Carly Simon - Anticipation Lyrics

We can never know about the days to come
But we think about them anyway
And I wonder if I'm really with you now
Or just chasing after some finer day.

Anticipation, anticipation
Is making me late
Is keeping me waiting

And I tell you how easy it feels to be with you
How right your arms feel around me.
But I, I rehearsed those words just late last night
When I was thinking about how right tonight might be.

Anticipation, anticipation
Is making me late
Is keeping me waiting

And tomorrow we might not be together
I'm no prophet, not I don't know nature's way
So I'll try to see into your eyes right now
And stay right here, 'cause these are the good old days.

These are the good old days
And stay right here, 'cause these are the good old days

These are the good old days
These are the good old days
These are the good old days
These are the good old days

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Carly Simon Anticipation Comments
  1. saxonthedog99

    People forget how the thing were when they were happening, that's why the lyric "these are the good old days" is particularly poignant. When this song came out, people were pretty cynical -- they used this song in a ketchup commercial if I remember. Then I remember reading some article that was hopeful the 1980s would be a less cynical decade than the one concluding. Then the Reagan Era, which to me was definitely the good old days, but back then the criticisms were lying about the "decade of greed" and crassness. 

    The nineties, looking back, had its great moments, rise of the internet, grunge -- which at the time seemed new and interesting, even though it was just pre-Glam metal with some punk/harcore thrown in, with a pop music sensibility. After that, things start to blur, with the last twenty years being sort of a mosh pit of new technologies and cultural diffusion -- and what this has to do with the has become a mystery. 

    This is an object lesson in how streams of consciousness can end up spewing out when typing whatever comes out (sort of Jack Kerouac style). Then having enough that's likable to not edit it -- still, I always liked Carly Simon. She has the best Bond song of all time, with all due respect to Shirley Bassey, who is ... maybe the word awesome is even appropriate.

  2. Jeff Turner

    Her music is timeless.

  3. foxyroxstar

    Ever The Famous Queendom!

  4. Keifus Mathews

    Long-time crush


    As good as it gets in 2019 ! Sill a powerful singer!

  6. donge burdwell

    Puking chunks

  7. Stella Ercolani

    Gorgeous talent!✌️😘

  8. C R

    Greatest female musician of all time.....

  9. Charlotte Brooks

    Love this song........and always remember it playing in Heinz ketchup adverts on the tv!

  10. V. E.

    70s heart throb w/ a voice to knock you off your feet! I wonder if Frank Zappa was thinking of Carly when he penned the lyrics, "She's my little Jewish princes"? lol Yummy, juicy stuff, those ladies from the 70s. Diosa!!

  11. Blackberry Thistle Tea

    Still listening in 2019😁😁❤️❤️

  12. Laura Miller

    The ads on this site suck!

  13. Michael Reed

    I liked the album cover where she was showing he sweat Ass

  14. Magnum Opus 777

    Bass player from hall & Oates !!

  15. Dan Smith

    Can you believe that was a 70s song

  16. Lover of the Truth

    I love this woman! She is brave and strong and so talented. May your life continue to be blessed, Carly!

  17. Rebecca Moss

    Those were the Good old days for sure

  18. Kent Walker

    It's really too bad she and Cat Stevens couldn't have stayed together...

  19. Karen Stentz

    why? why what was she thinking that this would be the last......such a shameful waste.

  20. BandfromtheBand

    God knows, her songs, and her whole persona are so beautiful!!!

  21. stpaulimdog

    I still think of ketchup when I hear this song.

  22. Bill Hughes

    A great performance enhanced by the wonderful bass guitar playing of Tom Wolk (RIP - I miss you buddy)

  23. Na Jiya

    Ini lagu yang di nyanyikan d.o pas dia menang di sm intertimen kan??

  24. Tom Yazel

    ever wonder if she is the real mother to the Olson twins...just asking.

  25. Pinto Beans

    Amazing singer.

