Carly Simon - I Only Have Eyes For You Lyrics

My love must be a kind of blind love
I can't see anyone but you
And dear, I wonder if you find love
An optical illusion, too?

Are the stars out tonight?
I don't know if it's cloudy or bright
'Cause I only have eyes for you, dear
The moon may be high
But I can't see a thing in the sky
'Cause I only have eyes for you.

I don't know if we're in a garden
Or on a crowded avenue
You are here, so am I
Maybe millions of people go by
But they all disappear from view
And I only have eyes for you

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Carly Simon I Only Have Eyes For You Comments
  1. Jimmy Uberas

    She's a great singer and performer combine.

  2. sueli hana

    How old she was in this video??

  3. Marcos Oliveira Santos


  4. grooverunner

    Richard Perry produced this version by Ms. Simon and Art Garfunkel's version, too. From the 1934 film, "Dames".

  5. Susan Fowler

    My favorite female vocalist, hands down.

  6. Carsten Scheel

    oh mrs simon! my bloodpressure increases! i am feeling hin -und weg!my heart is beating for you too!


    Great song, great singer. There is no room for improvement. She reaches it every time.

  8. MrRea112

    The very embodiment of style and sensuality

  9. Marco Robotti

    Fantastica sempre

  10. Anthony Molina

    Finding the right version of this song is like finding a car with the right colour exterior and interior.. Ever combination under the sun but not the one your remember..

  11. B4inSF

    They spared no expense for the video.... NOT!
    Geez Columbia dig a little deeper in your very deep pockets!
    Why just one music video for this INCREDIBLE album of romantic standards??

  12. Tom Brown

    Is on an old song But I still love it for. You. Tammy

  13. Bitchin Moniker

    Am I the only one who thinks that her body language in this video is really creepy ?

  14. Karin Berryman

    Totally bewitching!

  15. Hank Wanders

    Love it

  16. Olympus Mars

    The one and only 💙💙💙

  17. John Reid

    In a word, Pure Horn. (Hmmm, that's two but I won't change)

  18. Bill j

    Pretty nice version, but her animated gestures are comical. I like the way she twinkles her fingers when she says 'avenue." lol

  19. Gerald Johnson

    Carly Simon. 'Nuff said. Puttin' her touch on a classic, and the black & white.... Outstanding. Thank you and God bless. Thanks for the upload. Blessings

  20. Uncle Larryboy

    What a classy version of this song.

  21. jorge gonçalves

    Very very beautiful. I love you.

  22. Esmeralda 25

    she sings with feelings and just so herself, this is THAT Carly Simon indeed....

  23. Allison

    Yes sorry but Art is the best rendition of this...


    But Carly is not bad:)

    Cindy Pye

    She sure ain't sexy now lol

  24. Caroline Percy


  25. jerry kemmerer

    love this song.....especially by Carly......

  26. Juli Finch

    Love, Love Carly's music!! I only have ears for your music. Thank You Carly keep the songs coming.

  27. Pat Robinson

    A classic. Haven't found a version that I don't like.


    I can't find one that I do like

    Stan The Spartan

    @pachma Have you listened to Art Garfunkel's version circa 1976?

  28. Juliano Santos

    Carly Simon é realmente maravilhosa !!!

  29. Karl Lieck

    Nice version by Carly, but i still prefer Art Garfunkle's dreamy, sexy version.☺

    Denis Lessard

    i like the original by the flamingos. i guess when you have memories attached to it, it doesn't matter how good the covers are, they just don't match up.


    Its cool we all do lol

    June Bermingham

    Art for me love him,,,,,,, 😃

  30. Ed Giesler

    Thanks, Carly. Your selections from The Great American Songbook have been great and your performance of them is wonderful. I listen to them all the time.

  31. Kasbahkabaret

    Beautiful. Love you Carly.

  32. Diva Maria

    Carly Simon e Frank Sinatra me encantam! Suas vozes brilham eternamente no universo da musica!

  33. amandajstar

    Nope, the eye gesture she should have done once, at most twice (I've done it myself, by chance, drawing hair away and captured by snapshot), but three times is too much. Just a note on choreography. Also, she has bony knees. I would have picked a different dress.

    Michael Holland

    ...I'm sensing the colour green in your wouldn't know a good pair of legs if they kicked you in the


    Take your glasses off and perhaps you'll actually see something.

    Michael Holland

    ...I'm wearing sunglasses because Carly is dazzling me...unlike your right boot!

    Lori Lori

    +amandajstar I would love to have Carly's legs for just one day. Who are you to judge Carly Simon!

  34. Mari Poppe

    Lindo !!

  35. maria martins

    l Love carly Simon!

  36. Petr Slivinski

    She does a lovely rendition of the beautiful song.

  37. TrueBlueSue49

    I Only Have Eyes For You - Carly Simon

    Paul Robichaud

    It was easy to find the description word for this one my friend AWESOME !

  38. Sam Stray

    I Love this Lady....she defines "COOL"


    I REALLY ENJOYED this song and Carly S.!!  Thumbs up and hello dear Sammy.  :)  ...thank you for this super post! 

