Carlton, Vanessa - Fairweather Friends Lyrics

Say you see through the folly
But you do it for the fame
And I'm fighting the jetstream
Drinking cheap wine on airplanes
You're in L.A. not Chicago
Key under mat
I walk the dog, order in
Home alone

Found your letter on a full-moon Sunday night
Some other girl in your spell, casting plans for her life
Pour the vodka and it dulls sharp lies
Breathe the words of diamonds on rings

And you didn't mean to do it
So I don't have to believe it
If you didn't really mean it
Magical thinking gets us by

Sing for the aftershow
Those candy-colored lips
Your age is showing and you've gotta harder for it
It's always easier with freshmen
I'm not as clever, it should bring you to life

And you didn't mean to do it
So I don't have to believe it
If you didn't really mean it
Magical thinking gets us by

My fairweather friend
Fairweather friend

Live for the folly, but you did it for the fame
Now you're fragile as porcelain
Drinking cheap wine on airplanes
Did I ever leave Chicago?
I got your message
Glad you're doing well

And you didn't mean to do it
So I don't have to believe it
If we didn't really mean it
Magical thinking gets us by

Gets us by
Gets us by

Say you see through the folly
But you did it for the fame
Say you see through the folly
But you did it for the fame
Say you see through the folly
But you did it for the fame
Say you see through the folly
But you did it for the fame

My fairweather friend

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Carlton, Vanessa Fairweather Friends Comments
  1. Perla

    this is the most underrated song in the world. Vanessa was so underrated & to this day it upsets me so much. So much talent.

  2. Kristen Sorensen

    You give such joy with your beautiful writing and singing!! I hope GOD blesses you with great happiness!

  3. Djalma Chaves

    I love to sing and play on piano at the same time Vanessa songs like this one. Fairweather friend is simple to play and have good lyrics to listen to.

  4. Katie Fedele

    This song is sadddd

  5. César Manuel Condori Anaya

    Esta canción tiene un toque especial, Vanessa Carlton es un talentazo, lástima que en su tiempo no le haya favorecido las redes sociales sino sería diferente con millones de visitas porque su música es demasiado buena, adoro a esta artista.

  6. Dexter Henkes

    "Found your letter on a full moon Sunday night, some other girl in your spell casting plans for her life
    Pour the vodka and it dulls sharp knives, breathe the words of diamonds on rings"
    The lyrics are gorgeous.

    Stephanie Olenichak

    Pour the vodka and it dulls sharp eyes.

  7. jeffpro18

    How was this song not a hit, its such a beautiful song!??

  8. Ana Kátia

    the best

  9. Roberto Lyrio

    It's called "Fairweather Friend".


    Roberto Lyrio Funny thing about that... I told VC during a meet and greet (I was massively startstruck) that my favorite song to play on the piano was Fairweather Friends and she goes "yeah, Fairweather Friend? I do too!"

    hahaha Whoops

  10. scrillyto1

    most underrated song!

  11. iridescence

    I really love Vanessa's music. Incredibly unique.

  12. florancerudi

    most of her songs have weird endings.......BRILLIANT

  13. kevin cody

    Back to this multi-layered awesome pop song again. Love it.

    Rafa Mawyin

    +kevin cody me too.

  14. Lodewijk Abrahams

    in2 thepan

  15. Lodewijk Abrahams

    3 #rabits otr

  16. Beija-Flor

    My Favorite

  17. tarapia tapioca

    Only 106.570 views. It's a shame!!!

    MiTo Music

    +tarapia tapioca No shame at all. Dont compare artists that get lots of promotion with artists that dont get much. It is exactly what this song talks about, listen well!!!

  18. tarapia tapioca

    What a song! Credits to Vanessa Carlton! True Artist!

  19. IloveSPIDERZ

    The lyrics posted are the lyrics from when she first performed the song like 3 years before the album was released.  I fell in love with that first version, and had to adjust to hearing this version.  I will say however, now I am madly in love with this version!

    Mscape 7777

    Me too!! Exactly how I felt!

    Dexter Henkes

    The exact same thing happened to me!!

  20. Jeremiah Stewart

    This song rocks!

  21. MrStargeeks

    Where did you get these lyrics....multiple mistakes?.....she doesn't exactly sing all these words 

  22. Earl Rogerson


  23. Yusuf G

    This is my favourite off the album

  24. sherulzz

    So happy she released another album :D

  25. Countrygirl1990

    wow i like it

  26. Singing_Soul

    your lyrics are so bad and WAY off!

  27. Alane Miranda

    Dispensa apresentações

  28. cayrayandkrae

    sorry but the lyrics are way off

  29. ShaylaMae

    someone always does :'(

  30. georgiadixie

    Someone just had to hate.... ._.

  31. Jobojaba

    Funny how I like this song, but feel like I'm who she's singing about. A girl I always liked but live far away from me just found out I'm in a new relationship. We aren't together and never were, but we (are/were) very close. She ask me all about the relationship and says she's happy for me. But I feel sad about it.

