Carlisle, Belinda - Avec Le Temps Lyrics

Avec le temps,
Avec le temps, va, tout s'en va,
On oublie le visage
Et l'on oublie la voix,
Le coeur quand ca bat plus,
C'est pas la peine d'aller chercher plus loin.
Faut laisser faire, c'est tres bien.

Avec le temps,
Avec le temps, va, tout s'en va.
L'autre qu'on adorait,
Qu'on cherchait sous la pluie;
L'autre qu'on devinait au detour d'un regard entre les lignes,
Entres les mots et sous le fard d'un serment maquille
Qui s'en va faire sa nuit;

Avec le temps tout s'evanouit...
Avec le temps, avec le temps, va, tout s'en va.
Meme les plus chouettes souvenirs,
Ca t'a une de ces gueules.
A la galerie "J'farfouille" dans les rayons de la mort,
Le samedi soir quand la tendresse s'en va toute seule.

Avec le temps,
Avec le temps, va, tout s'en va:
L'autre a qui l'on croyait, pour un rhume, pour un rien.
L'autre a qui l'on donnait du vent et des bijoux ;
Pour qui l'on eut vendu son ame pour quelques sous.
Devant quoi l'on s'trainait comme trainent les chiens.

Avec le temps, avec le temps, va,
Tout s'en va:
On oublie les passions et l'on oublie les voix
Qui vous disaient tout bas, les mots des pauvres gens:
"Ne rentre pas trop tard, surtout ne prends pas froid".

Avec le temps,
Avec le temps, va, tout s'en va et l'on se sent blanchi
Comme un cheval fourbu et l'on se sent glace
Dans un lit de hasard et l'on se sent tout seul,
Peut-etre, mais penard.
Et l'on se sent floue par les annees perdues.
Alors vraiment, avec le temps:
On n'aime plus

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Carlisle, Belinda Avec Le Temps Comments
  1. Weston Hough

    Oh I got my VOTE. . .without the French Revolution that Russian would walk this land. . X

  2. Oleg Fir

    Самое красивое исполнение! Спасибо.

  3. Mary Humbarger

    🌸🌸🌸🌸CLASS ACT 🌸🌸🌸

  4. Diego Meduri

    Bellissima canzone, un tremito ondeggiante de passion nel corazon

  5. Chris Hannon

    Beautifully sung by one of my favourite singers

  6. Al D

    I don't understand a word, but this speaks to my heart.

  7. I love the seventies

    What a beautiful song and she looks beautiful

  8. Sebastien seignot

    it's so stupid to sing with a bad french level...

    alvin liew

    get over it!!!!! she did well in that album

  9. Alain Malin

    Balinda ohh oohhh ! So sweet

  10. Chris Hannon

    I often play this after winding down and it's just beautiful

  11. Chris Hannon

    This is beautiful.. I love the sentiment and feeling one gets from listening to this track. Belinda has a beautiful voice and captures the emotion of the song.. Truly transcending

  12. Giovanni Truvia

    in French she is exactly E Piaf but I have to say that her French is not bad.

  13. JustMe

    L'incomparable maître Léo Ferré, et rien de moins- brought me here.

  14. didier Boufflers

    Jolie reprise de la chanson de Léo Férré

  15. Randy Cox

    Shades of the little sparrow 🐦🐦🐦

  16. Rob Mackaay

    Merci Leo Ferré pour cette chanson de miracle y merci Belinda pour cette formidable execution!

  17. Natalia GarM

    Qué bien canta!!

  18. Владимир Тучкин

    Belinda. Great. Super. Super. I love you. Great.

  19. Alain Collignon

    Ha cette vois magique j'adore. ...

  20. Francisco De Pablos

    Voilà pourquoi je t 'aime Lady Belinda.

  21. yes man

    I didn't buy 'Voila' until last year, despite being a BC fan. And the cd proved to be a revelation. The depth of her vocals and her obvious respect for the songs she chose make this cd essential to my collection. Kudos also to the arranger/producer.
    This song is in the top ten vocals Belinda's ever done. Just beautiful.

  22. Kalthoum Boukhari


  23. Kalthoum Boukhari


  24. miltsar

    this was incredibly brave of her....Leo Farre and the Dalida versions are definitive but this is a great surprise to hear her sing it so beautifully and so sensitively. Bravo !

  25. Daigo 71

    Questa cover eseguita da Belinda Carlisle mi mette tristezza nell'animo... tanto è stata eseguita con grande maestria e struggente e profonda malinconia... un grazie profondo a Dalida ...


    La versione originale è di Léo Ferré (1972).

  26. Meat Loaf

    Belinda 4ever! Luv u darling

  27. Gary Brunton

    I bought the whole album and I can't speak French. It doesn't matter. The album is terrific and a great discovery.

    Sans Atheist

    Same. She is beautiful

    Chris Hannon

    Seen her live several times..just gets better.

  28. MrDoug41

    Well, this is great. I think it's the best vocal she has ever done. 

  29. History LVr

    Simply Beautiful!

