Carly Simon - All The Things You Are Lyrics

Time and again I've longed for adventure,
Something to make my heart beat the faster.
What did I long for? I never really knew.
Finding your love I've found my adventure,
Touching your hand, my heart beats the faster,
All that I want in all of this world is you.

You are the promised kiss of springtime
That makes the lonely winter seem long.
You are the breathless hush of evening
That trembles on the brink of a lovely song.
You are the angel glow that lights a star,
The dearest things I know are what you are.
Some day my happy arms will hold you,
And some day I'll know that moment divine,
When all the things you are, are mine!

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Carly Simon All The Things You Are Comments
  1. Allen Ludwig

    Carly is the best EVER.

  2. bmh2004

    This is one of the best renditions of this classic song, she has a great voice for this.

  3. Warongrat Ratanawarang

    I like Carly Simon sings standards all album's beautiful song thank you 14 Sept 2019 8.30 a.m.

  4. One Man Music

    This is such a touching song in every way, including melody, sentiment, and rhythm. Carly is wonderful and special kudos to the composer(s). I looked up the song's title by typing the few lyrics I could remember after years have passed since having heard it last and found this video. Thank you for sharing it, pto.

  5. Ligriv Areduc

    Just love her version, her singing classy!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Julie De Leon


  6. juan pablo nicolas giancola


  7. Jichael Mackson

    This song is also sung by Michael Jackson. RIP!

  8. Bruce Hutchison

    Carly could make the telephone book sound sexy.

  9. Luis Santos

    Isso sim é um clássico....linda música

  10. Luis Santos

    Você ir trabalhar tdo dia cedo é ter que ouvir essas músicas sertanojo todos os dias graças a Deus fiquei livre dessas portas de músicas sertanojo.

  11. Luis Santos

    Ainda bem que tem o YouTube pra gente escolher essas músicas lindas,

  12. Marco Robotti


  13. Vegan Vocalist

    oh WOW what a fantastic jazZY vocal, so deep and rich yummm , love this cover ;D

  14. Robert Harrison

    just magical love this fantastic arrangement Carly Simon wonderful

  15. shelley miles

    This is class. Beautifully sung. Lovely tempo. Foxtrot.

  16. MARIANA Martins

    *ahhhhhhh ! que vontade de dançar !!!*

  17. José Miguel Alvarado

    Wonderfull, but makes me cry, every time i heard....I Love you Carly.

  18. Radio Sobral City webradio


  19. gary shawver

    An antidote for the coarseness of our world...

  20. Augustine Perez

    A beautiful song, love the trumpets and a lovely singer.

  21. Jorge Núñez Monar

    Hace a la canción mágica

  22. joanna goodchild

    Someday my happy arms will hold you ❤️💕

  23. linikit

    To me, this beats Ella and all the other interpretations. The style and tempo brings out the relevance of the song.

  24. eoselan7

    Carly does the best she can with what little is left of her voice...

  25. Diva Maria Pinto


  26. Noe Berengena

    For a completely different perspective of this tune:
    "All the Things You Are (original version) - John McGlinn"

  27. darkhorse651

    Love songs make you cry and smile at the same time. Taking a gem and adding a sparkle of her own love you Carly

  28. Michael Widener

    Great arrangements. Upbeat tempos beat boring Ella slo mo

  29. Piet Griekspoor

    wat een geweldige zangeres,zij onderscheid zich als super klasse THNX

  30. freeview

    Love the repartee in this thread. Made me remember other versions that were available then when I was a kid. My grandpa is a Frank Sinatra fan and when radio played Jack Jones' version, he still longs for Ol' Blue Eyes' which I thought was too old-fashioned; I can appreciate though both of them. I remembered, I hummed with Charlie Parker's then when it was played in the air waves on one of those weekend "Hitback Memories" programs. Of course I love Ella Fitzgerald's, too. When Barbara Streisand's record was frequent on my older sister's turntable, I fall in love with the Star is Born legend. I grew up in the 60's. And Carly Simon's songs almost become soundtrack of my school days. THIS is where my bias shows. Her version may not be, to some who aren't her fans, "better, way the way" other artists do but to me "nobody does it better" than Carly Simon.

  31. bmh2004

    Beautifully executed, love the raspiness of her voice and yet it still retained the classical form!

  32. Bronxboy47

    Thank you, Carly, for not merging the "you" of the verse with the "you" of the chorus.

  33. Marilia l


  34. Silvio Ferraresi

    Woman class, at its absolute best!

  35. 大熊信五


  36. CORNHEAD123456

    Love it!

