Carl Thomas - All My Love (Interlude) Lyrics

All my love (all my)
Yeah, all my money (all my)
All my time (my time)
All our life (everyday til I'm old and grey)
All my heart (all my,all my)
All my mind, all the time (all the time,yeah).
All our lives (all of our lives).
All my love (all my)
All my money (cause I need you to share it with you).
All my time (all my time is spent with you).
All our lives (all of my life, all of our lives)
You baby.
All my heart.
Oh all my mind (said you go to my head, you stay on my mind).
All the time (all the time, all the time).
All our lives, everyday.

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Carl Thomas All My Love (Interlude) Comments
  1. Toya Wimley

    Another beautiful song❤

  2. Christopher Gentry

    Man, this one of the greatest R&B interludes. So slept on.


    Sunshine Anderson- your woman Montell Jordan- midnight rain

  3. Davis Starsha


  4. Miss Understanding

    This interlude is better than a lot of full songs! Still listening in 2019!!!

  5. honeydew0324

    This!!! Is it crazy to admit that I used to have this on repeat for like an hour straight back in the day...

  6. TaJana Logan

    I so love this interlude!!!

  7. Hope TheNovelist

    Great memories..


    I found the longer version yayyyyy!!!!!

    Gregory Williams

    ELAINA ALLEN whats the longer version

    Chandra Hawkins


  9. Andile Ndlovu

    Nice jam

  10. Sincere Kirabo

    This is my shot!

  11. Steph B

    Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat..........

  12. Poppa Ruckus

    I love his intro!!!!!