  26. Strong Meek

    Old songs are classic. No contest. 👍💪

  27. Holly Wilson

    10/2019 ❤️

    Alvin Gomes

    10/2019 from hawaii

  28. Raymond Marchand

    Love You, Carley.

  29. Hwkwkj Bejdjrje

    Live in the present! Adhere to physical fitness, mental fitness, emotional fitness, and spiritual fitness!
    Dr.Donald Rhoades

  30. hilborninjection


  31. harmony bend homestead

    The best ever... she sure says a mouthful at the end... "these are the good old days "... watched her and JT do Mockingbird earlier and thought... those sure were the good old days... 😎🖖

  32. Tracy Reynolds

    Just a thought you should do another Martha's Vineyard concert.

  33. Danny Adamson

    Those were the good old days

  34. Bonnie Allen

    She wrote this before her and Cat Steven first date.

  35. M G

    The ketchup ruined it for me. Anyone know what I mean?

    Profyte. com

    Neil Young had something to say about that:

  36. Adrian Benningfield

    I like you Carly,but I enjoy Tori Amos better.



  38. jack mayhoffer

    Reminds me of Ketchup.

  39. Improvisation Savvy

    Yes, wonderful music, beautiful look, the wind in her face. All of that. But the other thing that strikes me is how nice the comments are. No one is hating something about the video or of each other. Every comment I looked through just appreciated Carly and the song for what it is. The people writing the comments are as beautiful as the song and its performance. It's refreshing so thank you all for that!

  40. Henry F. Carrillo

    Those were the good ol days!♥️♥️🎼🎼😍. Still are with music like that!

  41. Dennis Osborne

    I think that's Rick Moratta on drums played on Steely Dans Aja , top drummer

    Роберт Фиэлдьс RRFIELDS65

    Yes It is Rick Rock!

  42. Pat Mandolla

    Jerry Koch do you remember this song these were the good old days

  43. Pat Mandolla

    A beautiful singer of wonderful song I wish you would make more music such a beautiful woman with a lot of talent

  44. Margaret Maskara

    beautifully filmed and recorded show

  45. Electoral College Enslaved Alumni

    Probably her best single song. Maybe You're So Vain?

  46. Paul Clynch

    My wife says this brings back so many memories of her listening to all the tracks on The Best singer in the world, Carly Simons !

  47. Gilbert Wong

    Thankyou carly to be in the toughest moment in my life

  48. Jeff Porcaro Groove

    sound engineer deserves an award for a live outdoor concert...sound is studio quality...of course she has the best studio players...the mix on this is incredible...the drum cross sticking sounds like a studio lp...her voice is perfect and she looks amazing...she is truly one of the greatest singer-songwriters....

    Роберт Фиэлдьс RRFIELDS65

    It was a 1 million dollar sound system...

  49. Rhonda Smith

    Just a girl and her guitar.. love!!!

  50. Sunil Nair

    very sweet and peaceful voice

  51. Tori Hamilton

    OMG I love this song...and I always knew she was "Black". It's in her color and her mouth. Leave it to Skip Gates to bring those skeletons all the way OUT! 💯❤️✊🏾


    Damn Heinz Ketchup ruined this song for me:)

  53. mike hutchison

    I have three female singers I just simply love 1 stevie nicks, carly simon, dolly parton.

  54. soulmate giri

    it made me cry.... how often I'm missing to live in the present and thinking about past and future. love this song, it touched my soul. I miss this kind of songs.

    John Bredhauer

    Just enjoy life

  55. Dani Sullivan

    One of the best Songs ever . 🙆‍♀️

  56. Ralph Flores

    Such a Great performance and an Amazing pocket “feel” these musicians delivered. 👍🏽😊🎶

  57. Adrian Miller

    Wasn't this song used in a Heinz Ketchup commercial in the 70s?

  58. Keith Lauder Jr

    Carly! ❤🎵❤🎵❤🎵❤🎵

  59. Just Steve

    Forever meaningful. And to the regular morons who post the "there's no music like this anymore maaaan" comments? Get a life for 2 minutes then step into traffic with a blindfold. My guess? The blood will be minimal.

