Carl Thomas - One With Heaven Lyrics

Me and my thoughts
Ridin' high on a plane
Over white clouds
I can hear angels sing
Let's use the stars
To find paradise
Connect to all
And there's no sacrifice

One, one
I am one

No time or space
Feels like forever and a day
When I call your name
Before the storm you feel the change
We've searched so far
Just to find paradise
If you stay where you are
You will find the light inside

One, one
I am one

It's a place where love
(A place where love)
Can fly so free from
(Can fly free from)
(The way that they say it is)
They say it is, oh yeah
(A place where love can go so far)
From wherever they say you are

One, one
I am one
You know I feel it
I'm one
I'm one

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Carl Thomas One With Heaven Comments
  1. Louisha Dorsey

    Yes we need this right now Mr Thomas !!!!

  2. RoninAli1 dope!

  3. Jervey Mintsa

    Thank you Carl

  4. D Walton

    This is my kind of music

  5. Ophelia Florence

    Omg!! He's back. I love Carl Thomas 💙❤️❤️