Carlisle, Belinda - Always Breaking My Heart Lyrics

Is this what you want
Every finger points at me
This might be funny
If it wasn't such a tragedy
After a while
It gets harder to smile
And pretend that things are OK

So when you need the in the middle of the night
I won't be there cos you're always breaking my heart
You're always breaking my heart
You always tear it apart
Yeah oh yeah

So cross yourself now
Get down on your knees and pray
But no powers from heaven
Could ever take the darkness away
I've tried climbing the walls
But you've built them too tall
So it's time I walk away now (walk away now)

And when you call me in the middle of the night
(of the night)
There's no one there cos you're always breaking my heart
You're always breaking my heart
You always tear it apart
Yeah yeah yeah

Reach out a hand to hold
Ain't it sad when the distance grows
two hearts cling to their fates
Remember that first embrace
But I can't worry anymore

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Carlisle, Belinda Always Breaking My Heart Comments
  1. Good Man


  2. silverbird58

    I kinda like it .

  3. Keyonte Dollison

    My Top Favorites Singers Belinda,StevieNicks!!!!!!

  4. Kirill Lindholm

    Per Gessle made 2 songs for Belinda. I guess he also played guitar in stidio

  5. Jonnnn

    She was my first big crush at about 13. 25 years later she’s probably my perfect woman here 😂

    Springtrap Lover2010

    I was 9 when heaven is a place on Earth came out and have loved her ever since.

  6. Roger LH605

    My very favorite Belinda video.

  7. Kerry Aitchison

    Belinda Carlisle is so Gorgeous Lady she is

  8. Kerry Aitchison

    I love Belinda Carlisle I am your Biggest Fan of you

    Philippe Valois

    I don't think so : I'm her biggest fan ;-)

  9. Philippe Valois

    Le Grand Amour de ma vie...

  10. Robert Wiegman

    So wish Belinda would do a new album in 80s synth pop style. She's so hot, so awesome, such a great woman :)

  11. Дмитрий Петров


  12. Дмитрий Петров

    Красивая песня ,Белинде5+

  13. salamandra

    Her beauty is wow.

  14. Robert Wiegman

    Belinda looks just captivating here :)

  15. Дмитрий Петров


  16. Дмитрий Петров


  17. Yuliya Yankiva

    Great song!

  18. Roger LH605

    Love, love, love Belinda-no matter what!

  19. Πάνος Καπλάνης

    Underrated and maybe best song of her. I love it.

    Πάνος Καπλάνης

    I don't think that we have to follow the norms of each side of life. In music, as well. I like that Belinda has its own free music style. She is not a usual pop singer, she does not present plastic pop, she experiments with different sounds and dares to to mix electro and rock. This mix seems like a new independent style of pop. Electro with rock become pop. Belinda does not compromise with rules of the record labels and that's why she did not gain wide fame and success like other pop singers. I approve of her attitude and artistic profile.

    Πάνος Καπλάνης

    Yes, each of album of her has a different concept and music sound. In each of them she has a different mood, states different feelings, expresses different thoughts.

    Πάνος Καπλάνης

    Ok. Maybe I'll watch it.

  20. Rick Coutin

    Belinda is an icon!


    a godess!

  21. Matt K

    Brilliant song 😁

  22. alex thompson

    Belinda is still hot

  23. Jasmine Turner

    I couldn’t stop listening to this song in the 90s. Still can’t stop. I love Belinda’s floral dresses in the vid here 🌺So pretty.

  24. Roger LH605

    One of my favorite BC videos. Love her.

  25. Marilyn de los Ángeles

    This version is OK, but I prefer Per Gessle's. I feel it's more powerful.


    Vocally he can't compare to Belinda though.

  26. lee shafer

    it's a per gessle song-just discovered him!

    Jason Chong

    Roxette writer


    You can even hear in the composition of the song.

    It is a good song, however it is not the "classical" Nowels/Shipley/Coffey type - it is basically a Roxette song with Belinda on vocals :P

    Update: even the backing band is the complete Crash! Boom! Bang! Roxette instrumental section (including Gessle), only Marie is swapped with Belinda :)

    Daniel Alejandro

    Per gessle wrote it for her so i heard and he sang his version .

  27. J.A. L.A.

    100% Roxette song...great job Per but I would preffer Marie's voice

    Кирилл Кремянский

    This song for not Roxette. Sounds like Per's band (Gyllene Tider)

    Mirel Soto

    @Кирилл Кремянский an outtake from Roxette's Crash Boom Bang album

  28. Joshua Lopez

    This song plays at my job all the time

  29. gimi3535

    Belinda ma moc w głosie...

  30. StartabandRoxy

    Roxette isn't that bad as long as their singer isn't singing.


    what do you mean? Marie made Roxette her voice was amazing, you know nowt

    luzier x

    roxette is one of the best things that happened in the 90's music.


    Probably means Per Gessle, he does have an unusual voice.

  31. StartabandRoxy

    The 90s wasn't even a shadow of the 80s. Then after that it got unimaginably worse.

  32. Aku Randelin

    10 secs and it's Belinda. Like.

  33. Agent Unprejudiced

    Boring VIDEO!  The song is not her best either but the video is worst   its too much MTV and no real message in this video and i talked to the director some years ago and he said that they had another idea for the video but EMI said no

  34. Artister möter artister

    this record "a vomen and a man" is good but it was not good enough compared to her album "real" when she wrote most of the songs

  35. Jeremy Hennessee


    Agent Unprejudiced

    This video had another and better story from the begining but the EMI-label said no and suggest this boring MTV-VIDEO that is just avrage


    This was 20 years ago ... get a grip ...

    Artister möter artister

    jeremy likes her and this was her song ..not an cover...Per wrote it for her


    hahahahahaha thanx for making me laugh:P


    Per actually wrote this song for her

  36. April Luri

    Belinda always rocks!



  38. ThaGodKingDorell

    Love It!