Carey, Mariah - Up Out My Face (Remix) Lyrics

It's not chipped, we're not cracked
Oh we're shattered...
Young Money
Nicki Minaj
Your such a BARBIE

[Nicki Minaj]
Yo, yo
Mariah I was in them million dollar meetings, he was cheatin'
All up in the church, he was sneakin' with the deacon
Cats away, well the mice will play
LOL smiley face, have a nice day
Cause POP POP POP, it goes my rubber band
So STOP STOP STOP, sniffin' that contraband
Cause u was penny pinchin' my accounts laced
Attentionnnn, about face

[Mariah Carey]
I thought we had something special
We had something good
But I should have had another mechanic under my hood
If you see me walking by you
Boy don't you even speak
Pretend you on the sofa
And I'm on the TV
Might see me on a poster
See me at a show
But you won't see me for free
Boy this ain't no promo

In all shame now
Where ever you been laying
You can stay now
Gotta board the BBJ and pull the shades down
I'm on the plane now
And don't keep calling from your mama's house

When I break, I break boy
[Up out my face boy] [x4]
When I break
[Up out my face boy] [x4]
When I break

You ain't never gonna feel this thing again
You gon' get alot of calls
Cause I CC-ed at your friends
I ain't walkin' around no more
Feeling sad, that ain't even my bad baby
I break, when I break, I break

So look who's crying now, BOO HOO HOO
Talking 'bout you missing your BOO HOO HOO
Oh no you ain't gettin' it
I know you ain't hittin' it
No you ain't a rapper, so you need to stop spittin' it
You wondering who I'm messing while you ain't next to me
So pay the consequences cause you acted all ignorant

You ashame now
Where ever you been laying you can stay now
Gotta board the BBJ and pull the shades down
I'm on the plane now
And don't keep calling from your mama's house
When I break, I break

[Nicki Minaj]
Yo, stylin' on them big B's
Bought the Benz out
Elevator, press P for the Pent House
Top doe's, we break like tacos
Roscoe's, on his knees wit a snot-nose
They be like she next
Kawasaki T-Rex
Give em' some Kleenex
Match his little V-Necks
Oh that's what he left?
Let his mama pick it up
Might back up on it, VROOM VROOM wit the pick-up truck
That blue and yellow, yeah that's the Carmelo Jag
I bob and weave em'
Hit em' wit that Mayweather JAB
I get the thumbs up, like I'm hailing a yellow cab
My flow nuts like M&M's in the yellow bag

When I break I break I break
And no super glue can fix this shit
When I break I break I break
Not even a welder and a builder could rebuild this shit
When I break I break I break
Not even a nail technician with a whole lot of gel and acrylic
Can fix this when I break, I break
If we were two Lego blocks
Even the Harvard University graduating class of 2010
Couldn't put us back together again
When I break [Laughs]

[Nicki Minaj in the background]
Better go back 2 yo mama's house
I told you, I put, I put his stuff on the sidewalk and roll over every milking cranny with a pick up truck like like straight up and down i am Nicki Minaj cant say "s" about me young money

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Carey, Mariah Up Out My Face (Remix) Comments
  1. Ellen Coleman

    They didnt get along? Wow

  2. Mahogany Speaks

    “Your such a Barbie” was so cute.

  3. Soaribb

    I wish they were still friends

  4. Isamuddin Mustapha

    Mariah with bangs! I'm livin' for that!

  5. Sasha The Cat

    I hope they make up one day cause this was so ICONIC

  6. Tori Williams

    Who misses this Nicki ?

  7. Kenza Smouni

    Mariah is cringeeeeey

    Musically Challenged

    Why? What you mean?

    Kenza Smouni

    Musically Challenged the look doesn’t suit her personality

  8. Kenza Smouni

    So they did something together omg what huh

  9. I Love jun

    We used to blast this song !

  10. chrissbllanco

    it’s about to be 2020 and i will constantly remind EVERYONE about this masterpiece

  11. Pretty buoy Jones

    A classic bop by two divas...

  12. iAm Dom

    I just now realised why mariah prolly stopped liking nicki cause she did a song with emineim

  13. 迫いくみ


  14. Alisha Sexy

    Y'all killing me with will the target 😂 comments lol I new the background looked familiar 😂

  15. Alisha Sexy

    She got off on the last part if we're to Lego block lol

  16. Alisha Sexy

    Not even a nail technican with a whole lot gel and critic can't fix this shit I love that part lol

  17. Alisha Sexy

    No super glue can't fix this shit

  18. Alisha Sexy

    Not even a welder or a builder can't rebuild this shit

  19. Phúc Trần

    Can someone explain to me what does cc-ed means?

