Carly Simon - Christmas Is Almost Here Lyrics

There's a hand that's old and rough
And it's holding on
To one that's new and small
Whose life has just begun
Hand in hand
Young and old
Calm each others fears
Christmas is almost here

There's a rocky road ahead
Two people walk alone
Wondering in the fading light
If they can find their home
When hope is almost gone
A distant light appears
Christmas is almost here

Almost here for those in doubt
For those who must remain
Left behind when love goes cold
And shifting life makes change

Almost here for dreamers
Who think that there's a chance
That they will find their music
And a partner for the dance

There's a dream that doesn't die
Now we walk as one
Justice has a gentle hand
And love is like the sun

The darkest night is past
And by the stars we steer
Christmas is almost here
Christmas is almost here

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Carly Simon Christmas Is Almost Here Comments
  1. Batusai Kenshin

    whos here looking for the livingston taylor version??? cant find one on youtube n spotify!!! suck thats sounds better

  2. swampzoid

    This song makes me sad. I never found a partner for the dance. 

  3. sergeantclemetsluver

    I have this CD and Listen to it every year one of my Favorite Carly Albums.

  4. Jeffrey Koman

    Absolutely fabulous! You can really feel Liv in this and not a better vocalist anywhere to bring out all the greatness of this song.

    To Livingston and family a very Merry Christmas

    and please please pass one along to Ms. Maggie Taylor as well

    snd to Carly Simon and family a very Merry Christmas as well.  Thanks, Jeff Koman

  5. bnf1210

    Merry Christmas!! :-)

  6. Steve Phillips

    I love Carly Simon : how much? Lots! xxx

  7. smooth73074

    Beautiful...thanks Carly. Merry Christmas to you!

  8. Ruth Rader

    Carly, you have no idea but this song has come just as it was meant to. Thank you for recording it! And Mr. Livingston Taylor, bless you for creating and sharing this wonderful part of your heart with us.* Merry Christmas.

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  10. 前野英一


  11. felix thecat

    Thanks for sharing Carly.  I'm glad your Christmas cd has original and less known songs on it.  Love it.

  12. Ottawarocket

    What a Beautiful song

  13. Huracan9011

    I love it. Thanks Carly.

  14. B4inSF

    LOVE this song and the album! Gorgeous!!

  15. Sid Barret

    ily Carly

  16. islezeus

    Beautiful lyrics