Carl Thomas - Don't Kiss Me (Remix) Lyrics

[Snoop Dogg]
There’ll never be another g like me
Someone thinkin’ this is really where you need to be
I climb the highest mountains, swim the widest sea
Baby girl, Doggy Dogg is a oughta see
A lot of you, a lot of me
Gotta me so we got to be
All you got to do is rock with me
But don’t take too long
’Cause there’s ten more waitin’ by the end of this song
And you know we’ve been known to get it on like that

Why is it take so long
Can’t wait to have you, dear
Cause your love is so strong
I need you with me here!
Because just a little love, goes so long, yeah
It will have you smiling just because
Even when everything’s wrong,
I got you standing right here, I know it feels good

But don’t kiss me, no, no
No, don’t you kiss me
Unless those lips that you kiss me with
Will say I love you, love you for life
And don’t touch me, no, no
Don’t you touch me (you better not do it baby)
Unless you promise that those hands
Will never wave goodbye!
(Can you do that for me baby?)

Promise me that tonight
When I hold you in my arms
Lord knows it feels so sincere
And your fragrance turns me on
Can’t believe that I’m gone when you’re near
Because just a little love goes so long, yeah
It’ll have you smiling just because (smiling just because)
Even when everything’s wrong
Now I got you standing right here
I know it feels good

But don’t kiss me, no, no
No, don’t you kiss me
Unless those lips you kiss me with
Will say I love you, love you, for life (I love you for life)

[Snoop Dogg]
Damn girl, you doin’ it
They told me not to fool with it
But I just had to go ahead
But now I think I’m cool with it
Try to be so faithful
Used to be so playful
Now I got my Keno
‘Bout to pull my game out
Stayin’ at my main house
Crazy how we came out
Me and him we down because we both walkin’ the same route
Wish I never met this girl, but then again her kiss is wow
She got me breaking down and coming all up out my style

Don’t kiss me, yeah
No, baby don’t you kiss me, oh yeah
Unless those lips of yours, lips of yours
Will say I love you, love you for life, for life
Oh, oh, don’t touch me, yeah
Oh, don’t you touch me, yeah
Unless you promise those hands will never wave goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Promise me that tonight

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Carl Thomas Don't Kiss Me (Remix) Comments
  1. Yifan Zhao

    You go Kyle you rock

  2. Dom Jú

    Another "G"!!! - it seems like another gay with this elite, illuminati, bildeberg etc...

  3. Sharon Jackson

    This song just send Chill's down my spine it just a relaxing song still listening in 2019

    King Esteem

    I love this song too. Listen to it everyday. One of my favorites

  4. Misscommentary Cleveland

    Oh Indeed beautiful

  5. John Wright

    I love this song and this is what's missing in r&b today.

  6. Tx Baller

    It's a cruel joke and not fair that I have no rhythm and can't dance, because I LOVE the 2 step/hand dance😭

    Namronnomolos Ubiquitious

    You Know Good Music.

  7. Sidney Junior

    Música boa do caramba

  8. Judge Tinker

    Snoop Dogg.

  9. Betty Millz

    I know that’s not Hoesika in the video

  10. austin williams

    just saw Carl Thomas and Keith Sweat in concert tonight Queens, New York.These brothers are still kicking it.Real R and B still Pumping . A. Williams

  11. Myra Moody


  12. Lorenzo Perry

    Love that song

  13. Lorenzo Perry

    Love this song for real

  14. e. d.

    He needs to go on your and come out with a new Album!

  15. Gabriel Batista

    2 0 1 8

  16. Chira Johnson

    Look at Masika

  17. Danielle Cunningham

    one of my favorite songs of carl thomas

  18. Carlos Duty


  19. LaTanya Banks

    That Chi-town style is soooo addicting!!!! I've always loved Carl Thomas!!!!!

  20. shanell parham

    This is a good smooth jam...

  21. Abraham Araya

    ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️

  22. IHaveTheSoftestTouch

    Respectfully, the version without Snoop is more mature, alluring, and tells a woman that there are "men" that don't want to just hit and run.......that a divine spiritual connection before physical intimacy is more or most important. This song needs to be reissued on a new album, without the rap version, and without any other changes as such sultry beautiful lyrics and patient melody is what we really needed right now.