    Sam Stray

    @carolsmusic2 I'm so glad you got to listen to Carly...she is an incredible talented young lady....see yo soon Carol,,, hugs!


    +Sam Stray ..hugs my dear friend Sammy! :)

  39. Pepe Carrillo

    She is the sexy, human version of Kira, the Gelfling from The Dark Crystal!

  40. C A

    They all disappear from view
    I only have eyes for you

  41. S Weller

    What  a gown!  Only  a handful of Ladies could perform in.   And Carley's at the top

  42. Nelly Valero

    Me fascina la gran mayoría de sus canciones, es una mujer excepcional !!!!

  43. Tom Hopkins

    Nice contralto.

  44. Bruchag

    Twice a year in my Northern climes the moon in her Silver Shoon reveals herself and drags her twinkling siblings with her...these nights fall around Equinoxes.....tonight is one of those two....but sadly it was silently special.....:-(((


    Ol' Carly, mmmmmmm.

  45. swampzoid

    sexiness at its very best 

  46. Zev Feldman

    nice version

  47. romeo q

    Damn another Illuminati video seeing the symbols! but i love this song and Version.

  48. indyvic

    Really nice performance! She owns this song now.

  49. David Marchetti

    God shes sexy

  50. cheryl lynn

    MOAM & POET <3

  51. Bernard Johannesen

    Lol, Carly - your so vain!

  52. qbear17

    Are you referring to the Dick Powell - Ruby Keeler version from 1934, the Peggy Lee version from 1950, the Flamingos version from 1959, or the Art Garfunkel version from 1975?

  53. Terri Papenheim

    Mine and my husband's song 32 years strong <3

  54. 112yrs

    Too much "physicality" of style. Great voice, but not used correctly for this song. Hardly what I call romantic as produced. Take a listen to Art Garfunkel's version.

  55. Joey Bagadonuts

    I think I'm in love.

  56. vmsscuba

    The best song she has ever done...

  57. Monkey Boy

    How does she stay so young looking and fresh and romantic ?

  58. Bigstooler0

    I suppose it is ok if you haven't listened to the original version for a decade or so. I expected something different. And honestly her movements to the song were distracting.I thought she was calling a field goal at one point. Oh well sorry everyone

  59. richard montez

    Great version from the one and only
    Carly .. Those , lips , those eyes what
    Can I say ....

  60. June Lynn

    Fantastic...I just love Carly's version

  61. Louis Profeta

    Yes, that smile beams.

  62. Valerie Sherman

    Oh my Carly...beautiful rendition...

  63. Tommy C. Norman Jr.

    very nicely done with that beautiful voice and that smile........ just melts my heart !!!!

  64. La Croix

    Oh my god Carly-You are a watercolor painting to watch when you perform! I have been a fan since I was 11-I'm 47 now. And to sing with you would be a BLESSING and Dream of my life! LOL! I'm in Nashville, Tn...and I do KNOW nothing is impossible if God's Hand is in it. My friend and I have been in choir since FOREVER-but we're the WILD side of "choir" We Love rock'n'roll too. You're the Best Carly!

  65. Joey Bagadonuts

    Imagine waking up next to her...

  66. Marie


  67. Jim Roberts

    No ONE sings this song a well (and sexy) as Carly... she is so beautiful

  68. Curvy Creature

    Une voix du ciel

  69. swampzoid

    totally loving that carly simon ! ! !

  70. mug wump

    ageless and timeless......

  71. Daren Salter

    Classy video— the retro black and white harkens back to an earlier era, and the simplicity of the set design focuses the viewer's attention on the performance. What I like most are the moments where she really seems to be enjoying herself, the stylized hand gestures referencing the Flamingos' original recording—and that wonderful smile. Brava!

  72. jttrumpet55

    Hi Carly. Beautiful and refreshing interpretation of this ole classic...Thank you for sharing...JT..

  73. mark hessel

    Good song

  74. ricardovmonteiro

    I will always love Carly - for me, she's some kind of mother figure, LOL. Her cover of IOHEFY is cool, but the video is wrong in all possible levels. It lacks proper direction, her moves are awkward, bad hair, bad dress and bad colors (is she orange or something?). The promo videos she did for "Torch" are the ones to keep.

    Laquinton Wagner

    Shes aprt black. Always had a lil color to her.

  75. SolarXdame

    I like this even better then the original because your voice is so compelling and the video is beautiful.

  76. Paul De Leon

    beautiful song... no one can do these kinda songs anymore...such an exceptional one of a blew my so captivated

  77. Nora Enciso

    Have always been a fan of hers and James Taylor I love them both and was ecstatic to find her songs at YT that I have never heard in a long time.Thanks to you

  78. mug wump

    i've been a big fan of carly's since the early 70's and she never disappoints. she just keeps getting better and better and better.....

  79. swampzoid

    love the black and white and the paper moon.
    this video is ultra-sexy and your singing is captivating.
    i've loved many versions of this classic and you out done them all.
    awesome job carly.