Carl Thomas - 2 Pieces Lyrics

Girl I know that I've caused you so much pain (runnin' round here and caught up with my games)
Tried to put it off on you but I'm the one to blame (and it started wearing on my conscience)

I can't say I'm sorry enough don't know how you put up with me for so long when I've been so wrong
And I thank you for not giving up on me

Baby I can't take the thought of losing you
Cause I know that it would break break my heart in two pieces
Girl, I don't wanna lose you

Now all I wanna do is right by you (which is what I should've been doing all along)
Make up for the times I wasn't so nice to you (it's a wonder you even stuck around)
And you stuck around

I can't say I'm sorry enough don't know how you put up with me the way you do and the way I treated you
And I thank you for not giving up on me yeah oh

[Chorus 2x]

You didn't have to stay but you did I'm lucky that you're heart is so big cause you love me unconditionally And it's time for me to love you just the same


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Carl Thomas 2 Pieces Comments
  1. Darvin Phillips

    Never new puff fucced'em like dat smh the boi was and is 🔥

  2. valerie thompson

    Love this song

  3. KamilLeo Dub

    My favorite Carl Thomas album!!!

  4. Malaika Durbin

    I cannot find it anywhere!!! I heard this today and I was like wow!!!!

    Robert Lloyd

    Malaika Durbin why they removed it from Apple Radio is beyond me.

    Malaika Durbin

    Robert Lloyd it’s the bomb too!!!

  5. valerie thompson

    Just beautiful ❤

  6. c k

    Now I want to listen to Dave Hollister these were the days

  7. c k

    Not his best song but my fav the vocal arrangement the vibe the lyrics amazing song ...

  8. c k

    Baby I cant take the...thought of ...

  9. c k

    My jam he kills this and superstar

  10. I love YouTube


  11. Alexander Pool

    This is the jam.

  12. Fahim Radhija

    Carl your voice is a real gift...Much love,respect and light to all of you frm France.

  13. fraas chantre

    2018. And it stil sound good!

  14. Spudaldinho Inayini

    Got all your albums, legendary just a poet with so much soul Carl.

  15. Le'Andre Gardner

    Iv been jamming this song everyday since i heard it back in 2007

    Will Santos

    Le'Andre Gardner 10th grade vibes for me

  16. Shaun M

    This man's voice is like chocolate...I love it so much!

  17. Jaye Cheríe

    Smooth song. I kinda miss his voice.

  18. mzreddz71

    love this song.....real music right here

  19. Al Brown


  20. Derrick Caldwell

    a very slept on song

  21. cj small

    kats thats really talented dont get no love cause the industry is packed with crap!!

    Biggz Smith

    So true...

  22. Tony

    I have been looking for this album for sooooooo long!!! This is that crack!! LOL

  23. MrKevin619ism

    I fucks with Carl Thomas. His first three albums were all GOLD!

  24. krystal parker

    Just love ur realness carl unrated glade u back....

  25. MsReed2009

    Another Victim Of Mr. Sean "P. Diddy Combs" What A Damn Shame. Smh.

  26. lovejangie1

    Good song.

  27. Arthur Jankins

    Man, this song is hot! I so wish that this had been released to the public, and that there was a music video for it, but, oh well...

  28. youtuber205

    This Amazing Guy Is So Underrated

  29. solehass


    It's a crime they way they hype these auto-tuned singers today and REAL talent doesn't even get a second look.

  30. Redbone723

    Maaaaannnnn! This is my JAM right here!

  31. Sophia BijouRoyale

    Carl Thomas' delivery is phenominal... he's such blessed vocalist. Awesome!

  32. Jason Burrell

    this song is so so smooth! Start steppin'!

  33. 33Levram

    Carl is ine of the most underrated and underappreciated in the game! It's a shame that Bad Boy did not treat him and his talent properly!Check his resume the man is classic soul at it's best,he has several songs that are great!athese fake ass auto tunes singers should take notes on how to do the shit right!Let's support real music and real artists and get off that

  34. kazeone1000

    yo, i first heard this joint on china airlines in flight radio. they got it right. nobody else even has a clue. Carl is prob one of the best in da game, ever. nuff said.

  35. vonnii1013

    @L1oR1TZ u got that right

  36. Ty_Lattimore

    This entire cd was amazing and folks slept on it. I can not wait for another cd and so glad he left BadBoy.

  37. DivineValentino

    @jrawles87 Well the reason is also he is signed to fontana record which is distributed thru Universal Records.I personally know CT and i worked Badboy Arista and Universal.Fontana doesnt have much of a promotional budget.I wanted to work and promote the records for 1500$ and bring great results but they wanted to give me 350

  38. Jay R

    The only thing is that they don't promote this Cat the way they should be. The only way I found out about the release of this cd is when Nephew Tommy did a phone prank on him. After the joke he said that his new cd would drop that next week. He says what needs to be said. The way they used to write songs. I don't know what the radios is playing now. Songs about Becky and all that sh*t. That's why I keep my MP3 player in the truck.

  39. Real375

    My nigga carl is a beast.

  40. mrlovesjesus811

    Do anyone know where you can get the instrumental for this song?

  41. Lorisa Middlecamp

    This saddens me, this is so much better than any of the crap that is out right now. *sigh*

  42. 843DIRTYSC


  43. Nikkis Organic Kitchen

    love carl

  44. Kelly Robinson

    i love this song its a sad son with a beautifil Harmony

  45. Lanre Folayan

    Carl Thomas is another good artist.

  46. billy WILLIAMS

    this is jammin.