  23. Kids N' Play

    Who is listening to this in 2018??!! Love Carl Thomas!

  24. Lorenzo Perry

    Love that song for real

  25. Jermaine Muhammad

    Still love this record

  26. Dark FlowerChild

    This song is so underrated!! I am so in love still!! 2018 anyone?!

    King Esteem

    So in love with this song. Listen to it everyday

  27. Morlin Suazo

    lol is that masika?

  28. Beverly Bat

    For the grown in sexy.

  29. Rita Irvin

    Still listening to this song & still loving it in 2017.....💕



  31. Bayyinah El-Amin

    ......your fragrance turns me on.....smiling just because.....Promise those hands will never wave goodbye.....I love you for life

  32. SimplyDenise Renee

    This is a sexy ass song... grown folks only

  33. Maria Williams

    all i can say is black folks are everything. know one can compare to us we rock our swag is everything and they know this

  34. Denise Richardson

    I love this song

  35. Eve Gandy

    look at Masika 😁

  36. Andarie Lewis

    Misika!! hey girl haaayyy!!
    Love Carl Thomas.. the most under rated R&B crooner in the world.

  37. brooklynforever1990

    How am I just hearing this? Carl is from back in my day. Say word?

    Delete Delete

    brooklynforever1990 slacking it lol

  38. Shirley Cockerham

    I Love this Record!!

  39. L F

    Carl please perform in Aurora! 😃

  40. S.D. Shorter Shorter

    Incredible under rated artist and song stylist. When romance was STILL alive musically

  41. Dayvid Brooks

    never heard this version

  42. ZUES Pettaway

    straight classic hit!!!! but y snoop wherein a red tie?

  43. Jessica Thomas

    he is so sexy and underrated

  44. Corrina Mcdowell

    Love this song...But look at Masika sitting next to snoop

  45. Lynnette Wilson

    I want to meet, Carl Thomas in person.

  46. R Muncie

    I don't know to much about this song on the real I only listen to it a couple times

  47. philtrina Childs

    Yes yes love this one frfr

  48. Ms Thang Espinoza

    yes don't touch me ,kiss me ,don't look at me unless ur serious

  49. Lynnette Wilson

    I play this song, all day long. I love this guy.

    King Esteem

    So do i

  50. Yuz de Ninth

    found this good song in 2017!


    Yuz de Ninth I've known this song since I was 8... I love this song so much I listen to it all the time, I even know the song by heart.

    Lola Ruffin

    Yuz de Ninth-Same, courtesy of Spotfy!!

    Lola Ruffin

    I meant Spotify brought me here*

    Delete Delete

    You slacking lol

  51. David Webb

    Love this song and video!     Ok silly question here...  What style of dance are they doing?

    neshia J

    Ctwnpoboy05 steppin

  52. Blessed One

    Smooth song.

  53. Thicckness

    Is that Masika???

    Amber Anderson

    Thiccbutsexyblac Yes it is.


    Amber Anderson ALRIGHT NIECE!!!!! In my Garyt with the T voice. lol

  54. Auro Mendes Ferreira

    Vida Longa á Carl Thomas...

  55. Ieshia Squires


  56. teiana808


  57. El Bonche TV

    Nice & Slow... Only need a lady right now... to dance...

    Dark FlowerChild

    Let's dance!

  58. Lee Williams

    Love this jamm here go Carl an scoop

  59. Demetria miller

    Love This Song. .It was a Blessing to me while I was going Thru my Divorce..yes!! Carl Thomas.. 👂!!😍😉 Blessed. .

    King Esteem

    It was a blessing to me while I was single. Always gonna be one of my favorites

  60. hubble2016

    Carl took the stage like a straight G.

  61. Marcus Frazier

    this is "I promise I won't cheat" song digging it tho

  62. Leonard Smith

    This is a jam.

  63. tania cassell

    a guy I was seeing sent this to me. not sure what to think.