  37. Rino Cardone


  38. ken w

    My kind of music!!

    shelley miles

    Mine too

  39. John L Gasper

    This is one of the best "retro" albums EVER that voice that music and that era blend to perfection

    B Thomas

    My #1 is
    Linda Ronstadt - What's New - Nelson Riddle Orchestra

    Sylvia Dunten


  40. tekamar1

    que maravilha essa música !!!adooooroooo!!!!

  41. Mauricio Durón

    Sophistication is the word (which should go without saying!)

  42. Alvaro Medina Peniche

    Mi cantante favorita...qué voz y sentimiento al cantar !!

  43. Joeboy Agriam

    I love the version .... for my one and only love Mafelou

  44. Marco 45665

    Ladies and Gentlemen,................ CARLY SIMON

  45. Richard Shaw

    Carly Simon can sing anything. This song is also sung by Johnny Mathis. Richard Shaw is the author of Music Education In The Schools (

  46. bogey388

    I too like the "trumpet solo" a lot....but to me it sounds like a flugelhorn.

  47. Patric2014

    this is patric's mom and this is for my husband danny

  48. Grace Perez

    love fill my heart....................................

  49. Mari Poppe


  50. Jesicca Maile

    i like the song .. what you are

  51. Dennis Hartnett

    This is just too fast this time - I have nothing against Carly doing the standards; "Torch" was marvelous and she broke my heart on several cuts, but this just races by, you barely have time to notice the incredible chord changes which have made this song so unique. Like the horn solo though. Love, love LOVE the Jo Stafford version - definitive.

  52. Roberto Dallossi

    "You are the angel glow that lights a star
    The dearest things I know are what you are". I Love it!

    Sylvia Dunten

    Roberto Dallossi m

  53. R.A.D. Stainforth

    Not sure why she changes the melody at "winter" ... singing an augmented fourth perhaps too difficult ...


    @R.A.D. Stainforth Doubt it. It's not that hard to sing, she's a professional after all.

  54. Rob Lewis

    Oh my. This is how Sinatra would have done it in the 50s with Riddle. Carly was a Sinatra fan in those days, and she does it very much as he would have. Brava, Carly.

  55. Kcpercy So

    look forward Carly will perform more American standard songs. There are only a few of this great singer can treat them well. 

  56. Palmer Short

    Another country heard from. I like Carley, Especially her version of Every Time We Say Goodbye. But it's hard to beat Jo Stafford one of my favorite singers. I guess it's whatever speaks to you. Also what you are doing when you first hear it. I'm a big fan of Sara Vaughn, what she could with a song.

  57. dashercronin

    Great rendition.


    I happily agree! ;)

  58. José Luis Romero Corona


  59. Manuel Ruiz

    HERMOSO  !!

  60. century123ful

    Sorry but she sang this song without much feeling. Check Sinatra's version and you'll easily see the difference.

    Rob Lewis

    Frank recorded this very early in his career--'45, with a chorus. Never recorded it later in the 50s and 60s at Capitol or Reprise, his prime years.


    Some believe that Sinatra's best work was his early stuff. I don't like this version by Simon,but think Sinatra's is quite stunning.

  61. Russell Montminy

    I love this arrangement so much I've played it more the 100 times.  It's the greatest and I'm over 85.


    Ms. Simon grew up with this music.  It's only natural she record them.  I have the Torch album and I Get Along Without You Very Well is one of my favorites.

    Richard Scally

    I agree, it's absolutely Wonderful, Perfection.

    Vegan Vocalist

    oh how wonderful that you have had the opportunity to play this very beautiful track so many times Russell, I loooove jazZ ;D

  62. ron a.

    Have this album.  Highly recommend it!  This, in my opinion, is a very good arrangement: the 'up tempo' really works; BUT, although very talented, Carly has neither the VOICE nor the voice control of Jo Stafford.

    Avery Gordon

    @dashercronin Totally agreed.


    @MollyTTree *Totally agreed*

    ron a.

    Molly---Listen to Jo Stafford sing "I'll Be Seeing You".  Carly Simon is not capable of THAT.


    @ron a.
      It was okay.  From that time I prefer Peggy Lee.  I can't stand Bing Crosby.  But I love Jack Jones. 

    ron a.

    @MollyTTree Only "okay"?!!!  
    Call me crazy---but, I see Peggy Lee and Carly Simon as sort of "musical cousins", separated only by time and generation.   (Do they call the style "sultry"?)   So, I'm not surprised you would have that preference.

