Carly Simon - In The Still Of The Night Lyrics

In the still of the night
I-I held you, held you tight
'Cause I love, love you so
Promise I'll never let you go
In the still of the night (in the still of the night)

I remember (I remember) that night in May (I remember)
The stars (I remember) were bright a-a-bo-o-o-ove (I remember)
I'll hope (I remember) and I'll pray (I remember)
To keep .. your prec..ious lo-o-o-o-o-ove

Well before the li-ight
Hold me again
With all of your might
In the still of the night (in the still of the night)

So before the li-ight
Hold me again
With all of your might
In the still of the night (in the still of the night)

In the still of the night

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Carly Simon In The Still Of The Night Comments
  1. Tania Edelweiss

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 🌹🌻🌺🌷

  2. Philip Meers

    Today I watched a programme in which four young singers performed this song in Roselyn Chapel. Their voices were ethereal in one of the most stunning arrangements I'd ever heard. They certainly made you realise that it was "the still of the night".

    As a result, I have spent an enjoyable hour or so listening to other versions. Though good, many were more like 4:30 on a wet afternoon..."let's cheer everyone up with a jolly sing-a-long". This, on the other hand, makes me feel the chill of a dark, moonlit night, the window open, the moon drifting slowly across the sky. Ms Simon's voice suggests a fire crackling in the room, a drink to hand (gin and tonic for me), and the confusion of an uncertain love. She is not singing the words, it's as if she is living the words, but what should I expect from the inimitable Carly Simon?

    This is the best version that I've found, even pushing the divine Ella Fitzgerald into a somewhat distant 2nd place. Wonderful!

  3. Jerri Fender

    Carly's vocal quality is in a class by itself. What a magnificent rendition of Cole Porter's classic. Beautiful arrangement, perfect interpretation, and the perfection of Carly's tonal quality, timing and unmistakable sound she possesses makes this song just as fresh and new, as if it were written yesterday. What a talented woman. Love you, Carly, and all the beautiful music you have brought us throughout the years.

  4. bubsmeister

    The arranger did this classic justice.... Masterfully crafted

  5. Joan Hall Hovey

    This is a less romantic and sentimental generation ~

  6. Rex fromMN

    This classic music is performed very well by Carly Simon. You can't beat this classic music from the big band era. Carly's smooth velvet voice was made for these songs. You never get tired of listening to her singing these songs from yester year. I wish young people liked music like this today.

  7. Kmr Petchr

    So excellent Carly Simon does

  8. Luiz Antonio Sacconi

    Bela interpretação dessa que é uma das canções mais lindas que Cole Porter compôs..

  9. Tom Degan

    It's now a little before 4AM. There's no better time of the night for this recording. None.

  10. 조용성

    i like it

  11. Andrew Desouza

    Such a lovely flow!

  12. Susan P

    One of my all-time favorite albums

  13. Vladimir Kosovskij

    All the singers you are!

  14. Edna Anjos


  15. Karin Berryman

    How lovely to hear a performer retaining the original melody and rhythm of such a magic classic! Carly is right up there with the best of America's great female vocalists!

  16. Augustine Perez

    Beautiful song, my dreams come true, could listen to this all night.

  17. Cesar Silva

    That's Lovely

  18. Jerry Roumm

    Carly, love everything CARLY

  19. Michael Widener

    Carly Simon's arrangements are fantastic.

  20. Second Life Live


  21. Rowena Suarez

    As Barry White would say YOU SHO RIGHT.

  22. Dorothy Gale

    Mellower, a bit browner, but still a great voice and great delivery.

  23. yvonne harvey

    love this song, but anything by carly is great, i am 78 and can remember all the old songs and singers, she is up there with he best

  24. Skip Davis

    I first this number on a 1950's LP of Dick Leibert playing the 4-17 WurliTzer Theatre Organ at the Byrd Theater in Richmond, Virginia, and fell in love with it (both the organ and the song). Carly Simon's version hits the nail on the head. Beautiful.

