Carey, Mariah - When I Feel It Lyrics

Here we go again
I don't wanna let you in
But you know what happens

When I, when I,
When I feel it.

I feel it deep inside,
I feel it come alive,
Here comes that feeling again.

I feel it deep inside,
I feel it come alive,
Here comes that feeling again.

Keep telling you it's over,
But boy here we go again.
You say 'I'm coming over'
'Cause you know I'll let you in.
So sly and so persuasive,
I don't wanna let you win,
But my respect's diminishing
And then I go
When I, when I,
When I feel it.

I feel it deep inside,
I feel it come alive,
Here comes that feeling again.

I feel it deep inside,
I feel it come alive,
Here comes that feeling again.

Keep trying to convince myself
You ain't no good for me,
Make futile resolutions
That I'm gonna let you be
But everytime you come back,
My defenses start to wane,
And I can hardly break away
And then I go
When I, when I,
When I feel it.

I feel it deep inside,
I feel it come alive,
Here comes that feeling again.

I feel it deep inside,
I feel it come alive,
Here comes that feeling again.

When I, when I, when I
When I feel your love
Here comes that feeling again.

Here it comes again boy,
And I feel it, and I feel it!
Here comes that feeling again.

And I feel it, oh baby
Here it comes and here it comes
And here it comes...

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Carey, Mariah When I Feel It Comments
  1. Black Beauty

    this song is so amazing. it's o urban/adult contemporary

  2. Gina Rivers

    Mariah killed this shit.

  3. Belle MC

    2019 มีคนไทยรึเปล่า 💙🦋

  4. Al Cien

    2:25 on repeat

  5. Pavel Benš

    She's my Soul sister I feel it

  6. J.H_88

    Obrigado por postar👍

  7. Ani Rroshi

    I don't like her music as much as in the 90's


    Good thing no one asked you

  8. Yolanda Zárate

    Ido la!!una diva de la música...!!

  9. louis pasico

    Joyride is a masterpiece but this one got me shook and i need it in an UNREALASED album :(

  10. Carolina Silva

    Esta cancion no esta en el disco

  11. Navyforeveryoung Jean-Philippe

    Honestly. Smh. I’m always and will forever be blown away by Mariah.

  12. Hera Black

    well joy ride is better than this i'm glad this didn't make it to the album


    If any song should have been replaced, To the Floor was the perfect choice.

    Hera Black

    @Eddy6159 you're right tho but i'm glad it didn't i like to the floor

  13. Mariah Carey

    This song is so amazing

  14. Reginaldo Régis

    Wow My diva in living!

  15. medhy bdx

    I love you my Mariah the end is so beautiful

  16. Andrew Garfield

    Jackson 5 vibes

  17. Diana Laura Suárez González

    I’m in love with this song 😫💞

  18. Stewart Dorsey

    This is literally the best-unreleased song she's ever done. In love.

    Sebastian Contin

    Along with There For Me

    Jon Adol

    Along with Slipping Away and Heat

  19. Shamika Bowman

    This reminds me of 9 1/2 rocky friendship relationship sexship with a Taurus I never want to deal with again I swear he used to have me feeling like this I couldn’t control it so I feel every part of this ballad but I’m glad it came to a end

  20. WhatJoshHasToSay

    Hey Lambs! I feel it!!!

  21. Zé Cabréira

    This sounds like it belongs from the 70's.

  22. PrometheanFlame

    It would have been cool if she did a collab with Tina Marie before she passed.

  23. manga

    This song was planned as Cover song in TEOM, cause Mariah always do cover song in every her new album. Anyone know what covee song she did on TEOM to replace this one?

    Cathy A.

    Its not a cover song, she used parts of the lyrics of the original song but many of the lyrics is written by her. She would've sampled the song. She replaced it with Joyride, another original song.

  24. Chris Gilrath

    Yup. Dynamic Superiors. Here Comes The Feeling.

  25. Chris Gilrath

    This a remake or sanple from a 70s male group. I think maybe Dynamic Superiors.

  26. mr. sir •

    Seriously, why did she not release this song? This is a bop!

  27. David Santos

    I think if she rested more her voice.. she could deliver more like this 8) nowadays

    Ax'l Sister

    David Santos she totally overworked her voice during the Daydream era

  28. Bag Lady

    amazing song. the last note only Mariah could do it. one and only MARIAH


    ~ Motown's Dynamic Superiors: 1977 still fresh in 2018. Great album, vocals, music - see also their cover of NOWHERE to RUN. Cheers, DAVEDJ ~

  30. john b lubibi

    Mercurial singer with a suprenatural whistle mariah is super cute and has no rival

  31. Miguel Carlo Paraiso

    I feel so bad for the song like this that never had a chance to have a moment. Very underrated

    Señor Loco

    Miguel Carlo Paraiso ikr the sample didn’t clear or it would have been on the album

    Señor Loco

    Miguel Carlo Paraiso if I remember right it was replaced by joy ride on the album

    Miguel Carlo Paraiso

    Señor Loco yeah, it was replaced by joyride. Another great song yet Underrated.

