Carl Thomas - Somethin' Bout You Lyrics

There are certain feeling
that I have for you
They’ve been bubbling
Since the day that we were introduced

I don’t know what to do
Cause I’m so gone over you
And I... don’t know why
I feel this way

Don’t quite know what it is
Something bout you baby
Something bout you baby
Not for sure what it is
Something bout you baby
Something bout you baby

It’s the little...
things you do that turn me on.
Like a pillow...
you’re so soft, baby we belong together



Is it your voice or way that you talk
Whatever it is I’m loving it
Is it your eyes
Or pretty smile
Whatever it is, I’m loving it.


Something bout you Something bout you
Something bout you Something bout you...

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Carl Thomas Somethin' Bout You Comments
  1. Shaun M

    Something about you baby😍💗😘

  2. prawnbutters


  3. Zig Zag


  4. Shaun M

    I love this song with Carl and Brandy! Carl's voice💗😊

  5. Montrey

    Brandy's vocal creations are ridiculous. This song (as well as her talent) is truly underrated. I love them both but does anyone else get spinal chills at 0:55 seconds when she harmonises "Not for sure- er - er" smh. Thee Vocal Bible!!!

  6. Minimah Billings

    Love Brandy of course and I enjoy Carl Thomas when he was on the scene. I simply enjoy good music. :-)

  7. 123Geezer

    Erick Sermon or Common should have dropped a verse on this...


    Naw, it would've made the song wack

  8. SDG All Day

    it's not even HER SONG!! CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW COLD CARL THOMAS IS AS A PURE R&B VOCALIST??!! ughh i just can't (~_~)

  9. Levi Johnson

    the first pic looks like a brandy barbie 0:01

  10. 1sexymona

    BRANDY sounds Great as Always. And Carl is Amazing. The two have very Soulful Voices. I Love the both of them. Nice song too.

  11. MoniMeka P

    omg i didn't know he did a song with Brandy. i freakin' love her. the girl is a beast!

  12. virgo rule

    If you base this song you get the full effects rolling down the street!

  13. nasdaaq

    @ffuuttuurree I believe it's from My First Love... (Carl Thomas's album). lmao The 'like a pillow, you're so soft' is a horrible simile tho.

  14. q! Clef Jones

    if they were just gonna put her at the end 4 like 2 seconds they shouldn't have put her on there at all...think its a little she's a nobody or something...

    moe perk

    Shes allover rhe whole..SOONGG ..DUMMY...LISSSSSTTTEENNN...!!!!

    Tha Hookstah

    She's not an actual ft she's just doing "background" vocals an a couple of libs here and there

  15. prawnbutters

    this track is just too smooth for school

  16. missevegee

    its from the so much better album from carl from last year...!!

  17. pernell wedderburn

    this is a very good song you have 2 listin 2 the words in the song brandy i love your music and your voice