  60. Shin-i-chi Kozima

    My mind is covered with crystal of emotion .

    From Tokyo in the dizzying Megalopolis ablaze with neon .

    Which national are you watching this video ?


    At her best at the best concert

  62. cleverkins

    After all our years...

  63. Rhonda Smith

    I miss you Josh Higgins!! Fly high!!

  64. drjohnson98

    That megawatt smile. And Carly's apparent enjoyment of performing translates to more enjoyment for the audience, or me at least.

  65. Les B

    I can understand the lyrics. Many vocalists these days dont know how to sing.

  66. MIlw55

    Best concert ever.

  67. zip912 z

    The ketchup song.

  68. Jim Ike


  69. Drive Easy

    Love her music.

  70. fred gerken

    Oh, to have been in the audience then!!

  71. Lenora Whitmire

    She, and her voice, never age!

  72. stephen st.clair

    The drummer though.

  73. Rick Bustamante

    I loved that song when I first heard it in 1971 and I love it still.

  74. Connie B

    Clear real lyrics. Meaningful.

  75. Andrew Neidich

    Crystal clear and beautiful. Oh, and perfect bass.

  76. Alvin Gomes

    love you say hi from hawaii

  77. Tori Hamilton

    Omg 😮, just saw her story on Finding Your Roots. Always knew she had African American's all in her coloration and lips..👄. Welcome to the Club, Carly!!😎😎

  78. Tonetwisters

    GREAT musicianship, by the way. Bassist and drummer are just top notch.

  79. Tonetwisters

    Her singing and this video make me want to hug the smithereenies out of her. This is pure joy.

  80. Steven Laurence Smith

    .Top vocals yesh,Live concert my heavens what a performer.. Un beatable.🇺🇸🦄

  81. David Brandon

    Great Singers and songs last a eternity! Some 45 years later still one of my all time songs and singer

  82. Dutch Jennings

    I always marveled at what a huge mouth she has.... never would have dated out of fear if getting bitten

  83. Boots Armstrong

    The whole concert is fantastic. Buy the DVD if don't have it.

  84. Todd Carpenter


  85. Todd Carpenter


  86. Todd Carpenter


  87. Todd Carpenter

    72 or not

  88. Todd Carpenter


  89. K C

    God Damn you are so whiney and SUCK

  90. John Bruno

    try and live every moment to the fullest. I'm nearly 60 and in good health. I hope to think back 20 years from now and think these are good old days too.

  91. Tonetwisters

    First song I ever heard her do. Geez, I loved her. And THIS. This is SO good, whether a lip sync or live, or most likely, a combination of live and post studio production ... this is just an incredible video. This is just so good. This makes me happy. Thank you for posting!!!!

  92. Robert Binder

    This lovely lady saved my life in so many ways.

  93. RJ Gronewold

    T. Bone Wolk on bass in the vest and black hat.. could play anything with strings or keys.. and better than just about anybody else could play.. the guy was way-too cool for any school

  94. Alan Wells

    those were the good old days when music was the greatest

  95. stripervince1

    Fantastic. Only pure shit today. We'll never see talent the likes of this again ever.

  96. Perry Comeau

    Rainbow park.

  97. felicisimo azul

    Its march 2019 and still cant stop watching listening to this wonderful performance of the legend Carly Simon..Its so beautiful, powerful song, I love it.

  98. Life Observer

    And to think, she belted out those tunes with a pretty strong, constant wind in her face (NOT a singer's best environment) and STILL sounded perfect! No pitch correction back then, either. My last vacation on the Vineyard was the year Carly and James broke up, and my son was conceived (no TVs, just fireplaces, at the Inn) and born. I often wonder how Carly and Mom Trudy (James' Mum) got along in the long run. It was often spoken about on the island how, even though Trudy had a heart bigger than the moon (and that was true), she didn't speak to Carly from the day she left James. Familial relationships and love problems, especially highly publicized ones that famous people are forced to have, are tough. Even tougher when you all live on the same small island (Tisbury to Chilmark is only +/-12 miles).