  25. Radner Bearman

    I love this arrangement of this great song

  26. Evandro Luiz Benito Cavalcanti benito

    i Love so much
    Brazílian fan

  27. Tom Degan

    I'm speechless.

  28. William Bristow

    You were right the first time, the music today is crap. Crap and Rap, synonymous.

    Richard Scally

    I couldn't agree more, these gastley Celebrated Talentless so called Stars of today, just an irritating Shrill on the ear.

  29. marionalvis20

    My foolish heart

  30. Leandro Cunha

    eu amo de paixão
    sou fã de CARLY SIMON
    i Love so much
    Brazílian fan

    simba simba

    Eu também! Voz linda e extremamente sensual! Maravilhoso ouvi-la!

  31. JMA X


  32. Carmem Silvia Coelho de Souza Campos


  33. Alvaro Medina Peniche

    Incomparable !!

  34. Alvaro Medina Peniche

    Mi cantante favorita....única...feeling

  35. 大熊信五


  36. Nobody YouKnow

    wasn't worth 30 seconds !

  37. loricashe CASHE

    This rendition of one of my favorite Cole Porter songs is absolutely SUPERB! Carly Simon nailed this classic with her usual stroke of sultry, smooth vocal quality. Fantastic! Porter and Simon equals absolute perfection. Tonal quality of Carly is in a class by herself. And that is truly a complement for a vocalist. I LOVE THIS SONG AND CARLY'S INTERPRETATION OF IT. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  38. hal lyons

    What a great voice singing an old favorite.

  39. Roberta Telles

    Amo !!!

  40. Ed Giesler

    Thanks to Carly for performing these beautiful songs. They just don't write them like this anymore.

  41. Virginia Barreras

    Thank You!

  42. Grace Perez

    feeling ssssssssssssssbello


    Grace, it 'feels' like a soft caress. Carly is perfect for the song and gives meaning for all of us to share. Feeling is great.



  44. Kari Helopaltio

    Sorry Ella, but Carly nails it ! A Cole Porter song.


    Wish Ella had a modern awesome would that be?

  45. Sheila Franschman

    to everyone who remembers what real music sounds like  
    don't hear it much these days  
    gotta go back to the past when songs with words sent a message of love
    not this crap today, did I say crap, I meant rap


    @Sheila Franschman - We agree totally

    L. Chandler

    Some times I think I was born in the wrong era. The sixties were nice, but love the songs from the 30s, 40s, & 50s. The lyrics & music was so moving and created a mood. My father taught me to appreciate music like this: love the "American Song Book" music. Carly does a rendition of my "My Foolish Heart" that is great!

    hal lyons

    Count me in.

    Edna Anjos

    hal lyons m

  46. KGSax

    fantastic Album

  47. shimenoかずよし

    6歳上のおねーさん 久々に聴きました
    面目躍如♪ 癒されます・・・こころは70年代へ

  48. Sheila Franschman

    nobody does it better

  49. Ron Dreger

    Wow! This is a side of Carly I haven't heard.  I think I'm in love!

  50. Saint Claire

    Very charming. Song and singer...  ;-)

  51. Ingelise jørgensen

    så skøn og dejlig  kan hør den igen og igen


    well said

  52. Pilar Cat

    No me canso de oir esta canción cantada por Carly Simon, es una de las 10 mejores si tuviera que dar la lista...

  53. Stephen Manuman

    Heard this on Sirius while driving to day, beautiful. I didn't expect to get it on Youtube. Seems when Xm satellite radio have songs they are removed from Youtube.

  54. its1941

    Beautifully sung, lovely arrangement.

  55. Inmaculada Ruiz


  56. Wilma Tejero

    Thank Carly. Ur music lights up our day.

  57. hikerbecky

    Heard this version again after not hearing it for so long, just love it! Carly's voice is great!

  58. LIN11831

    There must be more than 25 votes on this beautiful song so wonderfully done by Garly.

  59. LIN11831


  60. LIN11831


  61. boxpleatfan

    Awesome song done wonderfully by Carly!