    Guess it's guilt because I always cared about her, but she never was there for me. Still love VC tho and I still like this song. The girl is a fairweather friend in the end. XD

  32. caitxpa

    Vanessa Carlton is an amazing singer. Her songs deserve way more popularity♥

  33. user5871

    stumbled across this searching for 'fairweather friends', cause my friends suck

  34. 2000Redsapphire

    <3 !!!!

  35. IloveSPIDERZ

    @Dina Ghosh are you talking about the percussion introduction into the song? i like that too!

  36. MelShimmmmyy

    it's about a girl's struggle with a cheating boyfriend, she tries to forget about it and live through it... 'magical thinking gets us by' - but it doesn't last and she realises she cant forgive him. because he 'did it for the fame'.

  37. MusicLover1357924680

    These are the exact lyrics to her original version of the song. If you've listened to some of her other songs, when she performs them live, she often sings different lyrics EX Pretty Baby, Ordinary Day (Divide and conquer), etc. Sorry this is so late!

  38. Yusuf G

    I am in love with Rabbits on the Run. It's been over a year since I bought the CD, and it's still sounding fresh as ever. Vanessa went IN on this album!

  39. Birda Winstonshiner

    The worst part of this song is that when it ends I have to go back to reality.

  40. Carlin Jones

    i had i dream about visiting her at her apartment

  41. Ryan Mickey

    Thanks for the helpful links at the end. :)

  42. Arturo Carmona

    one of the most perfect albums ever made !!!.....

  43. saiko

    music video coming out soon! :D
    can't wait for that one

  44. ShaylaMae

    zero dislikes, thats how it should be♥

  45. 16rainydays

    I love how she sings the words " Believed it"

  46. stoneoffarewell

    soo beautiful <3

  47. 1awareness

    The Argonauts escaped them because when he heard their song, Orpheus immediately realized the peril they were in. He took out his lyre and sang a song so clear and ringing that it drowned the sound of those lovely fatal voices. When on another journey the Odysseus' ship passed the Sirens, had the sailors stuff their ears with wax. He had himself tied to the mast for he wanted to hear their beautiful voices. The Sirens sang when they approached, their words even more enticing than the melody.

  48. someonesomewhere92

    THANK YOU! for putting this up on youtube for all of us to enjoy! I appreciate it so much, even though the lyrics are wrong thank you at least taking the time to type out the lyrics for all the songs you have posted on here for people to use. I love reading along while I listen you make that possible. Thank you again, and if you wish I can retype the lyrics for you.

  49. rad941205

    the piano hits me right in the chest so beautiful song never gets old x

  50. U2bersVidz


  51. Lucero Moreno

    parts of the lyrics are wrong...

  52. Marina Knok

    Real voice and real be clear: real music!

  53. harveypotato

    You should change those lyrics to reflect the CORRECT lyrics from the lyrics insert she included with the CD - if you bothered to purchase it, you'd know this. :) Eek... that sounds rude. I'm just frustrated by the enormity of people messing up her words like this. Thanks for uploading this song, truly!

  54. Stevenson Demegillo

    Fair weather here is fine. Rabbits on the Run....

  55. Stevenson Demegillo

    How's the weather? :)

  56. Cora Small

    story of my life

  57. Ilikethewayyoumoveon

    ps. this song is called fairweather friend. not friends. hahah just letting you know

  58. Alagsandra

    the lyrics aren't exact

  59. Ilikethewayyoumoveon

    @snooperdoggy put "repeat" in front of .com and after youtube in the url and it puts the video on repeat!

  60. Taishogun

    WoW the music here is just...great! Feels sooo mature and sophisticated...but earthy and in tune with one's emotions! Here's to one identifiable success on this new album.

  61. wHerrewijnen

    @KylesAndSmiles because these lyrics are the original lyrics

  62. snooperdoggy

    so youtube should add a repeat button to videos so i won't have to keep pressing play. Thumbs up if you agree!!

  63. snooperdoggy

    @KylesAndSmiles because she changed the lyrics several times before she released the album

  64. Celina222

    Definitely going to the store and buying this album.

  65. bbbb628

    @Roshy266 my favorite is London :)

  66. botticelligal

    I think this is the best song off of Rabbits on the Run!

  67. Echochi1

    I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG!! GAh I listen to it as soon as I wake up for work and it puts me in a good mood!! I want to learn how to play this on the piano so badly!!

  68. Emily Shepherd

    It sounds a bit like a cross between Carousel and Home (from Heroes & Thieves) :S but it's really pretty!

  69. laurastdeleon

    she said something in one of concerts about 'magical thinking' it was some book i think but i didnt really get what it means :)

  70. violetgirl1996

    this sounds similar to "carousel"

  71. KylesAndSmiles

    Why are some of the lyric lines not even remotely close to the sung lyrics? lol I love this song! :)Edit | Remove

  72. Victoria Johnson

    Gotta love her. :)