  30. Rich Gleason

    I say Bravo

  31. Pinero Pugs

    Stunning! I always liked her voice but had no idea she was this great!!! Just gorgeous. Does anyone know if she spoke French before moving to France, or did she learn it later? I am blown away. 

    Steve Winans

    Pinero Pugs: She knew VERY little French before moving to France... She took lessons & had Tudors, for YEARS! The end product is just MESMERISING!

  32. Scott Elgart

    I found this link from Belinda's twitter feed. She says you did a fab job!

  33. martinisrael7

    Dalida is not the original but Leo Ferre.

  34. JBTall

    Belinda Carlisle and her group changed rock forever and for the better. Let's not forget that before the Go-Go's you didn't hear of all female bands who wrote their own music and played their own instruments. Yes, truly, she is a rock legend.

  35. fafi philou

    adorable belinda !!! chanson en français !!!

  36. seeolgi


  37. Hughesy

    I like how your documentary style complements her voice so well to the effect of evoking some sort of distortion in time and space. And that soul piercing voice paints a picture of sorrow so lucidly along with that blurred quality of the video makes this listening so surreal and timeless.

  38. JBTall

    Hauntingly beautiful. It brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it, and I don't have a clue to what I am hearing, but in this case it doesn't matter. Belinda evotes every emotion in this song. So very beautiful.

  39. JBTall

    Oh my God Belinda, so beautiful! Even though I don't have a clue what you are singing, you are breaking my heart. A voice for the ages!!

  40. Filia Dei

    Of course, Dalida herself was not a native speaker.

  41. martinisrael7

    My favorite version so far, she really got me!

  42. Rod Barnes

    I have listened to every version of this song now, and this is the only one which brings me to such emotion...bravo Belinda Carlisle.....amazing!!!

  43. Dita Harlow

    Just found out about this on Behind The Music- The Go Go's. Wow, I never knew she had this voice. Just Beautiful! Good for you, Belinda!

  44. carron979

    bel omage!!! a Edith ou plutot a Dalida!?


    La version originale est de Léo Ferré (1972).

  45. lestoques2

    Léo Ferré ,,,à découvrir

  46. Gilbert Duchossoir

    certainement la plus belle chanson!

  47. dalitaly

    Bravissime tutte, Belinda, Patricia, Patty... ma questa canzone, mi dispiace, la può cantare solo Leo Ferré et DALIDA !!!

  48. Asiane Yang

    OMG, I never knew she could speak French. Wow! after all these years.....

  49. cesarlog


  50. Yea Baby

    this is nice but Dalida is Dalida no one can touch the original recording but this is pleasant and the video is brilliant well done :o)


    The original recording is from Léo Ferré (1972).

  51. chocolatepoundcake

    Too many cigarettes + booze?
    I like many older BC songs, but her rendition of this way.

  52. JBTall

    Belinda at her absolute finest. Incredibly beautiful and poignant...even though I don't know what she is saying!

  53. Assoluta

    woah, this is Belinda CARLISLE?!

    Steve Winans

    Assoluta: Sure is!!!! STUNNING, HUH?

    august fontana

    Yes, this is Belinda and it shows her versatility for singing anything!!!

  54. Therese504

    Wow. This song is amazing and Belinda has really made me see her in a whole new way!

  55. cequireste

    WOW!!!!! It gave me gooseflesh!!


    holy shit heaven is a place on earth when you sang like this girlfriend.werk!Amazing!

  57. JBTall

    I don't have a clue what the words mean, but this song, sung by Belinda, brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. It is just a hauntingly beautiful rendition of the song. Belinda Carlisle is just magnificent!

  58. GotKilt

    Belinda and her people should contact you to use this as the official video of the song. Dan-O-Rama used a bunch of clips to make a couple of her videos so why not here?! I think yours is great!

  59. Gabe Manriquez

    Great job on the video!

  60. rachelmontiel1

    chacun l´interprète à sa facon..cette version me touche énormé voix est pleine d´émotions et la musique un peu modernisée..mais l´essentiel est resté pur et beau. merci!

  61. Earth Dude

    She did such a beautiful job with this song. Amazing. (and great job on the video)

  62. Richard Barrow

    With time,
    with time, everything goes away
    even the dearest memories, even your chatter at the gallery, as I wonder in the dying light,
    Saturday evening when tenderness departed alone

    With time,
    with time, everything goes away
    the other person we believed in, for nursing a cold, for anything,
    the other we gave fresh air and jewels,
    for whom we'd sell our soul for pennies
    behind who one trailed like a dog
    with the time, everything goes well.

  63. Jaromír Šašinka

    Beautiful performance

  64. Simon5005

    Absolutely stunning! Now this is music!

  65. bri k

    my favourite Belinda Song of all time.Thank you for posting and again i also loved what you did with videos slowed them down to suit the song thanks again

  66. MyBeautifulNose

    oooooh sounds like someone's a little bitter and hateful- by the way, young and current doesn't necessarily mean good

    Steve Winans

    MyBeautifulNose: yeah, young and current ususally means SUCKS

  67. MyBeautifulNose

    THANK YOU for this! Your choice of clips was superb and wonderful in slo-mo.