Carlile, Brandi - If There Was No You Lyrics

When I see myself I'm seeing you too
As long as I remember and I'm feeling like I knew
That my jokes aren't funny the truth isn't true
If there was no you

If you were my boat in the deep blue sea
I probably sink you down
I know I should have thanked you for carrying me
But for you I would happily drown

Out on your way the darkest night the longest day
I know what to say to make you laugh
And nothing you could do
Could make me turn my back on you
When you're looking for a fight I'm your man
When you need a friend you got my hand

And what i really mean what I'm trying hard to say
Is that I'm counting on you and you got me too
Our secrets aren't safe I'm singing out of tune
If there was no you, if there was no you

Out on your way darkest night the longest day
I know what to say to make you laugh
And nothing you could do
Could make me turn my back on you
When you're looking for a fight I'm your man
When you need a friend you got my hand
When you need a friend you got my hand
You got my hand

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Carlile, Brandi If There Was No You Comments
  1. Jose Aponte

    Unique songs like this should definitely be heard especially now a days under this dark umbrella of a world that we live under. Keep up the posts people all you guys are awesome. Let's keep up hearing songs like these that touch us so deeply and nostalgically. We NEED these songs in our lives to help us move on and and fight yet another day. Things like this are so important in our lives in times of depression and stress. Much love to you all. I feel you all. Keep posting these awesome comments.

  2. Hong Moulie

    Anyone 2019???

  3. Nacho Gecko

    My mom used to sing this to me

  4. FishFish

    Who is seeing her in Portland this weekend?

  5. Dany Ramírez

    very acustic i chamr.

  6. Rachel Bretton

    Lava you

  7. Tim O'Connor

    Love this song and Brandi does all things well- singing, songwriting, playing, delivering the emotion.

  8. Esteban Lopez

    Me encanta esta canción. la letra, el beat y el performance.

  9. Rachel Hale

    This bitch... got my <3 ... like whoa.

  10. Debunker246

    thanks for uploading this ....lyrical... to the max!

  11. Natalie Gelman

    I really liked your video! :) Check out my music on my channel I think you'll love it too!

  12. gondor124

    Every once in a while the arc of the universe comes together to produce the etherial.

  13. Calefi e

    amazing song.....

  14. Mel Simpson

    I lost my sister and niece. I played this song at their funeral. I miss them so much. Brandi's songs have a great way of saying what you wish that you could. If that makes sense.

    Thanks for the music.

  15. Tiago Diogo

    Gosto tanto tanto tanto..

  16. rain drop in the desert warmth in the cold

    nice song. dont let your hart harden

  17. Riley Plumley

    This song makes me think of my grandma.... She's in the hospital right now.. Dammit.

    Katie Shirk

    this is four years late, but did she make it through her hospital stay? is she still here today?

  18. Dany Ramírez

    no podria olvidar la canción que inspiro Grandes migraciones.big song

  19. Jeremy Roberts

    the person i love most showed me this song. i just want her to know i feel the same way. i still love you.

  20. Trebuchet1066

    I'm trying to figure out why those 3 people "disliked" the song. It's just about being a friend no matter what..."When you need friend, you got my hand"......nice song, makes me feel good, like I should be swinging in a hammock

  21. Hildanium Nium

    If There was no you , Shadow on the wall and Have you ever , are her best work of arts ever .

  22. max stone

    the only bad thing about this song is the length. it should be longer then again it is short and sweet.

  23. jamie, ju ju. jones

    her voice touches my soul...chills i got goin' the way she sounds

  24. lelehart3

    i'm going to go outside now and dance barefoot in the rain to this song.
    A beautiful touch of loveliness to the world.

  25. Harmony Nash

    shes a lesbian:p

  26. joseph whittecar

    Very well stated, this is a beautiful love song

  27. Fab4Sunrises

    Also I wish Johnny Cash had lived to make a cover of this.

  28. Fab4Sunrises

    I'm crying right now and I'm not exactly sure why. Great song :,)

  29. dylan mayville

    Love this song

  30. sickwithcats

    That one dislike has to be a jealous "friend". Everyone has such a "friend" if you're truly beautiful and talented, such as Brandi.

  31. Mike John

    Going to make this my wedding song (whenever that day comes)... It says everything so simply and beautifully... It literally is the perfect wedding song. :)

  32. 39macs

    How can you not like such a lovely song and singer ;p

  33. bobmarleypkr

    this is apart from mainstream which makes it a joy to listen to, for real.

  34. Grete Murr

    god bless repeat

  35. justcallmethelma

    oh i so loved this!so beautiful! think she just doesnt get the credit she deserves, just no where near noticed enough...just dont understand why! ...

  36. TheWasp2392

    bellissima :')

  37. Ryan Acevedo

    awesome song

  38. Lovesfree87

    This is song is great...
    Brandi Carlile's music is so wonderful...shes so talented
    I love her music

  39. Joshua López

    :D me la pasaba viendo el comercial del documental para entenderle a las letritas y saber quien cantaba esta cancion :)

  40. juan carlos hernandez gomez

    excelente voz de esta chica !!!!!!!!!!!! huauuuuuuuuu

  41. Rawley Chaves

    @EddieBala Agreed, Brandi Carlile's music is amazing :)