my very favorite 'Berries songs!

  20. Jonathan Nieto

    I love this song. And dot.

  21. 香り秀人・2代目

    I love this song 🎵(^^)d

  22. Brewzerr

    This should have been a massive, massive hit. Seriously, one of the top 5 greatest melodies ever written by anybody.

  23. DTR396

    More and more I appreciate REAL music that the humanity hasn't been autotuned out of it. The little vocal "foibles" are terrific.

  24. tim roberts

    Eric Carmen is magnificent! Full voice!

  25. MKS Land

    Man where's the autotune!? LOL

  26. Laura Gracz-Ricci

    I love, love, love this song!

  27. 池田博機


  28. Buck Johnson

    Almost sounds like the early Beach Boys. But better. Love these guys.

  29. mary stevens

    We've all been there .... the moments that you never want to end ....... Eric makes them come alive with his voice - he makes you feel every feeling you've ever had !!!!!!!

  30. Gary Zakrajsek

    My personal favorite Raspberries Tune. Beachboys,Beatles and Byrds all in one song. BRILLIANT! Cleveland Rocks, So happy that I was able to meet Wally at a gig many years ago as my band opened for The Secret. He was very kind as I was
    star struck!LOL

  31. Debra Welter

    used to go,see them at the hullabaloo in chesterland Ohio . . .best days of my life

  32. debbie smith

    I have fallen in love with Eric Carmen all over again!

  33. Steve Schopp

    took my daughter on new years eve in Cleveland at the house of blues. she was front and center. one of the best things I ever done for her. a great memory. can we have another

  34. Stephanie H

    Great Song!

  35. Paul Rogers

    I was 10 years old back then , so maybe you'll forgive me if I can't help but sometimes Imagine Henry Rollins delivering this song in deadpan fashion.

  36. Joe C

    Raspberries were one of my favs growing up in the 70's.Right after the post Beatles breakup,groups like the Raspberries,Badfinger, and any group with a Beatles flavour were the best back then. Miss and took for granted those good times.Compared to today the 1970's was like heaven !!!!!!!!!What happened to music,values,society and down to earth normal people.I as well as other baby boomers are so fortunate to have lived back then.That was really living,not like the self absorbed way people live today.Peace !!!!!!!

  37. Daniel Urbina

    It reminds me of Keane...

  38. philip tucci

    great music & memories

  39. star cloud

    GO ALL THE WAY just about greatest song of all time.and this is my sec favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. motorcop505

    The greatest Power Pop group ever!

  41. tim roberts


  42. David Clarke

    just love the raspberries have done since '73 when i heard "Go All The way".


    david clarke Hey, Dave Clark. I love your band, too! Catch Us If YouCan, Glad All Over, Because, etc. You guys were great! LOL.

    maria rosenbaum

    Beatiful music...

  43. Ale Belso

    Excelente!!!! Siempre seguiré siendo fan de Eric Carmen y Raspberries.

  44. Robert Cole

    I bought several raspberries 45s in the early 70s. to me they are right there with badfinger in gorgeous power pop pantheon

  45. robin breslow


  46. Robert MacKenzie

    This is a great song! Wish those times were still with us! They had a special meaning!

  47. 12th man

    love this man and his music. He is so dam gorgeous !!!!

    Iris Fontes

    H awks Nest

  48. Sherman Kirkham

    What has happened to all the girl and boy bands we used to listen too?  What has happened to the real music?  The drivel we hear now makes me miss the 60's, 70's and 80's.  Thank you Youtube for giving me great music to listen to.

  49. bwworld

    From Wikipedia: "Eric Carmen stated that "Let's Pretend" is one of the best melodies he has ever written, and that he reused part of it for his first solo hit, "All By Myself." He said the song lyrics about young people in love dreaming about eloping and making a life together are a recreation of the concept in Beach Boys' song "Wouldn't It Be Nice." "

    I think the Beach Boys inspiration is part of the secret sauce that makes this song so wonderful and enduring. And the jangling guitars. A great pop song.


    ClubViking63 agree

    Pandora Heathcoe

    bwworld the 70's were a great time to be in love. This song came out when I was in the 9th grade and in love with my first love

    Chip Gaasche

    @ClubViking63 er...check out "Student Demonstration Time" Club. Might change your mind.


    ClubViking63 This might be difficult for most people to believe. But, most of The Beach Boys songs were actually played by professional studio musicians. Yes, that’s right. The singing was done by The Beach Boys. If you can, watch the DVD entitled, “The Wrecking Crew”. It will open your eyes as to who “really” played their own instruments, and who didn’t.

