Carl Thomas - Emotional (Remix) Lyrics

[Carl Thomas (Faith Evans)]
Uh, oh, oh yeah
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh yeah

I always dreamed that everything would be okay
With me and you, but I was wrong
When I looked into your eyes
I didn't see all the things I used to see
What's going on?

[1 - Faith Evans]
You gave me reason to believe that
We were always meant to be
But now I see, you were wrong
You can't keep running back to me
With all those "Baby, baby please"-s
No more, no more

[2 - Faith & Carl]
Never imagined
You would be a faded picture
I'm emotional
You saw me leaving
No deceiving, it's official
I'm emotional

I can't forget that night I saw you in the corner
Wrapped up tight, you were wrong ooh
Slow dancing on the floor
While I was watching from the door
So hurt, there you were

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 2]

You had your chance
But you through it all away
Thought you had my love always
Oh baby, I don't understand
Why you think that we could stay in total unhappiness

[Repeat 2 till end]

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Carl Thomas Emotional (Remix) Comments
  1. Dean L Rogan II

    Just an aside...The original song was ALSO a beat jack from Sting's "Shape Of My Heart", soooooo... (shrug)

  2. Joe C

    Sheeit that's music playa

  3. joseph gambrell

    yoooo.....this joint is live as hell. ...if you rocking the party. ..doing a bad boy segment. ...throw this on...nice treat for the party....I guarantee you...people will be coming to the dj...what was that carl Thomas joint you played...real talk...real dj...real fan


    I'mn confused, what does the rap verse have to do with the actual song? These rappers kill me the song is not about Brooklyn!

  5. Zerjio Garza

    dis shitz wack dam sum1 put d 1 wit faith evans dam

  6. DeAngelo Staples

    Never heard this one. I dig the Pete Rock & CL Smooth sample of "Straighten It Out". Bad Boy lost their rap muscle after the LOX left and Biggie died.

  7. Sun Shine

    Nice jam

  8. Fourplaii

    I Love This Jawn... The Remix is Hot.

  9. FoUr2wEnTy420

    i remember i had this CD in middle school all the ladies loved it!

  10. Christie Richardson

    yes, could someone put on the original.

  11. Lethu Ngcobo

    Where can I find the original?

  12. Marcia Padmore

    Carl Thomas is a baby maker hahaha :-)))

  13. metrotheme

    Another PUFFY BEAT JACK - Look up Pete Rock and CL Smooth - Straighten it Out .. one of the bigger hip hop hits of 1992. Puffy's made a career of stealing hip hop hits.

  14. jordan8704

    man never heard this, hot remix thanks man