  63. Mary B Adlington

    Jerome Kern did'ent know Carly Simon but in his dreams he knew that she was the only one that could ever make this song sound so wonderful.

  64. missycake1

    Carly sings this beautifully!

  65. eshewerethin

    Lovely, just got here via guitarist Jim Hall, don't why I have never heard this

  66. ron a.

    Not a Carly Simon fan; but, the CD this originates from is a "must own" for collectors of this genre.

  67. Shell4226

    Everything Carly touches turns to magic. Take Me Out To The Ballgame. You Are May Sunshine. Anything.

  68. fredjmp

    How wonderful!

  69. peng hipolito

    Simply fabulous....

  70. thrunsalmighty

    Ye Gods. Its back to Jo Stafford for me.

  71. Marcio Valério Oliveira

    I am copying what you said. Marvelous...

  72. tyanna468

    Carly is a one off with her beautiful deep sexy tones. Play her songs when you are with you special lady and feel the mood...Go Carly

  73. andocrates

    This was not a good choice for her. She would do well with more lyrical standards like "You'd be so Nice to Come Home Too. Her timbre floored me but the song needs serious embellishment to make it a vocal piece.

  74. Alyssia Strasbourg

    Lol she is not a "pop" singer... well not in this song anyways she is not singing it in a pop style she is swinging. But obviously Ella Fitzgerald is 1 of the 3 best jazz vocalists, so not many people can beat her.

  75. Lourdes B

    mmmm...warm, rich and beautiful,,,I love this version.

  76. swampzoid


  77. susanmarty26

    Beautiful; she does a wonderful rendition of this song.

  78. Lyn Zozoky

    es una hermosa cancion me encantaaaaa¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  79. captjohn10

    Almost as lovely as JO STAFFORD!

  80. francesco russo

    Semplicemente Sublime!!

  81. cto10121

    I should have made this clearer, but what I meant was Ella's version in terms of arrangement, not just voice. Nor did I mean to imply that Carly Simon's version is necessarily better than Ella's. In fact, they cannot be compared, as their interpretations are different. The arrangement for this one emphasizes the lushness of the melody whereas Ella and Riddle translated the song into jazz. In terms of voice quality and range, however, there are precious few singers that can match Ella.

  82. icecreamforcrowhurst

    "... hard to beat Ella"?!?

    With all due respect, Carly is a wonderful pop singer with an engaging persona but on this musical terrain she doesn't belong in the same sentence as Ella Fitzgerald.

  83. Wells Anderson

    my kind of music....will it ever come back. probably not as the new generations has all the buying power.

  84. Ultrapley777


  85. bmh2004

    simply classic

  86. luis alberto Baynham

    What a beautiful perfomance, wonderful, Carly is one of the best singer that i have heard. Thanks for this gift for my soul. It brings to me a lot of memories.

  87. LIN11831


  88. salvirea

    Semplicemente amabile!!!!!!

  89. 50Emerald

    This is among the most beautiful love songs ever written (Jerome Kern/Oscar Hammerstein II) -- from the 1939 Broadway production, "Very Warm for May." The song and the title of the musical are *incomparably* romantic...

  90. kickiing

    Very nice.

  91. xhylhux1587

    mi guts la cancion.y mi paborito

  92. Fátima Delphino

    gostei muito, uma linda música , que nos faz recordar os anos dourados

  93. Roberto Dallossi

    @310519511 Eu diria que foi. Os grandes compositores americanos não tiveram quem os substituisse no mesmo nível, e hoje em dia, os EUA são grandes produtores de lixo, com aqueles malditos rappers. De qualquer forma, canções como esta são eternas, e resta-nos o consolo de que daqui a 50 anos, continuarão sendo tocadas, ao passo que ninguém se lembrará das porcarias feitas agora, que nem mesmo considero como sendo música.

  94. ZXC5000

    This is truly a wonderful thing. The brilliance of Kern and Hammerstein and the great Carly Simon have come together to produce a true work of art. Thanks to all of you.

  95. Jack Frost


  96. Achilles Gazzaneo

    Unforgettable , eternally unforgettable .
    Miss Carly Simon with all the sensibility to interpret that beautiful song.

  97. Marcos Souza

    In a recent interview,Tony Bennett said that this Jerome Kern classic is his favorite song.How can he be wrong?There has never been ONE bad reading of "All The Things You Are" through all these years..

  98. Sandra Morgado

    A melhor música do mundo, é a dos
    Estados Unidos. Como essa aí, por exemplo. Isso é saber compor canções

  99. Cau Tommasi

    So sweet words in a lovely voice! Awsome!