    Still Bill

    Well, I believe Mr. Carmen may have been fibbing a little as the melody to "All by myself" is a direct rip-off form Rachmaninov's 2nd Piano Concerto, Second Movement ("Adagio Sostenuto", C minor modulating to E Major) composed in 1891. None the less, this is one of his best (if not his absolute best...All by Myself) works most especially the longer symphonic version which is hard to come by (no disrespect of Mr. Carmen he knows a beautiful melody when he hears it).

  50. robin breslow


  51. bluewaterrider

    I don't get it. Listening to this song is near torturous for me, and yet it's supposedly what Eric Carmen based his hit single "All by Myself" on, which I enjoy very much and consider far superior to Celine Dion's version. I suppose it'd be interesting to hear if anyone felt the REVERSE sentiment; that is, liked this song "Let's Pretend" and strangely did NOT like "All by Myself" ... Honestly puzzled here.


    "Let's Pretend" is a pop masterpiece, and one of 'Berries' best, but Eric felt it underachieved as a single. He re-arranged it two years later as a slow, introspective ballad which the band performed in their final days. Shortly after he "borrowed" a bit of the melody for the chorus of "All By Myself", which sold a million copies and was recorded by several other artists. Personally I much more fond of the original version of "Let's Pretend" and his work with Raspberries than any of Eric's solo hits.

  52. Oswaldo Castillo

    Eric Carmen, is great!!! What a voice!!! The raspberries wouldn't even exist without his voice........

    Oswaldo Castillo

    Thank you for your information. I appreciate your kind answer to my statement.........


    But Brian Wilson could also sing with a deep base-voice, that is a difference. But I can not neglect Eric´s falsetto singing, it is the purest and most wonderful!

    David Thomson

    Eric doesn't have a falsetto - he's actually hitting those highs with his natural voice. Years ago, when discussing with Brian Wilson his inability to sing in falsetto, Brian said "of course you can't, you're a natural tenor and tenors don't have a falsetto". When the Raspberries reformed in 2004, 29 years after this recording, Carmen had to sign Let's Pretend in a lower key, which is understandable. He has always been an absolutely incredible signer.

    Lucy Moderatz

    Never knew Eric Carmen was part of a group! Every time I hear this song, though, I was always reminded of him. And no wonder! :)




    When music was music. Sad what it has turned into today. The 70's comes alive again on UTube!

  54. Don Tommasino

    I remember hearing this song in the 70's on the radio several times as a boy and it always stayed n my head, not knowing the name of it and who sang it, some 40 some years later I found it here.

  55. joseph farris

    warren entner
    james entner
    dennis provisor
    eric carmen
    himiko hiki
    michael mcbride

    Robert Wagner

    +joseph farris warren entner was in the grass roots. not the raspberries. same thing with provisor and i don't know who james entner is.

  56. Steve Carroll

    If you've never had a jangling 12 string Rickenbacker and beautiful harmonies soundtrack love in your life- well son, I feel for ya.


    If you listen to The Byrds old songs you might find one or two songs with 12 string Rickenbackers.....

    Gitpicker George

    You are right, Steve. It gives an airy effect and makes a beautifulbackground to weave the melody over. This song is an excellentexample to that!

    Chip Gaasche

    Shut up about three Rics already. We know!! Lol


    ClubViking63 Most of the songs by the Byrds (the vinyl record versions), were played by professional studio musicians. That’s a fact. On stage, they played the instruments themselves.

  57. jill rosewarne

    I love this song, say no more!

  58. Obiwazz

    One of the great songs of a great decade of music....

  59. Ronald Inciarte

    music is love

  60. SickAgain75



    Yes it was. I had this album on 8 track( remember those?) in my 65 mustang cruising the back roads of Ohio in the summer. Good times indeed.

  61. Ellen Felker


  62. tim roberts

    Love this song. He's a great singer

  63. Diane Marie

    So many memories <3

  64. hardrockguy

    Incredible how this sounds Live from back then. No overdubs, etc. Just pure musicianship and vocals.

    gerard cousineau

    I do believe it's lip-sync also but it's well done, its just to much like on the LP. Live performance offers more variations! Still this original recording is hard to beat.

    Chip Gaasche

    Hardrockguy, you can fool some of the people... lol

    Donna Castello

    @NoiseAnnoys That is live.


