Carly Simon - You Won't Forget Me Lyrics

You won't forget me, though you may try
I'm part of memories, too wonderful to die
And it will happen, that now and then
You'll fall to wonderin' if we shouldn't have tried again

You won't forget me, on nights like this
The moon will cast on you the shadow of my kiss
No matter where you are with whom you are
You'll think of me, you won't forget me
Just wait and see, you won't forget me
Just wait and see, you won't forget me
Just wait and see

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Carly Simon You Won't Forget Me Comments
  1. Bill Pressler

    This strikes me as a hard song to sing...but I love it! I think she sounds great here.

  2. M.J. Leger

    Another brunette who went bottle-blond -- I guess they think it will help their career!   It does nothing for her looks at all!  I love Shirley Horn doing this song, I can't watch Carly -- her mouth is so big and threatening (so toothy)!  I often wonder if she would have made it without all that Simon-Schuster money!


    i think it's gray hair

  3. Marcos Souza

    I did enjoy her performance here. The arrangement is superb,too.

  4. Erick F

    Carly is the best ♥

  5. swampzoid

    We won't forget you. Not a force like Carly Simon. 

  6. felix thecat

    I appreciate the different music styles Carly has tried over the years. Otherwise, her music would have not been very interesting like "M" who has does the same stuff over and over. I think this is a very good live performance.


    Carly Simon has an interesting voice, but it's not a particularly good singing voice. It's a unique sounding voice but tends to lean on the hoarse side. She doesn't have the vocals to pull a song like this off. Nice try, but no.

    M.J. Leger


  8. B4inSF

    Can you believe her vocals here? I mean this is Carly Simon, the hippie from the late 60s, the singer songwriter supreme from the 70s, the Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe winner from the 80s,...and here she is in the 90s so effortlessly vocally blowing the roof off honoring her love for FILM NOIR songs. What other artist from the same beginnings has given us this kind of UNIQUE excellence?

  9. treg1980

    The ONE AND ONLY Carly Simon. Nobody does it better than she does. Her music became the soundtrack to my life!!

  10. angelgirls1980

    Always awesome Carly! Thanks for sharing.