Carly Simon - Our Affair Lyrics

What a perfect night
Secrets lights up the sky
Like fireflies do
There's nothing but a silky hope
That old opiate
Between me and you

Don't look now
We're just about there
We're just one little breath away
From our affair
From our affair

Don't move too fast
Don't run scared
We're just one surrender away
From our affair

Don't you feel like
You're coming down with something
Some great fancy flu
Don't you feel like you're
Coming down with me
And it doesn't get sicker than you

Don't you feel like this is the really good part
Where it's still up in the air
The perfect romance is never
Stated or sated, deflated or fair

Don't admit it yet
And don't stop saying your prayers
We're just one little heartbeat away
From our affair
From our affair

There's a light in my window
And a little red ladybug in my hair
Just one turn down an empty street
Away,away, away
From our affair
From our affair

There's a white-hot desire
Of which I am pleasantly aware
Just one more "wait a minute baby"
Away, away, away, away
From our affair
From our affair
From our affair

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Carly Simon Our Affair Comments

    I think years back your music to me was another musician, songstress on the radio or made a record. But as time has past and we are a little older and more appreciative we do just that and become just that. We appreciate more and we realize the talent, the words, the sounds. Thank you Carly.

  2. Wieland Wittmann

    Es ist immer wieder ein Vergnügen und ein Erlebnis, dieser Grande Dame der Popmusik zuzuhören. 👍👍👍👏👏👏🙋

  3. Marc Joe

    i wonder why the remix by Richard Perry wasnt included as a bonus track and def would have been a great single for the radio way back then and was only on the sdtk to the terrible movie 'bounce' i think was the name of the flick but the remix is great! i wish they included it on the special edition. 


    I agree. I adore the Bounce (never seen it) remix version and prefer it over this TBT version.

  4. felix thecat

    Carly, thanks for posting this very groovy song.  I heard it playing in Kinko's when the cd first came out.  I was hoping this song would be a hit.


    It sure is exciting to hear Carly's singing while out shopping in public.