    Liz FromSchoolcraft

    tania cassell He wanted to make sure you were for real. Don't play with his feelings....

  64. Lavar Edwards

    It's funny because I follow this guy like crazy and this album slipped me by. Lovely song paired with soft beautiful tones.

  65. Raquel Kwela G

    Don't kiss me... no, no... don't you kiss me... unless those lips that you kiss me with will say, I will love you for life... Simple lyrics that says so much.

  66. Lioness Es

    Carl Thomas reminds me of David Ruffin here. The vocals, the arrangement, those glasses scream Temptations.

    Funny Guy Vidz

    Lioness Es true

    Keidra Hooker

    Lioness Es he is sooo sexy to me😍😍

    Tanya Green

    He sounds like John Legend

  67. Scrapy Scraptll

    Sunday afternoon,, just a sound that keep the unwanted Love in Check.. Chilling nice,,

  68. Sally Fletcher

    This is that feel good type of music....

  69. Tom Kormushoff

    Never can get enough of this jam. The music, the dancing, sends me into a spin. I wanna be at that club!

  70. Lyzza-Marie Viliamu-Pedebone

    Oooh I love dis beat, melody etc!!!!!!!

  71. Andre Miller

    Smooth piece

  72. antonio taylor

    This Song Is off The Chain... A.J.Woo

  73. Debby Richards

    Makes u want that one special person to dance with...... Such a sweet tune!

  74. Keisha Ross

    I love Carl Thomas😍😘😍

  75. Carlita Taylor

    the audio is very weak!!!!!! do a sound check , PLEASE! let it compliment the video. that should be a national anthem!!!!

  76. Simone Smith

    this is my wedding song

  77. Cami O

    still banging this in 2016!

    Dark FlowerChild

    2017 too!

  78. Reyn Diaz

    I never knew he had other songs as recent as 2012, loving this where are the songs today like these, bring back love. Promoters need to do more work to get these songs out there.Ive been listening this for two hours straight.

  79. Vereial King

    I love this song

  80. robert harris

    this is my jam

  81. Hollow Way

    this gonna be my song for my 1st dance with my wife.. love this song

    Dark FlowerChild

    When I get my husband, we DEFINITELY stepping to this on our wedding day!

  82. Hollow Way

    this gonna be my song for my 1st dance with my wife.. love this song

  83. Sheila Johnson

    My ex sent this song to me while we were together. I thought it was sweet. He recently passed away and now hearing it has me in tears...

    Sheila Johnson

    He had cancer and passed away in December.

    shanice james

    +Sheila Johnson sorry for your lost even though you don't know me but here's a *hug*

    Sheila Johnson


  84. Sheila Johnson

    My ex sent this song to me while we were together. I thought it was sweet. He recently passed away and now hearing it has me in tears...

  85. Juliana Thompson

    should do a remix of first album and add 2016 heavy hitters. especially summer rain put the Miami sound machine beat w drake n future. khloe k b lead lady. natalie cole did it w her dad album. emotional w j legend n alicia k. all 3 play piano n video. thats hot

  86. Zion Leau

    perfect partner dancing song.

  87. Colour2014

    black folks are effen hot

  88. Divine Diva

    Real music right here

  89. Maurice Williams

    i just love this hit. its so fly and we need you back carl!!!!

  90. Audrey Longmeans

    Good jam to two step to

  91. Dexter Stafford

    Is this man responsible for John legend success. John legend has immaculate carl thomas style

  92. 706deon

    This song is soooo sexy...... It puts you in the mood for real....

  93. Audrey Longmeans

    This song makes me realize I have a dream of a man in my life

  94. Audrey Longmeans

    I try listening to other songs, but this song keeps me coming back to it, it puts me in some kind of way

    Djidade Muhavi

    Me too.

    Debby Richards

    +Audrey Longmeans l keep coming back too!

    Dark FlowerChild

    Yes. It. Does!!!!!

  95. Audrey Longmeans

    I absolutely so love this song, play it over and over and over

  96. Edson DJEdson Bolinha