  20. TheFlyingSceptile

    December anthem 🥳🤩

  21. mira hall

    Every time I see this video I think of target

  22. Yousef Omar

    Nicki is queen

  23. sincerlyloved xoxo

    This song will never get old

  24. Neto Mendes

    16/12/2019. Brasil aqui disponível...🇧🇷😍😚🕪🎧

  25. The Unpopular Opinion

    I like Mariah I'll actually be sad if she passes away

  26. George Sanchez

    Mariah y Nicki cute

  27. Seasurfer Zy

    Target commercial be like:

  28. ayiana monique

    tb to them actually getting along

  29. Ricky Washington

    Don’t know, I didn’t know she sang I thought she rapped or whatever 😂😂

  30. leonel avellano

    2017:katy Perry
    2019:its me and Karol g

    Barbie Tingz

    leonel avellano 😭😭😭😭

  31. Hữu Trần

    I dont know her

  32. Nesha Britwood

    This song is almost 10 years old. Time flies! 😣❤

  33. Lia A Martinez

    I remember listing to this song when I was like 6??? Why did my parents let me listen to this lmao

  34. keishakaboom

    I know Mariah regrets this 🤣😬

  35. вeaυтy ιѕ wιтнιn

    1:40 1:53

  36. Suzanna W

    Confused how have I only just heard of this

  37. XIA Artist

    I Actually Like This Song

  38. Cri

    *insert clip of Nicki Minaj about to choke Mariah on American idol*

  39. Kathleen Shumack

    Ariana tries so hard to be like Mariah. Ariana is talented by Mariah is a classic and iconic queen. The original!

  40. NATTAPAT Golash24


  41. Mohamed Idrissi

    Pipes songes

  42. Amira H.

    I'm glad they gave us this collab before they fell out because its gold

  43. dijon yt

    I hate how lil Kim called her lil Kim clone. We love u Nicki and mimi

  44. UwU • 10 years ago

    Imagine mimi and nicki releasing a song now..
    1.5B views in a month and #1 for 222222 weeeeeks

  45. Joeylyn Nunn

    They look like they in Target

  46. dijon yt

    Love the beat and the song

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    The Queens birthday is in 5 days! Dec. 08, 2019

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    Mariaaaaaahhhhhhh ?

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    Before the "cLeAn yOuR eArs oUt" 🤣❤️

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    To me, this song has aged incredibly well. Wouldnt think twice if Malone, Eilish, Grande etc were using this beat today

  52. Art C

    “Not even a nail technician with a whole lotta gel and acrylic can fix this shit when I break” 😭😭😭😂😂😂

    Art C

    I’m wine drunk

    Jada Carter

    Hcgg yeah for get gmail gmail gmail gmail get from various vacation from school early years during each from all vacation brunch for food during day from right from food

  53. Arlen milagros Peraldo

    Muy hermosa canción de MARIAH CAREY con NICKI MINAJ, son un gran dueto con voces extraordinarias 🎤🎤🎤

  54. i'm wifin' justina valentine

    Lol I thought it was Mariah Carey ft. Nick Cannon. Then I clicked it was ft. Nicki Minaj. Thank God

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    bitqqqqq dat was litqqqq


    Perfect song

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    Why isn't this on Spotify? :(

  58. Phillip James

    I’m mad they didn’t get along! I like them two together and I thought their chemistry was nice. They so cute together

  59. Hannia W

    Just came for Queen Relevant Nicki Minaj 👑🔥

  60. Melissa B

    The queen has always conquered the rap industry I wish she was recognized for being the best female rapper period bars for years been on top for a decade or more true talent lyricism on another planet;)

  61. Kevin Melchin

    The whole music video just screamed cvs at idk lol

  62. Franceska Tha Queen

    Nick cannon should have been on that snare LMFAO I love marching bands lol drumline looking ass this video is even more funny to me cuz I played trumpet growing up

  63. Danny Rodriguez


  64. Cindaya Morton

    "my thumbs up like I'm haling a yellow cab my flow nuts like m&m's in a yellow bag."

  65. Cindaya Morton


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    How did they end up fighting XDD

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    This is before Nicki killed Roman😭😭😭❤️

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    When I break I break and no wong Kong can hold me back!! Up outtake face boy.

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    Kurt Oliver


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    first time hearing this song. mariah as always been dope

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    I’m annoyed that you can only get the song with Nicki’s verse on YouTube , I bet if she still featured Nicki on her album the song would’ve sold better.

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