  32. Derrick O.Ellis

    Octave 9 or 8


    Nope. 6th. It's an F6/F#6.

  33. Kymberly Johnson

    Lawd Jesus, help me for I have been reborn again!

  34. Solo12313

    Emancipation of Mimi is my favorite Mariah album by far.

    Sebastian Contin

    @Solo12313 what about Caution where does that album stand with u?


    Sebastian Contin hmmm it’s not my favourite but it’s still a good album. Here’s all of them ranked in case anyone else wants to know lol

    1. Butterfly
    2. TEOM
    3. Daydream
    4. Rainbow
    5. Charmbracelet
    6. Debut
    7. Merry Christmas
    8. MIAM
    9. Caution
    10. Music Box
    11. Emotions
    12. Glitter
    13. E=MC2
    14. MOAIA
    15. Merry Christmas II You

    Sebastian Contin

    @Solo12313 pretty much the same for me!! Except that Caution and E=MC2 would be higher for me!


    Sebastian Contin how Much higher?

    Sebastian Contin

    @Solo12313 Caution is my 3rd fave tied with Rainbow (qualitywise Caution wins but I have a personal attachment to Rainbow) and E=MC2 is 7th just behind Mariah Carey and in front of Music Box for me!

  35. Car1308

    we love a vocal legend! thank you for this

  36. William

    This sounds like it could be in a James Bond movie!

    Havana Lz


  37. David Fireman

    Mariah, we feel it! haha love from the stars

  38. Navyforeveryoung Jean-Philippe

    The more you listen to this song the more amazing you discover that it is.

  39. Norhidayatie Supaei

    Love you...

  40. Norhidayatie Supaei

    Best of uuu

  41. DuDa Lopez Lopez

    I Lovee... 2018

  42. Thomas Farmer

    During the vinyl eras of times gone by, this might have made it onto a B side, like so many other 'obscure yet brilliant' cuts that often showed a different side to an artist, however often dismissed by record execs as not enough 'on brand'. I adore this record and I cried when I first heard it, so moved I was. MASTERPIECE of a nuveau-retro soul record. This is the genre that suits MIMI best and I want this so bad to be her future!!!

  43. Lau Gonzalez

    I only can say , Thank Lord for Mariah , she’s too much for the music of today , too much talent omg and her style and class 😭😭😭🙌🏻❤️ that type of voice ❤️❤️😭😭😭😭😭😍🙌🏾 just in love

  44. エリカ; eri

    i love this song.
    that high note is everything..........

  45. Tom Russle

    The TEOM photoshoot is just phenomenal!!!

  46. Henrique

    Lembra os arranjos de Jackson 5

  47. DA BUSH

    original is soooooooo much better


    Shut up

  48. ConnorColeman 03

    Stupid original writers they where dick heads not letting Mariah use it for such a great song if I was Mariah I would rip there 2 front teeth out

    ConnorColeman 03

    Cody Walsh it’s true though😂

    Cody Walsh

    Irish planes 03 I know 😂 dickheads were most prob jelly of. How the song sounded and she slayed the sample...Mimi be doing more then ripping out there 2 front teeth, drags there asses by there two front teeth to the studio and force the twots to go ahead with the sample 😂😩👌


    IrishMariahfan 03 Lmfaoo I can't x,D


    To be honest though, they probably didn't let her put it cause its to sexual sounding

    ConnorColeman 03

    marykacyy probably yea

  49. Phil Lambzel

    Lol i love the way this song goes from 0 to 100 so quick lmao

  50. Mariah Eighteen Number Ones Carey

    I feel that this song should had been put on the album instead of "to the floor"



    Paolo Vez

    FBI •
    They can still wish that this song was on the album, regardless of what the description says. Dumb bitch

    Bitch you don’t gotta like me

    Mariah Eighteen Number Ones Carey Idk why y’all hate TTF issa lowkey BOP bihh

    S,R and R

    This song was replaced by joy ride not to the floor

    Fernando Herrejon

    To the floor is a banger, maybe your girl

  51. Stuart Turner

    I just absolutely bloody love this tune, wicked!

