Carmen, Eric - Change Of Heart Lyrics

I can still recall when we said that our love was forever
All those plans we made for tomorrow that looked so bright
Ah, and I understand all the reasons you gave me for leaving
But that doesn't help when I'm sleeping alone each night

Ah, so if you ever have a change of heart
Just remember it's not too late to start
If you still believe in what love can do

I could find someone more than willing to be your replacement
But there's no one else who can move me the way you do
Ah, so for now, goodbye, but if ever you find you still want me
You just call my name, 'cause I'll always be here for you

Ah, so if you ever have a change of heart
Just remember it's not too late to start
If you still believe in what love can do

Nothing you could ever do would change the things I know
Deep in my heart
So I got to make you understand before I go
Sooner or later, I don't know when
I'm gonna get you back in my arms again

And if you ever have a change of heart
Just remember it's not too late to start
If you still believe in what love can do

So if you ever have a change of heart
Just remember it's not too late to start
If you still believe in what love can do

So if you ever have a change of heart
Just remember it's not too late to start
If you still believe in what love can do

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Carmen, Eric Change Of Heart Comments
  1. gregory Genx88

    One of those gems you caught listening to American Top 40 as a kid

  2. Luis Poveda

    Cuantos recuerdos hermosos de una epoca inolvifable 1979.

  3. Keisha Nicole

    Incredible song. It is fantastic and beautiful sung. ♥️

  4. 70s child

    i remember this song! what a beautiful gem of a song!

  5. Sergio Rivera

    Eric Carmen
    "Change Of Heart"
    #19, 1978.

  6. Richard Null

    What a voice!!! Wow!!!

  7. Stephany Zaldaña

    From Honduras today july 13th enjoy this music

  8. erika Capricornio

    Me gusta este tema inolvidable. Grande Eric Carmen

  9. mike5556

    What a travesty that this reached #137 and the Macarena was #1!!!!

    Larry Hinze

    FOR SURE! lol

  10. Eduardo Urbina

    bonita canción del recuerdo

  11. Stephanie Casey

    This is a great song it takes me back to the ever great 70s.... Eric Carmen is so hansome with a great vocal range to match

  12. Sonia Maria Miliano

    Que linda música!

  13. Daniel Sanchez

    Bonita cancion !!!!!!!!!!

  14. martin tapia gomez

    from mexico: great song !!!

  15. Paula Ward

    Love it


    eric carmen, tiene buenas canciones, me recuerda cuando lo escuchaba en la radio.

  17. Carlo Alberto

    Eric Carmen - Change of heart; (P) 1978 Arista Records Inc.

  18. Charles Thompson

    Such a Gem

  19. Anna Maria Delgado

    Great hook. Always loved this song since it was first released in my 7th grade year.

  20. The Shawn Murphy Journal

    i remember coming home from school to see Eric perform this song on CTV talk show The Alan Thicke show

  21. Keith Bernhardt

    Haven't heard this song in 40 years !

  22. Mike Drennan

    This Was my absolute Favorite song by Eric Carmen outside of his work with the Raspberries!! All by Myself is a close 2nd. Nobody plays this song anymore. Why???

  23. Edmund Vitale

    God! Is this a great song!! SO Seventies ... how come they don't make lyrical pop like this anymore? Have we all gotten so old that we have forgotten what love is all about - from finding to its loss ...

  24. Ruben Dario


  25. Jennifer Chua

    I didn't know Eric Carmen sang this! Oh wow what a terrific song! 😂

    Larry Hinze

    It is!!

    ted dymski

    @Larry Hinze There's a stupid truck driver named Big rig Pickett who states this man only had one big song that being All by myself. I had to set this fool straight.

  26. Kathy Carroll


    Mike Drennan

    Kathy Carroll Love this song as well. Brings me back so many great memories of good times I had in the late 70s. Best song he Ever did outside the Raspberries!!

  27. Martin Yeager

    Jr High tunes...

  28. Janet O'Connor

    I was a Sophomore in High School when it came out and I almost forgot about it until yesterday when I heard on a TV Music Channel.


    Janet O'Connor that's exactly my story too! Heard this song yesterday while training a client n had to 'Youtube' it.

  29. Matthew Stetson

    My favorite from him outside of a number of tunes from Boats Against The Current. This song deserved a better fate Top 40 wise.

  30. Joana Booz

    Gracias a radio JR-FM 88.7 en Arequipa - Peru , disfruto de estas hermozas canciones ..=)


    Todavía existe esa radioemisora?...excelente, hace años que no la escucho, que no voy por allá..

  31. William Magaw Jr

    If you listen to the song very carefully, you'll hear the backing vocals of Samantha Sang (who covered it as a B-side) and Brenda Russell (Piano In The Dark).


    I thought her rendition was terrible


    I liked her song "Emotion " from that year .

  32. Connie Young

    Eric Carmen is so talented. Not only does he write many of his own songs, he is an extremely accomplished musician.

  33. ClubViking63

    Nice album, but the production lacks a thing or two....could have been much better.

    Larry Hinze

    I think it was an emphasis effect.


    Eric Carmen has always been one of my fav artists but his other albums are better. This sounds as it was recorded in one afternoon session.

    Bill Smith

    well, I do not own his other LPs... but if you can write and record lyrics like Change of Heart... you are OK in my book.... this song has real meaning for any old romantic fool like myself...just sayin'


    This is a really nice song but the rest of the album....well, could have been made better. "Baby I need your lovin´ is a great song but if you have heard Eric´s first two albums you know his talent. I still say this is an underproduced album. His later albums did not show up any better too.

    Larry Hinze

    I think it is one of his best. So be it.

  34. Starguard !

    When I was a Freshmen  in High School I used to absolutely LOVE this song.. with a Passion!!

    Larry Hinze

    I used to love to play it on the radio...

    Lori Jacobson

    I was a freshman too

  35. Rick Killpack

    but she lies with a kiss and a hug so my heart has a change good bye

  36. Mauricio Roa

    Love this sobg.

    Larry Hinze

    It is a good sobg.


    This sobg has stood the test of time.