    Some of it may be, but much of it is not. The sound changes dramatically at 2:07. That's live, I think, but before it is dubbed from the studio. Those absolutely aren't live backing vocals.

    Andy Rudy

    Too many harmony embellishments to be live.

  65. zen101

    Can't stop listening to this...over and over!

    Ellen Felker

    Me, too!!!!

    Rick Sr. Flood

    this has to be their biggest hit......another classic song from the 70's

  66. crazyfeline

    Jees, to be 13 years old again and play this over and over on a 45rpm on a cheap stereo.
    The Raspberries influence on me in the early 70s can't be overstated.
    Especially to a pimply teen in Upstate NY.

    Thomas Black

    Agreed wholeheartedly...ah, to be 13 again.....

  67. jim abood

    Love this group

  68. TenderAce

    Wow, what an excellent song. I haven't been able to get this song out of my mind the last two weeks and I'm enjoying it!-Thanks Raspberries

  69. Steven Bittner

    Wow! Thanks for posting. Such great live vocals. My favorite band of all time!!!


    Are you joking? This is a lip--sync to the record.

    Chuck LaPlaca

    listen to the recording maybe. This IS LIVE.


    Nope.... this is live-- they are that good. If you listen carefully, there are variations in vocals from the original. Besides, Sugarman didn't allow lip sync in '73.

  70. ClubViking63

    Raspberries and Dwight Twilley were the kings of Power Pop!!

  71. Theresa Conner

    Love love love this song

  72. gayle lynn

    love, love love this song!!! <3

  73. yoshiyasugt

    I love ERIC!!

  74. Kevin Olson

    Great song. This is what I miss about those years in the early seventies, the great pop bands like the raspberries.

  75. Philip Price

    They were never ashamed about their influences and flaunted them freely, especially on their fourth and last album, which is their best--"Starting Over"...

  76. Philip Price

    Great lead vocal from Eric Carmen!!

  77. joeandsakura

    Beautiful song, still stays in my mind.

    gerard cousineau

    I'm glad a girl like the raspberries! :)

  78. Moon Rich

    "They remind me of Badfinger"?  Like Creme Brulee reminds you of doggie do?

  79. naughtmoses

    The version on the "Live on the Sunset Strip" reunion CD (mid 2000s) is sooooooooo good. Eric's voice "rounded," and Wally and Dave hold their harmonies flawlessly. 

    Robyn Guzman

    What do you mean by 'rounded'? Thanks😊


    I find Eric's vocals on the so-called "Live" album (most of which appear to be re-dubbed) to be strained and lacking color. In the case of "Let's Pretend" he wisely lowered the key several steps rather than attempt the notes heard in this performance.

  80. rick charles

    Wonder if Eric can still hit those notes?lol


    rick charles No, he can’t. The Berries regrouped and toured back in ‘94/‘95. He couldn’t quite hit the high notes. So he changed octaves when necessary.

  81. rick charles

    Now he's breeding.

  82. magentarose6

    They remind me of Badfinger, from what I heard on my transistor radio when I was small.

  83. Steve Jump

    Frankie Valli should man up and acknowledge his paternity of Eric.

  84. pushkin323

    They were so good.

  85. adventuretom

    I still want to know who won the Rollswagen?

  86. Theearthtraveler

    An excellent video!

  87. sharon paa

    Definition: ERIC CARMEN, TRUE ARTST!!

  88. Theearthtraveler

    My favorite song of theirs, thanks for posting.

  89. SuperAtlantis1

    Eric and Wally wrote most songs.

  90. ShakehandShake33

    simply put it doesn't get much better than this in music. The Hold me Hold Me Hoooooollllllld Me part is pure bliss

  91. calalilygirl

    Did Eric Carmen write their songs?


    calalilygirl Carmen wrote most, including their 3 or 4 songs that “charted”.

  92. calalilygirl

    Some songs just do that to ya! you're so right.

  93. Deborah Knopes

    Listening to Eric Carmens voice gives Me a high better than any drug possibly could

  94. Deborah Knopes

    Eric Carmen's voice is a national treasure.I get goosebumps every time I hear this song. Wish I could go back in time to 1973.

  95. jackmackreacher

    I couldn't agree more.

  96. jackmackreacher

    Too damn good! I'd almost forgotten this song.

  97. hammer44head

    Yeah for a few years Eric was out McCartneying Paul.Sounds like Paul singing a Brian Wilson song on this one.The Raspberrys were great,wish they had lasted a few more years longer.

  98. yerboyfloyd

    I agree. That song had at least three great hooks. Should have charted higher.