  52. Khavis Harley

    Sis is a beast with the pen! We've all been in this situation lol


    Khavis Harley She wrote this???! Lol

    bert portillo

    mjismypeterpan Well, she writes all her songs except covers of course.

  53. Cannon Jon

    Gosh I wish this had been on the album

  54. iamBrennamorene Moye

    Good song I love it go mc in this place to be☺☺☺☺☺

  55. Queen2u

    Giving me Jackson Five, go Mimi

  56. kayla bradford

    I love when her voice breaks... it's literally the cutest thing

    max hamley

    it was done on purpose, she did it LOADS in this album, it was her style

  57. kayla bradford


  58. Sharjjahn Aziz

    Sounds like a rendention from tje Jackson 5 back in the day.

  59. Sharjjahn Aziz

    Sounds like a redentions from the Jackson-50

  60. Markel Jones

    Robson Silva can you send me a download link

  61. 4everlamb



    she said: one more time, one more time, one more the end

    Emily Batista

    It probably got cut off but I hear her kind of gasp

  62. Rogue 1

    Hell yeah ! This album is so...any words can describe it

  63. Diane Vallez

    Jackson 5 Vibess

  64. Ashton Davis

    this is probably what Mariahs music would sound like of she was around in the 60s. It had that classic sound to it

    Robson Silva

    What Minnie song?

    houda harhouz

    Mariah Gaye ^^


    the Emancipation Of Ashton It has that sound cause mini is VERY diverse when she arranges/makes her songs, just by Ear mind you


    Cloud of Reverie Liar

    Cloud of Reverie

    marykacyy Im not, listen to The Dynamic Superiors'Here Comes That Feeling Again

  65. faris Rm

    1st time i heard this song im so into it❤❤

  66. No Name

    The audacity of her laughing her whistle off at 3:05 like it wasn't good enough already. Meanwhile I'm breaking my throat struggling to reach one note lmfao

    Michael Johnson

    levtick J "breaking my throat" 😭😭😭😭😭✌

    Higor Vinicius

    levtick J me toooo kkkk


    levtick J Lmfaoo I can't breath! x,D

    Steebie dortch


  67. MD Hollywood

    Anyone else think of this song when they hear I Feel It Coming by The Weeknd?

    No Name

    MD Hollywood Yes. It's weird..

    Audri F

    MD Hollywood O my gosh , same it's creepy

    Ruthless XO

    MD Hollywood I thought I was the only one!! Mariah and Abel need to collab

    Sharjjahn Aziz

    MD Hollywood Sound like the Jackson 5 to me back in the 1970s


    MD Hollywood Pfshhh they probably copied this songs style just how everyone else has that came after mimi

  68. Theodore Dawson

    Minnie riperton.<3

  69. Sashay away

    It sounds similar to sprung,love it❤️

  70. MC Hilmy

    damnnn. I feel you coming baby. amazinggg

  71. Gary Clarke

    Shame this never made it too the album

  72. Joey Collins

    Where did you find this high note version?

    Greg Reis

    Joey Collins Pepsi ringtones.

  73. HoneyLove Bliss

    I plead the 5th and I rebuke this song bc I can apply it!!! Beautifully sung but shoot the feelings!!! 😂😂

  74. kevin odiongan


  75. linkhare7

    I feel my wig ascendeth!


    linkhare7 😂

    Brandon Riley



    and sent to heaven

    ofek meshulam

    Lol this is gold

  76. Isaac Ortiz

    Jesus this song is too good.Her voice is literally a gift from God.

    Francisco Aguirre

    At the Grammys 2006 she says that “ I’m just thankful to god for giving me this gift 🎁 “

  77. Dave Williams

    it sounds like stay the night!

  78. dan tan

    she has some high overtones at 1:38


    i just hear an echo

  79. Ramon Maldonado

    As much as I love this, when I read the description, I couldn't believe Joyride was never meant to be !


    Ramon Maldonado whoa what? Joy Ride is my top 3 songs on the Emancipation.

    Fernando Herrejon

    Joy ride is a jewel

    David Feudale

    I'm pretty sure Ramon meant this as a compliment to "Joy Ride" not a diss. Lol.

  80. Demitri Lathan

    Lyrics are amazing as is the sound. Go Mariah!

    Isaac Ortiz

    +Imsomie Mahogany Leeper You and Mariah need to work together asap.She's working on another comeback album.She needs killer songs like this.

    x y

    Will the finished version ever be leaked?


    Mahogany Beatz still one of my all-time MC favorites. Thank you for your work with her and for sharing this track. Cannot believe it will have been ten years since it was released this July.