Carly Simon - Lili Marlene Lyrics

Outside the barracks by the corner light
Darling I remember how I'd wait for you at night
There we'd create a world for two, I'd wait for you
The whole night through, was there that you'd whisper tenderly
That you loved me, you'd always be
Be my Lili Marlene, be my Lili Marlene

I'd give you a rose to show I care,
And wind it through your golden hair
Then we would say goodnight and part,
I'll always keep you in my heart
With me Lili Marlene, with me Lili Marlene

My Lili of the lamplight, my own Lili Marlene

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Carly Simon Lili Marlene Comments
  1. Juan Cantu

    Marlene dietrich.

  2. Gonzalo Solé

    How beautiful version, so deep with huge meaning during all those moments of war. It makes me cry. It proyects me into many things about romance and scared war moments of survivals and those loosing loves. I congratulate Carly Simon who gives us this magnificent version. Thanks for posting it.

  3. Irma P.

    So viele probieren sich an diesem Lied aus, so viele vergehen sich an ihm. auch hier finde ich die Konstellation Mutter-Sohn fraglich, zzmal es sich in dem Lied nicht um Marlene Dietrich gehandelt hat.

  4. Peter Smith

    crap, never been in contact

  5. maks kawa

    мр-40 по вам плачет

  6. Karen T

    So beautiful Carly and such a talented son. Awesome!!!

  7. Leila Pugnaloni

    love it

  8. Aiea Slippers

    That sucked. Worst rendition of the song I have ever heard.

  9. danijel dach

    We einst Lili Marleen .

  10. Frida Masdeu

    Thank you Ms. Simon., you keep pleasently surprising me. Viva Lili Marlene, Miss Dietrich and Miss Simon!

  11. Carlos Hugo Geib

    Beautiful version of Lili Marleen, but the first one was done by Lale Andersen, and sent by a nazi radio station as the good night song to the german soldiers, soldiers of the other side loved to listen to it too, oh, it's a long story...

  12. The Brain

    Sehr gute Stimmen, tolle Interpretation des Liedes.

  13. Fred Guldbrandsen

    Vor der Kaserne
    Vor dem großen Tor
    Stand eine Laterne
    Und steht sie noch davor
    So woll'n wir uns da wieder seh'n
    Bei der Laterne wollen wir steh'n
    Wie einst Lili Marleen.

    Unsere beide Schatten
    Sah'n wie einer aus
    Daß wir so lieb uns hatten
    Das sah man gleich daraus
    Und alle Leute soll'n es seh'n
    Wenn wir bei der Laterne steh'n
    Wie einst Lili Marleen.

    Schon rief der Posten,
    Sie blasen Zapfenstreich
    Das kann drei Tage kosten
    Kam'rad, ich komm sogleich
    Da sagten wir auf Wiedersehen
    Wie gerne wollt ich mit dir geh'n
    Mit dir Lili Marleen.

    Deine Schritte kennt sie,
    Deinen zieren Gang
    Alle Abend brennt sie,
    Doch mich vergaß sie lang
    Und sollte mir ein Leids gescheh'n
    Wer wird bei der Laterne stehen
    Mit dir Lili Marleen?

    Aus dem stillen Raume,
    Aus der Erde Grund
    Hebt mich wie im Traume
    Dein verliebter Mund
    Wenn sich die späten Nebel drehn
    Werd' ich bei der Laterne steh'n
    Wie einst Lili Marleen.

  14. Adler H

    Grausam ! Fremdscham pur !

  15. TheMobileMan

    Dame Vera Lynn did a great version for the British troops.

  16. Shamim Huq

    World War II created much misery but one delight of that catastrophic event was this particular song and tune ...


    That and the 1943 penny.

    Shamim Huq

    Ace1King1 please elaborate on the 1943 penny and it’s story. 😊


    Shamin Huq
    The 1943 silver colored penny is a wartime coin issue made of steel and coated with zinc. During World War II, the war effort required a lot of copper to make shell casings and munitions. In 1943 the penny was made out of zinc plated steel to save copper for the war effort which is why most 1943 pennies are silver colored.

    To help the war effort by eliminating copper from U.S. pennies, the United States Mint came up with a new metallic composition for the one cent piece. They decided on using steel for the base metal and plating it with pure zinc. Unfortunately, zinc oxidizes over time and turns into a dull and dark gray color.

    Moisture came in contact with the coins as they circulated in commerce. The moisture caused the zinc coating to turn to an ugly blackish color. As the zinc coating wore off the steel core the exposed steel underneath began to rust.

    The manufacturing process for producing the planchets was also flawed. Mint workers first rolled a sheet of steel to the proper thickness. Next, the steel sheet was plated with zinc and passed through a blanking press. The blanking press punched coin blanks punched out of it. The manufacturing process resulted in bare steel exposed on the edge of the coin. As moisture attacked the edge of the coin, it would rust regardless of the surface condition of the rest of the coin.

    There are a few very valuable error coins produced in 1943. Since the mint produces billions of coins in an average year, they use huge totes to move them around the mint facility. As the totes moved from machine to machine, sometimes a blank from the last batch would get stuck in a crevice. Most numismatists believe that a few copper planchets from 1942 got caught in a crevice in the tote. The coining press struck the copper planchets with the 1943 date. Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco all produced these ultra rare 1943 copper pennies.

    In 1944 the mint switched back to using copper to produce the pennies. Once again, the totes contained a few zinc-coated steel planchets stuck in the crevices. The coining presses then produced 1944 pennies on zinc-coated steel planchets instead of bronze planchets.

  17. Mirun ok


  18. Vaclav Směták

    On Carly Simon is remarkable only her big wide open mouth

  19. zola561

    Awful version

  20. nemo

    Lale Andersen, the first, german singer, not traitor.

  21. Grace Hampton

    I like the rhythm in this version - makes it sound more like a ballad.

  22. Les Reed

    Quite nice...

  23. Douglas Eduardo Braga

    That's simply wonderful! I love it!

  24. marcos Torres sáavedra

    Halló.. Ich liberich

  25. Tvideo

    If you want the best English version, listen to Vera Lynn. For the original (much better) German version, Lale Anderson. Sorry, I am a Carly Simon fan but she is TERRIBLE with this song.


    top in german ute lemper imo

  26. Bill Moss

    So many versions of this wonderful song, and I like this. My favourite version is by Connie Francis, taken at a different tempo.

  27. Adler H

    Grausam ! Fremdscham pur !

  28. Merry Frog

    Lale Anderson's version the original and the best.

    Juan Cantu

    Marlene dietrich.

  29. Dom E

    Hommage  à  cette  grande dame  , madame  Marlène Diètrich  , qui  reçu la  légion  d'honneur  de mon pays , a  connu  l'amour   avec  un grand  artiste français , et dont nous  avons  eu  le  privilège  de l'avoir chez  nous à Paris  .  Superbe  version , merci  à  ces  artistes américains  pour  ce  merveilleux  hommage .

  30. Peter King

    Not a patch on Vera Lynn or Marlene Dietrich. I love Carly Simon, but she can' carry this

  31. welsh rune

    Not a patch on the German version.

  32. Taco Veldstra


  33. unimatrix0101

    Tut mir leid, aber auf deutsch klingt es trotzdem viel besser. :\

  34. Laurie Macrae

    she's amazing and her son Ben Taylor is pretty awesome!

  35. Ron Haytack

    Always a pleasure to hear you, and your son is great!