Carly Simon - Three Days Lyrics

If I have known you only three days
Then how will I remember you in ten?
But I could swear I'll love you always
And if the gods will please be kind
Darling, I'll be with you soon, soon again.

And on the road you have some good times
But when the show is over you go home
And it hurts me so to leave you behind,
And lordy I feel lonesome,
Lonesome for the you I might have known.

You'll be in L.A. in the morning
And I'll be in London by sundown
But when I sing, my song is filled with longing
And the memory of your last look
The way you took me by suprise
And the way you turned my head around
And the way you turned my head around.

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Carly Simon Three Days Comments
  1. Tanith Jackson

    I think this is one of Carly Simon's best songs. It's about Kris Kristofferson. They were an item at one time.

  2. Vegan Vocalist

    This could have been written for Joni Michell , very Joni this track, only just discovered this and is now a favourite of Carly's : )

  3. Sly Slaughter

    A blazingly great song and album.

  4. Silence Is Surreal

    arguably one of my favorite Carly Simon songs

  5. Patrick T. Randolph

    There is a simple yet haunting tone to this song; the spirit and power of summer also sing out and capture the magic hunger in the ear.

  6. Petr Slivinski

    Good song by our lovely Ms. Carly Simon.  Thanks Carly for the songs and the memories of playing the vinyl non-stop.

  7. daemonicstar

    Beautiful song, beautiful voice from a beautiful lady. :)

  8. Janet Reynolds

    This was written right after she moved in with Kristofferson

  9. radarguy602

    Is this about Cat, James, or some other?

  10. bball1518

    great tune,underrated